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"stay away from him. He's dangerous" What happens when a simple crush turns into a deep feeling. Isabella Austin, a sixteen years old teenager has harbored feeling for her brother's best friend, Quincy Grey, since she was young. initially dismissing her infatuation as a simple crush, Isabella soon realized her feelings for Quincy had deepened over time. However, her blossoming emotions were complicated by brother's warning about Quincy reputation as a playboy. Quincy is an eighteen years old, his parents died in a car accident when he was twelve but he felt it wasn't an accident. His parents left all their wealth and inheritance for him but controlled by his Aunt. Quincy hides his emotions perfectly well. What happens when he finds out about his best friend's sister's feelings for him become a beginning of another game to play.

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I love the author's writing, and this is my third book. I love Isabella's character and her relationship with her brother. I am dying to know if Isabella will get her true love or if she will deal with heartbreak. Every chapter leaves me on edge, anticipating what will happen next. ...️
2024-06-23 10:58:34
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I am enjoying the storyline the characters are interesting. I am wondering if Quincy is interested in Izzy!
2024-06-12 09:27:30
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ELEVEN YEARS AGOLittle Isabella heads down the stairs gently holding the railing so she wouldn't fall. Her eyes landed on a teenage boy standing close to the stairs. The eleven years old Isabella reaches the bottom stairs where the boy stood. Her parents weren't home, so her, her brother Ethan and her Nanny who had helped her down the stairs."Who are you?" She asked as her eyes landed on the tall boy in front of her. The boy looks down on her. The little girl felt intrigued by the boy in front of her. He was so fine, but when he smiles down on her, she was captured."Call me Quincy" he replied. Her eyes were filled up with joy by just standing close to her. Her heart was beating pretty fast. That's when it all begin. It didn't stop there. Isabella crush kept growing every single year, since they go to the same schools. And her brother's Saturday friends hangout in her house. Anytime she sees him, her heart race. But does she know the person behind that face. *****ISABELLAIt's
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ISABELLA"Bella, hurry up!" Ethan yelled from downstairs. I wore my uniform that he had picked up from the family drycleaner. It's dark green suit and white t-shirts with green check printed mini skirt and a tie. "I'm coming" I put in my black high boots. I decided to let my hair down, I put on my glasses. I grab my purple backpack and rushed downstairs. I rushed to the kitchen and grab an apple and banana. I head out towards his car and get into the passenger seat. "You're always late" he said. I look at my lap."Well, girls have a lot to do than guys" I explained. He rolled his eyes. "Give me a break" he starts the engine before speeding towards the auto gate. It opens and he drove out. He turns on the stereo. "I won't be home after school, later you can come and get transport fair from me" he said."Where are you going?" I asked him. He sigh. "Well, I have to go grocery shopping remember? We are running out of food" he said. I nod. "Dad wired me money, they'll be back by Sunday
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ISABELLAAs of on time, the bell rang signalling it's time for break. Everyone parks their books. No one likes our literature teacher's class, he doesn't know like teaching, he just come over and ask us questions about Shakespeare like that's the only thing he knows.Honestly, I think I know better in literature than he'll ever do. The thing is that, they aren't cameras in the class, they won't be able to see what he does. I pack up my books. I noticed two guys behind me were kissing each other, like..... really smooching on each other's face. Okay.I look away immediately before they think I'm invading their privacy. It was actually Conrad and Micheal. Nina and Katie walks up to me. "Hey girl, wanna join us, we wanna invade Caleb's coming?" Katie asked. Why would she wanna invade her worst enemy's car. Weird. But I can't miss my opportunity of catching a glimpse of Quincy Grey. "You guys go ahead. I'm really hungry" I replied. They both look at me with narrowed eyes. N
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ISABELAThis is the real him. Isn't it? I'm so confused right now. Maybe I'm still dreaming. I know what to do. I raise me two fingers up and pinch my arm. "Ouch" I winced. He's really here. Why is he here right now. "Are you okay Issy, you've been acting off lately" he asked. I look up at him. He looks alarmingly handsome. His grey eyes and perfect sharp haw that can cut me Into two. His lips and so pink and plump. "Issy, where is Ethan?" He snapped me out.Ethan is his best friend, I'm sure he let him know he would be out for groceries, so why is he here? "He went for grocery shopping, didn't he.....tell you" I asked. "He did but he said he'll be home by now-" he was cut off by the downstairs door opening. "I think that's him" he smiles, showing off his killer dimples. That's illegal. I rush over to my glasses and pick it up and wore it on my face. What kind of sick dream was that. Why was I dreaming of Quincy handling me. This is bad, really bad. I thought it was just a stupid si
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QUINCYThis is always what happens at the end, I get pulled by the girls into a room and they start kissing me. I grab the blonde's face and suck on her mouth while the other kisses the back if my neck. She hurriedly took off my clothes as my attention was on the blonde. She pulled away and went on her knees. She starts to take off my belt. The brunette rubs my chest as she kisses my neck. I nudge my head to the side, she used the opportunity to take my lips in hers.This is the fun part about girls, you'll get to feel everything soft and good about them. The blonde girl pulled my jeans down. She gasp at my size. I'm really big, eight point two inches cock and that's why girls loves it. People will say I take steroids, someone like Edward or Ethan or Caleb. They are the the only guys who have seen this huge killer and vice versa.She grabs it, I groan slightly. She put in her mouth and not my full length could fit in. She starts to pump her mouth. I grab her hair and push her in a li
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QUINCYI got out of my car immediately, leaving Nina still in the car. She just kept saying weird things about how annoying I am and how of a bad boy I am. She don't know me, she knows nothing about me.Why do everyone calls me that like I'm a monster. Okay fine, I'm not that good of a guy but they act like they know what I do to girls like they were the one it happened to. Like what she said. She said I go around, teasing girls and making them fall in love with me and then I sleep with them before breaking their heart. She doesn't know me."Welcome back, sir" Chris greeted."Hey Chris" I replied. I walked straight upstairs to my room. I don't have time for all this. As soon as I entered my room, I knew my afternoon mango juice with ice cubes will be waiting for me. I grab the bottles and turn the liquid into the glass cup, I put in some ice cubes and wait for it to dissolve. I took a sip. Mom always does it for me, always in the afternoon after school, she won't let me eat before
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ISABELLA "Issy! Issy! Hey!" I was Shaked back awake. I noticed I was still in the class. Did I fall asleep? The class is empty already? Wait, who woke me up? I slowly look up and Quincy was staring down at me. Why him. "Your eyes are so puff, didn't you sleep last night?" He asked. I gulped down the saliva that were developing in my mouth due to looking at him. "Uhmm.....I was studying" I said. He pulled a chair and sat right next to me, too close. I felt his cold palm on my thigh. I look down and that's when he stroke, making me clench my legs. "Wh-what a-are y-you d-doing?" I stutter."Does Ethan know you're crazy 'bout me? Does he know how bad you want me?" He whispers into my ear. His hands slides into my skirt till it found it's way into my underwear. I gasp. Holy moly! "He shouldn't find out" he said before smashing his lips on mine. We kissed till I heard the sound of Ethan's voice. "Bella!" He exclaimed."Bella! Wake up already!" Ethan called. My eyes flutters open then I
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QUINCYI pulled up in front of Ethan's house. I got out of the car and jog into the house. Ethan was coming downstairs. "How is she?" I asked. Normally, I would do that for any girl but I went too far with this one. That's because it's my best guy's sister. "She's sleeping" he replied. "I'm gonna kill that motherfucker." I gritted out. This was so frustrating. Issy is so innocent for this world. "Why didn't she tell you she was being bullied?" I find myself asking. He sighs. "Maybe she was afraid I would do what you had just done to that cunt I couldn't identify anymore" he replied. "By the way, why were you so angry about that? I mean, you reacted far way more than I should've" he asked. I didn't overdo it, I just act how my mind wanted me to. "She's your fucking sister you dickhead. I would do anything for you and anyone that concerns you" I replied. He smiles. Idiot. "That's really sweet but you're starting to sound like Edward" he smirks with a chuckle. I rolled my eyes and wa
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ISABELLA "He's coming back tomorrow!" We three said at the same time, screaming like a banshee."What the hell is going on here?" I immediately turn around to the sound of Quincy's voice. My brother and his friends stood there. "They're probably talking about their period or something" Edward mocks. I heard Jeremy and Edward had something going on. "Well, you're wrong. Jeremy is coming back to school tomorrow" I spilled. I noticed the way Edward relax as if he doesn't want anyone to know how shocked he is. Everyone was looking at him for a response."Whatever" he shrug before looking away. It was getting awkward. Jeremy just broke up with him after he caught him with another guy and that was the last time they talked."Bella, I won't be taking you home, and don't wait up. By Starbucks or something then go to bed" he orders, I look away in embarrassment. "What's wrong?" He asked. I looked at him and his eyes were narrowed at me."Nothing" I said instantly. He nod lightly. "You kno
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JEREMY"C'mon Jerry baby, don't say that. We already accepted you with your sexual orientation, don't use it as an excuse to escape school. Edward hurt you and I understand but that doesn't affect your education, at least, don't let it get to your education" My mom was one to give advise to people, that's because she's a therapist. After what happened last time of school with Edward, I was heartbroken that I had to break up with him before I left and up till now I haven't returned back. Today is the big day, it's Friday, a very weird day to resume school. I was eating breakfast, Dad travelled for a business trip. That's what we get for having a fucking rich Dad."You look cute on this uniform" mom complimented. I smiled. She looks at my black nails then bursted into laugh."What now?" I rolled my eyes. "No...." She tried to calm her laugh. "It's just act like a clichè gay" she smiles. I furrow my brows in confusion."How?" I asked."Well, your best friends are girls,
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