Chapter Sixteen

The music is playing on out loud as the ball reaches its climax. And only a curtain away from the crowd, I’m messing out with my stepbrother.

His tongue has found its way in as it tangles with mine tasting every corner of my mouth. I can’t help but bring my hands up to his hairs and clutch on to it, earning a tormented groan from him.

I’ve given up on the little restrain left in me and let myself drown in the passion.

His breath grows rougher as if he’s restraining from his own urgers. As the hot and wet kiss continues, I feel his hand travels down my waist, past my bums, and finally enters through the bottom of my gown.

I shiver when his hot palm is placed on the soft skin of my inner thigh.

“Eason…” I moan his name, panting hoarsely and pleading. “No…not here.”

From the primitive look in his eyes, I have no doubt that he’ll just take me right here behind the curtain a few steps away from the crowd, if I don’t stop him.

“I know.” He sucks the bottom of my lips and licks it. “Don’t wo
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Melissa N Jamie Nelson
So damn hot need more

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