Less Than A Vampire

Less Than A Vampire

By:  Minna Blue  Ongoing
Language: English
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Blair-Boo's life has been a sheltered one until a stranger helps decent her at school while she is being bullied.This stranger opens her eyes to the injustice she's had to live through and she's now filed by the need to change it no matter how long it takes.

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nice story ! do u have any inquiries that i can keep in touch with you ? I have sth to discuss about the book
2022-03-31 17:35:38
24 Chapters
Chapter One
I remember everything from the time I was born to the time I wake up every morning, to wind blowing through wind-chimes on the neighbor's house. My bedroom window shook in its panes. It was just like every other night just with yesterday's days added to my life in a dream. Sometimes it turned into a nightmare. Soon I'd be 16 and a freshman at the local high school.I was born on Halloween at 11 O'clock, I was the center of attention from the time I was born. I welcomed it from my family but I wish their friends would have not been in my face. I was the third child of my parents and last. My older brothers are twins, and by the time I was born they were 16, and they always fight for my attention. When I was one we moved to a closed community and I was never allowed outside.
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Chapter Two
I fainted and resumed dreaming of my life at age 2, it was two months before I turned three.Beck and Grant were outside with me playing the many games we always played and my bat Stefan joined in on some also.I laid down on the ground and looked up at the stars, "Beck why is it that we have galaxies in our eye? I've seen a whole lot of pictures with people that have colors of eyes instead of galaxies like ours."Stefan seemed to pull away and stiffen. "Well Blair we are special and because of our eyes we live here in the community," Beck said."So
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Chapter Three
Age 7 I keep Stefan close to me as much as possible and always locked him in a cage when I went to bed. I was not going to lose him again. That year without him was agonizing to say the less. As I came out of my room all dressed for my birthday to have my party in the back yard this year I dress as my version of a princess, it was my converts my brothers got me and a black two-layer teacup dress that my parents got me and then I had a top hot and vial also black with two layers. I put Stefan on my hat and went down the stairs.Once I was outside I went straight for the cake took a slice and went and sat with Beck and Grant which was sitting on the grass not at one of the
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Chapter Four
"Yes, you need sleep," Carden said softly and began to take my annoying clothes off to tuck me under the covers. I fell asleep in those words.DreamI was in the forest that must have been outside of the mansion. I was running and I wasn't sure form what but it was coming for me and it was out to kill. I had the feeling it was out for my blood as well. I was by no means fast as most vampires but I was faster than most humans would be running but it wasn't good enough for the monster out for my blood.As it comes down on my legs I screamed.Ending of a dreamI was act
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Chapter Five
I ran the bath on cold and undressed and slowly got it. I put bubbles in so I could calm down. I slowly started to relax my toes and then up to my leg and then my fingers and so on and soon I found myself asleep in colder water. DreamI could tell I was somewhere relatively safe but all I could see was pitch darkness. It was so dark I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. I was on my feet I started to walk for a while and before long I stumbled and fell on the ground it was cold and slick like polished granted tiles. I got back up and soon was knocking over what sounded like furniture. I bit more of pushing over furniture and I come across a low glow coming from a room. I went to open the door-
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Chapter Six
"Sarin!" no answer came my way."Marco," I waited and moved around the darkness "Marco, " I was waiting to hear a polo.
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Chapter Seven
"Blow," Sarin kept his hand there until I moved it away. I muttered thanks since I was fixated on food. Sarin got up and went to talk with Carden outside of the room.  Sarin's P.O.V.
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Chapter Eight
They got me ready and then moved me to sit in the car that they had used to bring me here. When they were all done packing they loaded up in the car. Blake drove and Sarin, Grant, and Beck sat in the middle row of sits and Craden were sitting in the very back with our things. I was sitting in the passenger seat looking out the window to the scenery that I had seen so little of in my life unless it was one of my parent's computers.
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Chapter Nine
Carden P.o.vI was now pacing in my room. I ripped the guards head off right in front of her. She looked so confused. I can't believe he touched her twice just like she was anybody else. He was raised better than that!
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Chapter Ten
Trax came with us quietly. His happy face was gone and so was Sarin's grin. The mood of things had changed very quickly when Carden came out. I think I wasn't just me that went rigid with his presence.We were all in the big bed just s
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