Chapter Seven

When I finally clean myself up and step out of the room, the party has already started. Loud music is on, and a couple guys have laid out the bar section with bottles of vodka and beers. They are heavy drinkers given by their age.

I’m not against party. Back in Miami, I often have small and intimate gathering with my friends. We would grab couples of cold beers and head to the beach, enjoy the evening sea air. We talk, we drink, and we dance. We always have a blast.

I sign at my sudden nostalgic feeling. I miss Miami, and it’s easy and relaxing vibe. Boston is a busy and bustling city. It suits people like Eason, not me.

We are indeed from two totally different worlds.

I push through the crowd and try to find Eason. I want to talk to him about me staying here, which seems like a terrible idea now. Judging by the speed people pour alcohol down their throats, I better find him soon.

I walk pass by two girls smoking joints and try not judge them. Then I finally spot Eason, sitting
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Jasmin Keaton
I really like this story but I’m sorry these grammar errors are truly killing me!
goodnovel comment avatar
Neiman Marcus Maximus
exciting but have not enough cash...️ waiting for everyday reward...
goodnovel comment avatar
Annie Mae
Agreed I’m not the best but I find my self fixing so many errors.

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