In his arms

In his arms

By:  Venom01  Ongoing
Language: English
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April and Zade were childhood friends, until the day they learned that they were fated mates. The Alpha's son rejected her and April was banished by the pack releasing a dormant curse to plague the wolves who treated her so badly. Now Zade is determined to get April back, but she is the key to a prophesy held close to the heart of a dragon lord, who has waited an eternity to be with her, and thus begins a race against time to win the heart of the future, as dragon and wolf compete for the rights to her heart.

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In His Arms is a fantasy novel by Venom01 about the story of fated mates. April and Zade are childhood friends who one day learn that they are fated mates. But after the Alpha's son rejects April and she's banished by a pack, she releases a curse to destroy wolves who treated her awfully. Although Zade wants to get her back, April is the key to the prophecy held close to a dragon lord's heart who has waited the eternity to be with April. Now the two must compete for her heart. Read the novel to learn what happens next.

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40 Chapters
Listening to the rain thundering down was always calming, looking out onto the city's lights at night being the perfect way to unwind, April thought as she slowly bought the glass of wine to her lips.Her apartment was on the top floor of the designer building, away from prying eyes, with the illusion of privacy serving to calm the savage beast inside, quite literally.April was a we
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A blinding star
Bright lights flashed, and the questions started as soon as April exited her apartment building, the paparazzi were always there, waiting for any chance sightings, and she was grateful to her bodyguards for keeping the physical presence at bay as she waited for her car to be bought around."April, over here, can you confirm the rumors circulating about Kevin and yourself in a romantic relationship!"
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Kevin hovered over her, his dark eyes worried, and Celine wished he would listen to her, but by the time her husband got to the hospital and made his way up to her private room, he was practically tearing his hair out in anguish. Sometimes being married to a human was draining..."Honey, if you don't stop pulling at your hair, you will go bald, and I promise I will be forced to rub your shiny melon every day for good luck!"
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The shower served the purpose, rinsing the latest fatalities blood off of Zade's skin, but as usual, he never really felt clean; his wolf made sure of that.Zades' strong hands pulled the muck out of his hair, the blonde mess plastered to his head as he tilted his face directly into the spray.When had things gotten so damn hard?
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Songs of heartbreak
The studio was deserted, all except for one lone figure, seated at a piano, waiting for the night to lull the Alpha to sleep so she wouldn't feel him anymore.April knew that the lyrics to her latest song would stir up some emotions, but maybe it would prove cathartic for her heart as well.Writing about Zade was always hard, but bringing the lyrics to life with her voice took the pa
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God of the Forest
There were many things that Zade should be doing right now, border patrol rosters, war council meetings, young warrior training...instead he snuck out of the packhouse like a naughty kid to come here. It was his secret, the hidden lagoon nestled deep in the heart of the pack forest, spelled by a witch with familial ties so that generations of Alpha's could relax when things got too much for them.The well-traveled path down into the Gully felt soft beneath his feet and as he stopped for a second to fully appreciate its beauty, Zade thought back to a time where things were easier. When
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Melancholy musings
Her voice was tired and her eyes hurt, but April couldn't bring herself to turn away her youngest fans, begging for their autographs. Truth be told sometimes it was the only thing that kept her singing. Gods when did her life get so boring? She had sell-out tours for the next three years, and a more than healthy bank account, but what did it matter when there was no one waiting for her at home? Signing the last piece of paper thrust into her hands, April finally made it backstage and out of the public eyes." Another stunning performance." Kevin drawled, packing up his equipment into the band's road wagon. If it wasn't for the bags under his eyes and the tightness in his features, April would have thought everything was okay, but because she knew the details, she could see beyond the smoke and mirrors. "How is Celine?" She whispered, briefly touching his arm in an attempt to offer comfort. The fact that Kevin pulled away, creating distance hurt her but she u
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A moment in time
April enjoyed moments like these, where she could wander through the A-lister club, mixing with other celebrities, and supernaturals in a special area closed off from the human public. Venom was a place to unwind and forget about life for a while. She fleetingly felt a stab of guilt for ditching the girls but dammit, she needed this, and she was sick of fighting herself.The atmosphere was sultry, the smell of sex dominating the air as April watched the beautiful bodies grinding against each other, lost in the music, drunk off the promises whispered in each other's ears as they danced in the rapture of lust.
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In the arms of her dragon
Adrastus made short work of April's dress, tearing it from her body before it was pitched straight into the fire.She should have been afraid but instead, it seemed to arouse April more. She could feel his warm strength, hands worshipping her body as she stood dressed only in her lacy black g string and high heels."Take it off.." He whispered huskily, down on his knees before her, and April knew what he wanted because she wanted it too.
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Whispers in the wind
ZADE POVIt was peaceful underground, Zade could just be himself, his blasted wolf was subdued, no one could mind link him, the warmth of the water relaxed his muscles, and soothed his soul.Sometimes he wondered what might have been if he had defied his father and accepted April, would she still be a superstar? Would his father really have killed a member of his own pack? Instinct told Zade he would have followed through on his threat.And he had done what he thought was best at the time.Except now, Zade was completely alone;
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