Chapter 25 - Another God

“Hey, Ukiyo, what happened to you?” Drayce asked, as he wondered why I look dreadful this morning. I still made it on time in class. Lucky me, Kurai teleported me here with no one noticed us.

“Nothing.” I lied. After all, I’ve been through this morning, I still can hear my voice fine.

“What do you mean, nothing? Did you not sleep well?”

“I sleep. But- I’m fine, okay?” I looked away, looking outside the glass closed window. I am trying to feel my new tongue and still feel weird. Having a forked tongue, I can feel like a snake. Is this what it feels to be a snake? Argh. Ridiculous. Why should I have to go on like this? Why didn’t he tell me before that most of the tongues I’ve borrowed will go rot and be dead despite of eating black pearls!

And then I turned back to Drayce. He looks awfully pale and doesn’t look okay, too.

“You don’t look fine as well, Drayce.”

Drayce moves his eyes to me with a frowning face. “I am fine,

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