My Boss Loves Me

My Boss Loves Me

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Eleanor Heather likes her life to be ordinary. She enjoys working as an accountant while paying off student loans and living in an apartment with her best friend, Lana. Until one night, her encounter with a strange man who suddenly attacked and bit her neck traumatized her to go out alone again. But that was only the starting point of changing her life. When she met Nicholas Shaw, a lawyer and owner of a law firm that she happened to be auditing, her life changed drastically. There are many dark and terrible things about Nicholas that she hides from the world. Even so, Eleanor couldn't stop thinking about him, and Nicholas Shaw didn't want to let her go.

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Loner Hades
it's been a great read so far. Love triumphs vampirism, I should say
2023-06-21 21:40:58
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Delinda Schumacher
72 chapters 4-28-23
2023-04-29 01:13:50
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Chapter 1
This is a bad idea.For the umpteenth time that sentence rang in my head. A little regret tucked into my heart for rejecting Oliver's offer to take me home.Well, it was actually part of my pride that prevented me from taking up the offer.We just ended our relationship two weeks ago. After two years of being with him, finally a few weeks ago a woman came into my apartment and slapped me just like that before screaming at me to stay away from Oliver.She claims to be Oliver's girlfriend, and admits they have been dating for over a year.Damn Oliver, he's not even that handsome. But that damn thing has been cheating on me behind my back for over a year.I looked back again for the third time, while my feet were still moving. My instincts told me something was following me, or someone.All this because Mr. Newman forced some of his staff to work overtime for the past three days.And today is the worst, we can only go home at half past twelve in the evening. Me, Oliver, and several other
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Chapter 2
My hand cramped the last clothes I brought into my suitcase, then closed it. Three hours later my plane departs, meaning one and a half hours later I have to be at the airport. I opened my suitcase again and threw a book into it."I've already called a taxi." A blonde head appeared from behind the door. I smiled as I zipped up my suitcase. "Thanks, Lana."She came into my room and jumped onto my bed, her long legs dangling gracefully on the edge of my bed. "You sure that's enough for two weeks?" he asked, looking down at my small suitcase.I shrugged my shoulders "I'll be back the weekend." Even though it's tiring but I don't want to spend 2 weeks alone in an unfamiliar city.I dropped my body next to Lana. We rented an apartment with two rooms together. I've known Lana since college, even though now we work at different companies but we still rent an apartment together. She is still 23 years old, one year younger than me even though we graduated together.Lana comes from a rich, very
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Chapter 3
After treating my blisters, taking a bath, and ordering Chinese food delivery, I sat down on my big hotel sofa alone. The sky outside was already very dark and it started to rain.I tied my slightly loose sleeping coat and stared at the TV across from me blankly. This past hour my head has been busy trying to guess who my savior man is. Well, since I can't guess the name so I can at least guess the occupation.With his stern and intimidating voice and face, he might just be a young banker. He doesn't look too old from my age, maybe around 30s? But there was something in those blue eyes that made him not look like he was in his 30s.I bit the corner of my lip and frowned, then a knock interrupted my thoughts. I walked to my hotel room door and opened it. A bell boy stood up carrying my delivery and a black box. I gave my delivery money and tip to him then took the Chinese food I ordered."Miss Heather? This one is for you too." He said as he handed over the black box he had brought."F
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Chapter 4
My eyes blink once.Shaw&Partner.Shaw.I stared at his face with a stupid look for a few seconds. "So ... what's your name?" "Nicholas. I didn't know we were hiring an auditor." He answered as he took his wine glass and drank the rest. Waiter Giorgio returned with my Chamomile, filled his glass with wine, then disappeared again. My brain is still trying to process the information it just received. He is not a banker but a lawyer. Nicholas Shaw.God, I'm having lunch with my client's boss."... that means you'll only be in Manhattan for a while?"I half did not listen to his question. "A week. After my audit here is over I'll be back in San Francisco." I answered hastily.I stared at the corners of his mouth which were pulled down. Is he really gay?Christine's words a few days ago replayed in my head.'A week." he repeated to himself. Suddenly the atmosphere became more awkward as he fell silent. Giorgio returned to our table with my salad and a steak for Mr. Shaw.I stared at the pl
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Chapter 5
My heart slightly jumped inside my chest at the sound of his voice. I raised my head to meet his dark blue eyes, his eyebrows slightly raised in surprise.I've never seen someone as handsome as Nicholas Shaw.He was wearing a suit that was more formal than what he usually wears to work. Usually he only wears a shirt and jacket, butthis time he wore three layers. Shirt, vest and coat. His cufflinks flashed slightly in the lobby light as he raised his hand to press the elevator button, preventing the elevator doors from closing again. His jacket and vest are black with a dark blue tie, matching his eye color.I was still looking at him when he called me the second time."Oh." My feet stepped out of the elevator, then stood in front of it a little awkwardly. I just thought about it and bam! suddenly he was in front of me."Hey." I forgot my formal attitude for a moment."You still here?" he asked, pulling the corners of his mouth down."I told you I have to finish my work .. " I muttered
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Chapter 6
I didn't tell Lana until the next day. Maybe I'll call her back later, during my lunch break. Besides, I'll be back in San Francisco in three days, then Mr. Shaw will forget me ... and I will forget him.A little regret enveloped my heart. Ugh, Ella don't be stupid. Maybe Mr. Shaw has only been polite so far to me, he just happened to help me and change my shoes.... and take me to lunch, and drive me home.I pulled the corners of my mouth down. He's just being polite, right? It looks like he already has a partner though. I looked at my reflection in the hotel mirror, today I was wearing a blood red blouse, a gift from Lana and a black pencil skirt. I rarely wear this blouse. I love the color and the silk, it's just that this blouse looks a little too flashy. Perhaps more suitable for formal dinners than work.I straightened my slightly wavy auburn hair. I used to plan to dye my hair brown but unfortunately I never got around to it. My amber eyes looked back at my reflection in the mi
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Chapter 7
"Actually ... I found a slight discrepancy in the financial statements a few months ago."Mr. Shaw turned back to me. He brushed his right hand through his dark brown hair and gave a small nod, telling me to continue."There were about ten rather suspicious outflows, all sent to different accounts at the Bank of Rotterdam, some to Thompson&Thompson-""Thomson&Thompson?" all attention Mr.Shaw turned to me when I said the name. "Are you sure, Eleanor?"I nodded "That stream of funds wasn't sent directly to the Thompson&Thompson company, but was transferred to an offshoot company owned by Thompson&Thompson. If all the funds were totaled it would probably be about 4 or 5 percent of the value of your company, Mr. Shaw.Four or five percent is an awful lot if the company is as big as Shaw&Partner. Maybe enough to buy a small office building.I studied the expression on his face in the dim light of his SUV's headlights, the wrinkles on his forehead deepening. Which means only one; So far he
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Chapter 8
Everything happened so fast, my brain had not finished processing what was happening when his lips touched mine which was still slightly wet from Wine. Then the whole system in my head stopped, my brain turned to jelly.He kissed me carefully at first, then slowly his kisses turned deeper. Strangely all the nerves in my body seemed to gather in my lips, making them a hundred times more sensitive. I've never felt a better kiss than this.His lips traced mine gently, slowly, as if he didn't want to rush. I could smell his mint and expensive aftershave distinctly, smells I'm usually only able to smell faintly around him.My heart was beating so fast I could almost hear it pounding in my ears. Then suddenly he pulled himself away from me. I opened my eyes and looked at him. The blue color of his eyes looked darker than before. But I didn't have time to observe him further because the next second I heard the sound of my flash drive hitting the floor again, his big hands cupped my face and
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Chapter 9
"I didn't know I would meet you here." He met Lana's gaze then nodded politely at her, before looking back at me."You're working on a case in San Francisco?" I asked in a formal tone. Mr. Shaw frowned slightly when he heard my question."No, I was just visiting a friend. Ele-Miss Heather, I haven't thanked you for what you did. We caught the embezzler."Oh yes? And you just thanked me a week later? Too late, Shaw.I pulled the corners of my mouth up with some force, "That's my job, Mr. Shaw. You don't need to thank me. Ah, Mr. Shaw, this is Alayna Morrel. Lana, this is Mr. Nicholas Shaw." I introduced them both."Morrell ... " he muttered under his breath,"Are you related to Christopher Morrel?""My father." Lana replied with a smile, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Shaw." She added while giving me an accusing look again at the mention of the 'Mr. Shaw'."We met while I was auditing his company." I explained to her."Miss Heather, how about I take you to dinner as my thanks? Do you have time
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Chapter 10
"You drove yourself from Manhattan?" I asked without being able to prevent it. He glanced at me then back to the street ahead. "No, I'm on a plane. It's Greg's car."Oh."He's in San Francisco ... too?""Yeah, he was ahead of me two days ago." Reply Mr. Shaw looked at me in the rearview mirror. I realized we were headed for the western part of San Francisco, which I knew was a high-rise residential area perched on top of hills and groves. Forest Hill.Fifteen minutes later we arrived at a house, or villa, at the top of Forest Hill. This house is the only building here, the other closest neighbors are a kilometer from here. And like all the other houses we've passed before, this place is extraordinarily …luxurious. Modern architecture represents every inch of this house, dominated by very large glass windows. I imagined how many people and how long it would take to wipe the windows.Mr. Shaw stopped his car in a very large yard. Two other cars parked next to us. One is a black Porsche
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