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Their meeting is in no way favorable. Although Noel Kieran tried to reject him, as a mage and a magic-oriented being, he needs Ricky Kruger as much as he needs Mana. Things took a drastic turn when he couldn't return to his original world after he transgressed to Earth, leaving him with either to accept Ricky or not. His choice wavered when Ricky discovered who Noel truly is... (BROMANCE alert! Read at your own cost!)

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Noel In the midst of the spring, everyone in Westwood was restless while waiting for the flower viewing season, especially the students of Saint Iriha University. Be it the first year students or the final year students, they all have this strange similarities of liking to watch the floras bloom, as Saint Iriha have wide estate, and most of the land, excluding the track field, the football field etc. most of them were covered with flowers. Everyone was excited, well, most of them, not Noel though. Noel stared blankly at the gooey meatball spaghetti. As he scrunched his lips into a fine line, he reluctantly poked the hard yet strangely soggy meatballs while wandering what kind of sorcery the kitchen lady do to make it turn out like this. Apparently he ran out of luck, especially on his first day of enrolling in this university of Saint Iriha, the university that one of his folks recommend him to go. Starting from enrolling late because some clerk didn't do the
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Noel The hour needle of the antique clock that was attached on the wall struck to midnight and the bell chimed. Noel—who was having a deep sleep—immediately opened his eyes and sat up. Dozing off for a few seconds, he then set up his bed and went downstairs to the bathroom to wash himself before starting his night work. After a few minutes of preparing himself, he walked towards the main door of his house. Flicking the circular lock that was attched above the knob of the door, the door’s whole structure suddenly changed it's shape from a bright vintage wooden door to a dark mahogany door. Then, he pushed the door open. What greeted his eyes wasn’t the bustling atmosphere of the neighborhood or a quiet, serene night scenery. Instead, he had to adjust his eyes before he could see clearly of the view on the other side. Stepping through the door, He closed the door behind him, his eyes now able to see clearly in the dimly lit surroundings that were only aided by
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Ricky The wind blows gently, slipping its way in between the overgrown grasses. The blades of grasses moves in waves and birds chirping could be heard from a distance, as if harmonising with the gentle movements of the nature while embracing the dawn sun—it’s orange orb rose from the horizon. Truly, it was a very beautiful scenery. For most of people that is. Not for Ricky who woke up from his sleep feeling groggy, accompanied with head splitting severe hangover. He grunted—for a long time and despairingly—before sluggishly made his way through the hallway of his house to reach the kitchen. He was hoping that he could find something to drink—a water or anything—that could at least slightly disperse the insane amount of pain he felt starting from his forehead down to his nape, when he knew very well that he's not the type of person to buy groceries and all his exes never really know how to cook so there's barely any utensils in his kitchen. Upon reachi
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Noel Noel massaged his shoulders as he heaved a long, tired sigh. After amassing a great effort to attend the lecture in the morning, Noel successfully reached the lecture hall early, meaning that he could rest for a bit before the lecture session began. "Wow... I’ve never even imagined that bathing an adult male could be so challenging..." About a few hours ago, after Noel brought that douche upstairs to the second floor—where there are a spare bedroom with attached bathroom in case of emergency, he stripped him naked and disposed all of his clothing and then threw him into the bathtub. "Whew..." Just by stripping him and throwing him into the bathtub, Noel already felt tired. That douche is heavy, not to mention huge as well. Noel took a short wooden stool and put it beside the bathtub. He then pulled the sleepy douche's arm to clean it when he saw his armpit hair that were very long like a living seaweed. "Geh!?" He
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Noel “Okay class. Our lecture will end now. For those who’s absent in today’s lecture, the other student please tell them to come to my desk and retrieve their module.” The lecturer said before letting the students leave the class.             In the hallway, Noel was putting his things into the locker situated in the hallway of the university, where it can be rented from the main office. "Hey." A familiar deep voice greeted him from his back, along with a gentle scent of lavender. "Oh." Noel turned around to see the douche who he had bathed earlier in the morning was scowling at him together with his other henchmen. The douche looked angry. "You think you can run away after tricking us, huh? What's this?" The douche threw the pouch that Noel gave him yesterday beside where Noel stood. Stones flew out from the pouch as it hit the marble surface of the floor. Noel ra
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Joseph Joseph lit up the tip of the cigarette as he stood in front of the glass window of his room, looking at the empty and quiet street of the Westwood neighborhood at night. He exhaled and smoke came out from his mouth. "This town is pretty quiet I must say..." He muttered, taking another puff of smoke. Suddenly, the corner of his eyes caught movements behind the bushes at the opposite side of the road, where the park is located. He squinted his eyes, sharpening his view of what he saw earlier. Behind one of the bushes, the leaves rustled, as if someone was purposefully shaking it, but the probability that it was some street cats that were out playing that night was also there. After a few moments of shaking, the bush stopped. Then his eyes widened. Coming out from the bushes, a few tiny lights flew and head towards an unknown direction. Rather than heading straight, the pattern of the lights were uneven as if they're dancing as they twirle
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Noel "...One day, my sister wanted to surprise me for my birthday, so she and Serah went to the woods to gather some flowers to make a flower crown. We usually never ventured too far inside the woods, as my parents said that there might be wild creatures lurking inside them. As she and Serah were busy gathering the flowers. My sister noticed some beautiful bug and wanted to show it to Serah, when she turned her back to find her, she disappeared." Noel continued sipping the hot chocolate as he heard the story. "Panicked, my sister searched high and low for her whereabouts. We even called in the police for investigation yet in the end, she is still missing, until now." "And you thought that Serah was kidnapped by fairies, that's why she is missing?" Noel guessed. Joseph reluctantly nodded. "I was very convinced that she was kidnapped by fairies. I mean, how can it be possible to disappear without a trace in a blink of an eye? Even if she
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Ricky Ricky stood silent in front of the hanger which have his cleanly washed and dried clothes. Deeply sighing, he put on the clothes and went downstairs to see a freshly cooked breakfast; a jambalaya and some orange juice placed nicely on the kitchen counter. He sat down in front of his breakfast and ate slowly. These incidents have happened to him for over two weeks since the first time it happened that it no longer startled him. He did try to not eat the breakfast that was served, only to find it inside his suddenly empty fridge that was usually filled with leftover food from when he didn't know. His house were also cleaned thoroughly that no speck of dust were seen on every corner of his lving space. Not to mention his whole mountain of clothes—that were living freely on the floor of his bedroom—were all washed, dried and folded while also arranged inside the closet. He looked around his house while he ate. His living room that was usually very d
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Serah Serah panted as she trudged through the thorny path. His dark pink dress were tattered and smudged with dirt, and her face, clad with fear and confusion. Where am I? What is this place I’m in right now? She thought to herself while still limping slowly. She remembered she and Abigail went out to pick flowers for Joseph, her friend's little brother. "Ouch-" Serah stopped abruptly when her toes got cut by the thorn on the side of the road—adding more to her feet injury. Her shoes was torn about awhile ago, and it's been a long while since she's in this forest. As she was limping along the endless path, she finally decided to rest and sat on the side of the road. She winced when she touched her wound from the thorn earlier. "What should I do? There's no water here." All the days that she got stuck in the mysterious forest, she didn't eat and rely only on the murky swamp water that she woul
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Ricky From the time after Noel had left him in the lecture hall, Ricky was left in a disheveled state. He was now alone in a bookstore, seeking for a reference book for Adam who suddenly have to manage the basketball team’s evening practice and asked Ricky to buy him books. “I told you, book A is better than book B. It contains better explanation and easy to remember short notes for an educationally dumb person like you.” Ricky told Adam as they talked by phone. Ricky flipped the pages of reference book B before his face twitched in disagreement. Then he put down the book on the display table before picking up reference book A that was just beside each other and was now reading reference book A about mechanical engineering. His eyebrows raised in agreement and satisfaction towards the contents. “Okay, okay. I know I’m dumb, but don’t you think that book C is better with me?” Ricky’s face contorted into a look of dismay. “Book
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