Just A Stranger

Just A Stranger

By:  TheDeadlySinner  Ongoing
Language: English
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One heart is broken and one heart is just finding for lust and heat, the two of them met in an unexpected place—wherein the undeniably insane connection and lust between them started. *** Eura Vegaz was a widow for two years. After her husband’s unexpected death she found it hard to fix her broken self. She decided to have a trip to gather herself again. Then, she found herself in El Paraiso, a small town with breathtaking beauty. El Paraiso was ruled by the Saldieguez, from politics to business. Her path crossed to the CEO of Nirvana Hotel and the youngest of Saldieguez named Luther. In Paradise Club, where all fantasies happened, the two of them had an agreement—to be “Strangers with Benefits”. With Eura being a brokenhearted widow and Luther as a troublesome playboy CEO, will things work between the both of them? Will the “Strangers with Benefits” contract between them work? Because the both of them know, at the end of the day . . . they’re just strangers to each other.

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Kenya Washington
too chapters content is being repeated in others chapters.
2022-12-25 03:29:50
112 Chapters
Just A Stranger
This is a work of fiction. Names, Characters, Businesses, Places, Events, and Incidents are either products of the author's imagination or used in fictitious manners. Any resemblance to an actual person, living or dead, or actual event is purely coincidental.Consists of grammatical and typographical errors due to its unedited. Please bear with it and thank you!Just A Stranger © 2021 by The Deadly SinnerALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author, excepting brief quotes used in some description, written specifically in this book.WARNING: This story consists of triggering scenes. Including Violence, Language, Social Issues, and more. Please read at your own risk. Facebook Page: The Deadly Sinner&n
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Chapter 1: El Paraiso
  Chapter 1   DARK AND COLD night. The wind touched her skin and brought shivers to her body. The opened window was the only source of light in the room. Everything felt so empty and Eura can't say why she's feeling that way. She roamed her eyes around the room. Finally, she knew what’s—or can we say who’s— the the missing. It was her husband . . . “Hunter!” she called his name. She started panicking. She hurriedly opened the door ro went downstairs to find his husband. She looked in her left, but there’s no sign of him. She shifted her eyes to the right side, but still no him. Eura went of their house, barefooted and with messy hair. A tear escaped in her eyes when she saw her husband. She saw him . . . In the middle of a r
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Chapter 2: Party
Chapter 2EURA stayed in the only five-star hotel in the province—Paraiso Hotel. Paraiso is a Filipino word that means “paradise”. The person who named the hotel didn’t lie. Indeed, the place was like a paradise.The place was near the coast, surrounded by tall coconut trees and covered by bermudagrasses and different kinds of flowers. One of its best attractions was the sunflower garden. Eura fell in love with the beauty of the hotel, it’s one of the most beautiful places she has ever seen.“Welcome to Paraiso Hotel, Ma’am!” the staff of the hotel greeted her. “Thank you for welcoming me.”One woman approached her and told her she’ll accompany her to her room. “I hope you‘ll like your room, ma’am. I will send you to the room with a nice view, where you can see the coast,” the woman said.“That’s nice to hear
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Chapter 3: Mr. Stanger
Chapter 3WARNING: This consists of an R-18 scene, that is not suitable for young minds. Please, read at your own risk!THEIR lips were locked to each other. His right hand was on her bareback supporting her, and his left arm was around her belly. While on the other hand, Eura’s arms were around his neck. His lips started to travel on her neck, making her body stiffened in so much sensation and pleasure she’s feeling while his lips worshipping her.He twisted the knob of the door and kicked it. Luther, the name of the man Eura’s kissing right now, brought her to his villa to spend a night with her. He doesn’t know the woman, but there’s something about her that mesmerized him. It felt like there’s a force between them that pulls him towards her.Eura can’t explain how she ended up kissing a stranger and what was w
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Chapter 4: Forget
Chapter 4THE FIRST thing the greeted Luther with a bad morning was the empty side of his bed. The woman he owned last night, left him alone. He cursed numerous times and gripped his own hair in frustration.Damn it! He wanted to cursed so bad or throw anything that his had will get. He can’t explain the frustration he’s feeling right now.It's a very bad morning for him. It felt like there's an unfilled place beside him. He caressed the empty bed beside him then, curse again. He hated himself for not knowing anything about the woman-well of course, she didn't want to give him details about her. Her beautiful face, enchanting erotic moans, and the curve of her body were already engraved on his mind. He doesn't have any idea about her.Whether she came from here in El Paraiso or not. But he knew that if she came from El Paraiso, he just saw her before. He guesses, she's
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Chapter 5: Meet
Chapter 5IT'S BEEN A WEEK after Eura's encounter with an unknown man. It was difficult for her to remember the mindblowing encounter with him. She can't stop thinking about him, she admits that to herself. She really found that man attractive. It was so difficult for her to forget that night.She found it hard to enjoy her vacation in El Paraiso—she was bored as hell. She felt like there's no fun here in this place.Today, she's with Bea—the actress woman she met in the hotel that is now her friend. She seemed like she knew El Paraiso very well. She knew all the places here. They're riding a kalesa to reach their destination. Kalesa island transportation was similar to chariots. They're planning to get near the coast.Speaking of the coast—she remembered the Villa of the stranger man. It was nearby the coast. But she bet, the man was not in El Paraiso a
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Chapter 6: Offer
Chapter 6 EURA INSTANTLY turned away to avoid the man’s gaze. She was so sure that it was him! She can’t be mistaken! She’s sure it was him! Now, she started sweating and panicking about how to act calmly. She sighed heavily and try to excuse herself. She can’t help but scanned him. As expected, he looked good—beyond good. Very handsome and appealing, to the point that his smile can make every woman’s panty down. It might sound exaggerated but that was the truth.  She looked at the man in front of her. He’s wearing a white sand shirt, flexing his biceps and he’s wearing brown cargo shorts. Eura already expected his Greek-like body and he’s flaunting it. He knew his assets so well, and he’s using them to trap every woman. Eura unconsciously shook her head because of her thoughts. His brown attractive eyes were shining, she can feel the amusement and excitement in it. She was blocked by his tall body
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Chapter 7: Contract
Chapter 7 THEY'RE BOTH agree to have a contract between them. To know the boundaries of their relationship. Luther let Eura decide about their contract. Because for him, no matter what condition, he will agree. If that’s what will make her agree to him. There’s no single word between the both of them. After a few minutes of silence, Luther chose to break it and asked Eura. “So, what’s your plan?” He watched her took a deep breath. She closed her eyes tightly and gave him a small smile. “So?” She smiled. “Give me time to think about the rules I want. You told me that you’ll let me decide, right? I need time.” Luther shrugged. “Okay, whatever you say.” “For now, let’s continue in finding my friend. I need to find her.” Luther just nodded and followed Eura. Actually, he wanted to ask her name but he feels that maybe he can ask her late
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Chapter 8: Welcome
Chapter 8 WARNING: This consists of an R-18 scene, that is not suitable for young minds. Please, read at your own risk! ONCE AGAIN, they’re inside Luther’s villa. Wherein the four walls of that place is the witness of their passionate one-night stand. Now, here they are again, Luther is holding her hand gently as he guides her inside his villa. The place was so clean and organized. She can say that the man was very meticulous about his stuff. Weird but somehow she feels comfortable in his place. She likes his place, it’s cozy, well-designed, and ventilated, it was a perfect love nest—or she must say... sex place. Eura was slightly amused when Luther gently grabbed her. Then, he held her waist and lifted her with full chivalry. He placed her on the bar counter. He’s standing in front of her, his body was in between her thighs. His hot
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Chapter 9.1: Old Friend
Chapter 9 EURA WAKE UP very early. She has some activities to do today with Bea. She remembered that they planned to roam El Paraiso, visit the garden, farms, and other nice places here. She’s already fixing her hair when the man who owned her yesterday woke up. He glanced at him and he saw how beautiful his face was. Even in messy hair and morning rugged look, he still rocks it! He looked great in every angle or maybe it’s just her? “You’re leaving?” he asked and yawned. “Yep. My friend and I will have some extra-curricular activities. We’re planning to enjoy our stay here in El Paraiso.” Luther glanced at the alarm clock beside his bed. “It’s only seven in the morning.” “Yeah, you’re right!” “When will we gonna met again?” She looked at him and she saw his intense stares at her. “What about spending the weekend with me?”
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