Infatuated Desire
Infatuated Desire
Author: Ridzz


When does someone feel dismayed?


It's when your loved ones are doing badly with you and the other one despite willingness can't do anything for himself. And neither does the other one has any courage to do something, it's when the other one feels helpless.

Right now standing in front of the mirror in the bridal attire, Sanam was feeling something the same. Not only her heart but her soul was also crying now. She was cursing her bad luck. Tears from her eyes were flowing nonstop.

Her beautiful pitch-black eyes turned red because of crying. The rest of her makeup was messed up and only her lipstick was in the right state.

For a girl, her wedding day is special. But for her, this moment wasn't less than any nightmare. She can't stop thinking about killing herself.

It's been a long time since she was standing and letting her tears fall when in an instant the door of her room opened and someone came inside.

Sanam turned back to glance and her tears started welling more upon seeing the person in front of her.


In a rush, she turned and hugged her. And then her incessant sobbing profoundly started. She was also helpless and powerless like her. They both were strictly opposed to her this marriage.

"Don't cry Sanam, it's not crying time. We have to do something before it becomes late."

After listening to the soft voice of her mother, she with a jerk raised her hand and looked up unknowingly at her mother.

She was taking in what her mother just said. What she was going to do, she didn't get. As she knew very well that nothing is in their hands.

"It's not the time to become astonished, my daughter before they come here for a marriage agreement you have to get out of here."

She parted from her and went towards the wardrobe. She did her best to make her husband understand but he is so much blinded by the greed of wealth that he can't see the difference between right and wrong.

"Mom, what are you saying this..... It’s.... it's not possible......a....and where I will go?"

Forgetting her crying after what her mother just told her, worried and astonished she came forward and stood behind her mother.

She was putting her necessary things in her bag.

"Nothing is impossible, my daughter. I can't see your bargaining right in front of my eyes."

Her tone was quite stern and perhaps it was the first time she saw her mother taking a decision. Otherwise, she always saw her mother with a bowed head and obeying the orders of her husband. It doesn't matter if she has a willingness for it or not.

"But mom, I can't leave you like that. Where I will? Other than you, I don't have anyone in this world."

On the one side, she got relief that she will be safe from this marriage and that person but on the other side she was concerned about her mother.

"You just go anywhere from here, go far away from your father's reach. God will protect you, Sanam, He will make some place for you."

She forwarded the bag to her hand and gazed at her lovingly.

"If this marriage happens then perhaps I will never forgive myself. This thought will never leave my mind that I didn't do anything for my daughter. So my happiness is in this that you go from here."

She took her and came to the window which was opening towards the main gate. Preparation for guests was arranged on the back side of the lawn so this way was clear.

"Mom, how I will live without you?"

She wasn't feeling well at the thought of leaving her mother like that.

"It's also hard for me my daughter, but you have to do this for me."

She moved ahead and kissed her on her forehead. How much her heart was paining in letting her go away, only she knows this?

"And for a few days don't try to contact me on the phone, are you getting what I am saying?"

For the last time, she advised her, and then helped her in getting out of the window.

"God will protect you. My blessings are with you. And don't worry about me your mother is very strong."

She smiled and looked at it for one last time. And Sanam with a love and painful eyes gazed at her and came out of there. She didn't turn back if she did then perhaps it will be difficult for her to go.

Harshly rubbing her tears she crossed the gate of Khan Villa.


"Aanya I don't feel we are doing it right. We have to go back before something wrong happens. We will eat something in the canteen."

With fearful eyes, she was looking here and there and walked briskly to her only friend who was enthusiastic about making her do something new.

"Come on Hadia, you are getting scared like I am making you do some illegal work. Just chill (buddy) yaar. We are just going for lunch to a good restaurant. And today, there's no class, your bodyguard will not know about anything."

Aanya was saying to her in her ignorance. She held Hadia by her wrist and came out of the university back gate.

With every forwarding step Hadia felt her heartbeat also accelerate. For her, it was no less than an illegal act to come out of the university without informing her bodyguard or anyone else.

"Aanya you don't know when everyone at home knows this then they will be tensed."

She said in very anxious and sat with her in the taxi. Right now she was also feeling strange happiness from inside and on the other side she was scared which wasn't letting her fully happy.

"Don't worry Hadia, I myself will drop you at home if we get late? And as far as your bodyguard is concerned, what havoc will come if, for one day, you didn't go home with him."

Aanya said looking into her sea-green eyes which seemed more beautiful because of fear.

Her this innocent friend was very dear to her and from the beginning, she doesn't like those restrictions imposed on her. And today she wants to free herself a little from those restrictions.

But she wasn't aware that this move is going to cost her so much.

"Havoc will come if I went with you. So Anaya you try to come out quickly from there before the guards know. I don't want to take any risk."

She was relieved by what Anaya said about how she will convince those in her home if they come to know, but...... what if he comes to know then what she will do?

Remembering that person has again intensified her fear.

"Let us reach their first and now you have started talking about going back. And when the cage has been opened then why scare in flying."

Anaya said mischievously and winked an eye at her. Unwillingly, she slightly smiled at that.

But she doesn't know that her smile is going to vanish on her way back. If she knows then she would never agree with Anaya to do lunch outside.

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