Lady of Wrath

Lady of Wrath

By:  Besties Babe   Ongoing
Language: English
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"How about meeting again so we can continue from were we left." Raphael asked in his husky voice, his hand still squeezing my breast. He was really good at it. "You were good but not good enough for another night baby boy." I winked, leaving him with a shocked expression on his face.

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Maria Criselda De Guzman
Absolutely love this story. Can't wait for another chapter...
2020-08-05 12:31:01
20 Chapters
She never cared what people thought of her until her closest companions gave her a reality check!                              ---------~^~-----------"Shut up Jes! Everything isn't always about you. Just because you suffered that don't gives you a permit to interfere in everyone's damn business!" He yelled."You are so going to regret your behavior after you realise that she's nothing more than a deceiving bitch!" I shouted, unable to control my anger."At least she's not an insecure jealous spoiled bitch like you!" Regret was the last thing I saw on Chris's face before I turned my back on him. A human being can literally break you in a few short, simple words because words hurt more than swords....        &nb
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"Chris, why aren't you eating anything?"  Maa said with a scowl on her face. She hate it when someone wasted food. She has always taught us that there are people out there who don't have enough food on their plates and if we have the privilege of having our plates full we should be grateful for that, not waste what we are given.But how can Chris eat with her on their family table knowing that Julie's chair was empty and he was the sole reason for her not being here with them? The things Chris had done to her and the words that he had said to her haunts him to this very day. He can't get rid of his guilt. He just wanted to burn it all, burn it until there was not a shred of past left, not a shred his guilt left.Maa doesn't say but he knew that she missed her too, every fucking day. Her silence only added more weight to his guilt. How can she not miss her? Julie was a part of her. Her part of
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+CHAPTER 1+ Plotting
"If she barely got any friends stay away from that Bitch because that means she's crazy and the few friends she got are crazy too"♡♡♡Present Time♡♡♡"Mr.Andrew do you think there is any play of fate in your success?" 'People believe that if they can't get something that's because of their fate but I believe that if you want something then work hard, fight hard until you get it.I'm not one of those who blame their failures or success on fate, maybe because I never had a taste of failure and I would like to keep it that way.'"After all this success do you still wish for something that you haven't achieved yet?"'Today Raphael Andrew is one of the biggest names in the business world and my company is one of the leading companies in the world. I have everything one can wish for. There is nothing that I can't achieve.'"Have you lost anything on your way to success?"
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+CHAPTER 2+ Theater Pregnancy
"Maddy!" "Maddy!!""Maddyyy!!!!""Jesus women stop yelling! I'm trying to sleep here..." Maddy yelled back at Jes.Finally~"Let's go out... I'm fucking bored!" Jes whined. "Not gonna happen Julie. You didn't even help me in packing, I'm fucking tired and on top of that my flight is early in the morning. So shut up and let me sleep." Maddy said, turning his back towards her. "Hey! How many times I have to tell you to call me Jes." Ignoring his comment on her not help him, Jes snapped while poking his back with her finger knowing that he hated it when she did this."Julie, Jes it's all same to me." Maddy mumbled sleepily. Grrhh!Jes's real name was Julie but she preferred to be called Jes and Maddy didn't have any problem with calling her Jes yesterday when he was begging her to help him, once
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+CHAPTER 3+ Finding Libido
Family~A small word but it held so much power over Jes. A few people that have so much control over her. Jes was master at pretending that she was fine and somewhere in pretending, she had started to believe that she was really fine. She can spend months in her happy and chill mode but sometimes she felt everything a little too much. Dear Mom,Do you miss me? I have left my childhood behind. . .Shake it off!A few times at her work Jes had lashed out on her fellows. One minute she was joking and in the next minute, she burst into tears for no specific reason. It mostly happens when she kept her feelings locked within herself. It took her two years to shape herself into a strong person or to act like one.It was the time when she stopped Fighting Crying Trying 
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+CHAPTER 4+ Meeting Anonymous
**Flashback**Julie's POV"What's the purpose of dick slapping on top of the pussy before proceeding to have sex?" A very drunk Kylie asked while keeping a straight face.Jes almost spit her juice out at her coworker's question."To delete the previous settings." Cane answered nonchalantly.And that was how Jes regretted coming with them for drinks. Maddy was busy with some stuff at work and Jes stupidly thought that she will have a good time while hanging out with her fellow workers."Can you guys please shut the fuck up!" Jes hissed, looking around them. Thank God no one heard her crazy fellows. They were fucking annoying and embarrassing the hell out of her. "Kylie who the fuck asks that kind of question? I don't know how can you come up with questions like that." Jes scolded Kylie."You don't know because you are one boring person who likes to order a
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+CHAPTER 5+ Food Baby Gone
PRESENT TIMEAt some point in our lives, we all had been in those types of situations where we just wanted the floor to open up and eat us alive and currently Jes was in one of those situations.The Demi-God was currently staring at her like she had grown two heads right in front of his eyes. "Where's your babe?" He shrieked like a teenager. If Jes wasn't currently sitting on her ass in front of a bunch of idiots in the VIP section of a club than she would have laughed at his horror-struck face but it was her bad luck that she was currently trapped in the most embarrassing situation of the century and to make it worse her one night stand was right in front of her witnessing the whole situation.It was a good thing that the last time he had seen Jes, she had her real blonde hair at the display which reached just above her shoulders. And now her hair was brown and she had her ha
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+CHAPTER 6+ One Night Stand
Seeing Nathan after a long time was like bringing back all the memories of the past. Jes never thought that she would miss him. He was the only man she had talked to romantically. She still remembers the day she had left him in the hotel room. He was so desperate to get her number, so desperate to not let her go. But at that time Jes had to leave. ***Flashback***Jes look around the hotel room and all of a sudden coming to a hotel room with a stranger seemed like the worst decision she had ever made. Even if the stranger had made her feel butterflies in her stomach.Her breath hitched when the stranger shut the door with a slight thud.Jes turned around and looked at him. God! He was gorgeous. . .His unruly brown hairs gave him a more sexy look, making one more addition to his sex appeal."My name is Nathan and I think you forgot to tell me your name." He said while takin
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+CHAPTER 7+ Sage
Jes looked at the magnificent building of Andrew Enterprises. She whistled at the work of art. She was going to work here for three fucking months.The building could even put her parent's offices to shame. It was breathtaking, made of black glass and black marble.Today Maddy and Emily were going on their lovey-dovey vacation, leaving Jes with Emily's friend who already works at Andrew Enterprises.Suddenly, Jes felt irritation in her left eye.God! The struggle of using contact lenses was going to kill her one day.Jes strode towards the sports car that was parked in front of the building. Taking out the rewetting drops from her jean's pocket she put a drop in her left eye and adjusted the lens on her eyeball with her finger."That's the CEO's car, I'll suggest you step away from that car because the CEO is one arrogant son of a bitch." Jes stepped away from the car and turned to look at the owner of the voice.
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+CHAPTER 8+ Unfinished Business
"It is weird the boss has never told anyone to stay this long at the office before but then again, he is an unpredictable paranoid." Sage shrugged her shoulders. "You seem to know a lot about the boss." Jes noted. She was still trying very hard not to stare at Sage's blossoms.Jes herself has a decent size of blossoms but they were melons compared to Sage's watermelons."I don't know the boss but I do know his friend very well. His name is Lucas. We became friends after he saved my ass at the annual party." Sage said dreamily."How did he save you?" Jes asked in confusion."As you already know that I'm a graphic designer here so I was assigned to design the invitations and I was going through a rough patch at that time and in my fucked up state instead of printing that 'The CEO of Andrew Enterprises, invites you to the Annual Party' I printed 'Anal Party' on the invitations and send them to everyone." Jes burst into a fit
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