Chapter 24

Sarah's POV

My heart is pumping so fast. I am very nervous. What if the superstitions are true? And my father is in danger? What if something bad happened while he is on the plane? Or while he is in Beiyora?

My mind is full of "what ifs". I can't handle this feeling anymore. I might explode anytime.

"Calm, Sarah. Be calm. Just think of positive things," I said to myself, trying to forget the nervousness I am feeling right now.

I took a deep breathe and I let it out loudly, then repeat. With that way, what I am feeling right now will ease. 

I started thinking of any other reasons why I cannot call my father's phone. Maybe, he is in the middle of his meeting. Maybe, his phone has low battery. Maybe, he is just busy.

Okay. I will just tell Miss Fatima about it. I know that she can help me. I know that Miss Fatima is not like me. She can control her emotions and she does not think

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