Living with a God

Living with a God

By:  Modern_Diary  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ukiyo Fujii is an ordinary student who desired to have the most beautiful voice and become the greatest idol of all time. One day, while walking at a shrine, she accidentally to met a god who offered to grant her this wish. Little does she know that in return, this god has to live with her. This dark god, Shinrin Kurai, was exiled to earth by the higher gods as punishment. As part of his plan to return to the godly realms, he needed the help of a human with a strong desire and passion inside her heart. Now, beginning his journey with Ukiyo Fujii, other former gods started to interfere turning their adventure to a deadly quest. To protect Ukiyo, Shinrin may risk losing his freedom and the ticket to return to his realm forever. Drawn into Ukiyo's world, will he choose to stay with her? Will Ukiyo accept him when she finds out that this gift is not permanent and he used her as living bait for his return?

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Wow! It’s like a manga minus the drawings. It’s kinda exciting. ☺️
2020-11-18 12:34:07
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Quite an exciting read for me, because I love supernatural-themed stories. Reading it is like reading a shoujo manga. I can't wait to know what happens with Ukiyo and Kurai. :3
2020-10-08 13:10:46
26 Chapters
Author's Note
Copyright© Modern_Diary 2020 All Rights Reserved. 
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Chapter 1 - Being the Backstage
As I walk through the open arena door, the smell of stale lager and sweat arises. Crowds already gathered in an indoor concert, I could see the heat, and the atmosphere filled with excitement, but the lights have not yet dim for the main act; the stage is visible even from the back for its performers. 
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Chapter 2 - The Shrine
Before the day has started, I was already inside the classroom in my newly washed uniform, and I feel ready for their lesson of the day. Mairin just came so late at night, been with her friends for a long t
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Chapter 3 - Meeting the God
"Who are you?" I said, almost stuttered as I fought a rising panic. I stared at his six-foot-five frame leaning against the large pillar, dressed in a usual assortment of the dark purple overcoat with silver damask patterns down the front and splicing loose pants. His inner clothes were black and gold that highli
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Chapter 4 - Getting into Trouble
The early sun filtered through the clouds, signaling the beautiful morning, birds chirping. The students arrive through the gates, hustling and bustling down the corridors. The bell rings, and everybody runs and goes into their respective rooms. I sit on the edge of the plastic chair, bathing me from the sunlight right outside the window, and
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Chapter 5 - The Beginning
 It was a good day in the city. The long night of heavy rain had washed every sidewalk and gutters clean, and tincture of freshness still lingered in the air despite the sun and the vehicle fumes. The clouds were as puffs of radiant joy, ready to dispense into the wind. Already, the place was humming in activities. 
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Chapter 6 - The Offer
It was late afternoon when I arrived at Hyeon's residence. I did not make any sound as I entered the house. Everything seems quiet, so I made my way to the stairs. Mairin still isn't home even the driver fetched her, and she never let me join her in the car.And for Kurai. He was still with the Principal when I left. He let his driver accompany me home.
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Chapter 7 - What I Desire
"How do I look?" I stood and stared at herself on the wall-mounted looking glass in my new black A-line dress with a black choker and a white color in a preppy style; hair styled in a messy bun, and a pair of white classic ballerina flats. 
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Chapter 8 - Midnight Call
*Nestled in her casual green barrel chair, cozy as it was, she was watching the singing audition while perusing her social media page on the massive microLED television attached to the wall. A random person took a video and shared it with the internet.
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Chapter 9 - Ashen Contract
 The car stopped at the front gate, and before I could climb out, the lady said, "Take this," handed over the small suitcase, "Use the card to open the front door, and a key to your room," she instructed. 
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