Loathed by the Alpha

Loathed by the Alpha

By:  San_2045  Completed
Language: English
175 ratings
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She was not his first choice.But he is her Alpha.***Rose Williams presented as an Omega and has been hated by everyone around her for that. She's also reminded that she's worthless, a toy for Alphas every single day. Her only hope was to turn twenty-one and settle down with Zain, an Alpha who promised to love and cherish her. Aiden Russo is a Pack Alpha-the cruellest one the Moonlight Pack has ever seen. If rumours were to believe he's ruthless, cold and doesn't care for omegas. To complete his ownership, he needs a Luna. By some unfortunate turn of events, Rose is married to the Alpha Aiden, who doesn't show any interest in her. Will she be able to win over his heart? Or forever be loathed by the Alpha?***

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Amanda Pedro
Still one of my favorite books!!!
2024-01-18 02:46:30
user avatar
Was enjoying the book (around chapter 90) , went to have lunch when I came back boom all the chapters are locked. Very annoyed and stopped reading this book completely
2023-07-12 18:21:40
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Dianne R. LaPonzina
Love the book. It was a great read
2022-08-08 22:56:17
default avatar
Katie Dupuis
Really enjoyed this book!
2022-03-06 14:35:41
user avatar
Candi Beckett
Wonderful book! I love San to death and have followed her on several platforms for awhile now. One of the best authors out there. this book did not disappoint! Highly recommend!
2022-03-01 19:24:03
user avatar
Great book!
2022-02-24 19:43:24
default avatar
Cathy C
I loved this book! I couldn’t put it down! Such a sweet story & so glad it had a happy ending!
2022-02-11 00:44:31
default avatar
This was an excellent book, written well with an awesome storyline. I enjoyed it and the only thing that I didn’t like was the author’s commentary after each chapter it took away from this exciting book. Other than that great job author will look for more from you.
2022-02-09 16:14:18
default avatar
Hi thanks guys
2022-02-04 08:05:48
default avatar
Charlie Saffron
Love the book, with so many stories so much alike this one stands out. Author has a knack for very detailed and real depiction of feelings and great smut, no cliches
2022-01-28 04:21:56
user avatar
Lynne Stern
Very Good Book. I love the plot this story gets more amazing the more I read. ... I love how much Aiden has matured and change! He truly loves Rose now and he shows it.
2022-01-03 11:22:19
user avatar
Diane Thurn
Love the new twist! I hope it's a happy ending for both of them!
2022-01-03 02:00:45
user avatar
Eyvonna Kapsis
......⚘⚘...... PLEASE if it has to end, let it end on a HAPPY note for both Rose and Aiden.
2022-01-02 05:40:22
default avatar
ChristyWhitis CharlesNantz
Lovjng the story!
2022-01-01 05:31:19
user avatar
Regina Reyna Alvarado
I'm really enjoying reading this book. I hope the baby survives rose's body rejecting it.
2021-12-31 22:00:02
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144 Chapters
Part 1
All the characters, places, ideas or events mentioned in this book are purely fiction and does not relate to any living or dead. All the story settings and other elements are purely my imagination and fictional. If you see any resemblance they are unintentional.          The story contains dark and mature themes such as violence and sex, so if you are uncomfortable with such topic please refrain from reading.          Stealing of my work/any idea will serve you severe punishment as plagiarism is a severe crime.             All rights reserved
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Part 2
The rain pounded against the glass windows of the train carriage in heavy, persistent droplets. I found myself gazing out of the window on a bitterly cold morning. The foggy hills and cattle enclosed by the fences passed me. As soon as we slid in the train, I took my position and curled up in the corner seat of the carriage. I sipped the steaming cup of tea clutched in my hand and watched the tendrils of steam rise, fogging my glasses.    A sigh slipped out of my lips. This is a daily occurrence for me. Maybe I should talk to my father about the lasik operation Zain told me about. He wanted me to get rid of my glasses. Not that I had any problems with them, but he liked me without them.     Our luggage - with all of the one-day belongings packed tightly inside - rattled as the train slowed down to allow more passenger
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Part 3
I closed my eyes walking indoors, but once hit with the warm atmosphere and my mother nudging me; I opened one eye at a time. A gasp escaped my lips at what I found.    The room was exactly like that of in movies, everything I loved and more. The interior was elegant and very modest at the same time but it was impossible to notice everything at once, but I tried. The floor was covered in the softest furs I concluded could ever exist. My toes purposely wiggled their way in, not used to such a luxury. The walls were armoured with the exquisite colour of blue with loopy and angular gold threads. My hand almost reached out to touch the nearest wall when I heard my fathers greeting.   "Welcome to my village."    At the gravelly and rough voice, I whipped my head in the direction of the sound. Goosebumps prickled at my skin
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Part 4
/His POV/  The white noise of the forest suddenly made me aware of the surrounding. My Alpha ears stood at attention, a slight twitch in my nose.  I flicked my tongue out to wet the tip when my eyes fell on the butterfly.    A carefree giggle escaped my lips. At the age of five, I was fascinated with everything colourful, just like other pups. My paws smacked onto the ground as they tried to catch a butterfly fluttering around me. I wanted to grab it and hand it over to my father. That might cheer him up and make him laugh like me.     From the corner of my eyes, I noticed someone approach me slowly. It was a giant wolf. My eyes shifted around, searching for ways to escape. Alphas don't run away from a fight, my father said, but long wolves scared me easily. They could easily tea
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Part 5
"Enjoy the ride, Rose," The deep voice mumbled against my ear, and it caused shivers to run through me. Long fingers reached up to tuck a stray piece of my hair behind my ear. The touch had felt amazing and something I had never experienced.    The Alphas fingers carded through my hair, and his eyes tried to find mine. Goosebumps rose over my skin, and my nerves were overwhelmed with sensation.     "That's it," The Alpha cooed while his hand started to explore my bare body.  It felt so amazing as his hands joined in, sliding over my bare chest. My entire being was buzzing from the depths of his touch. I followed one of Aiden's arms up to his shoulder, and the skin there felt just as smooth as it appeared.    &nb
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Part 6
I rushed to my parents as fast as my feet could carry, feeling guilt envelop me at their embarrassed faces. My sister, Cara, was also avoiding meeting my eyes, focused on the Alpha beside me. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I settled on my father's side.    "Again, we are so sorry on behalf of Rose" My mother sincerely bowed her head towards the Alpha Aiden. When she met my eyes, her teeth gritted together.    Mary had a short temper. Something everyone in the house was aware of, and they walked on eggshells around her.    My father nudged me, his eyes wide. I nodded my head, turning around towards the Alpha. His attention was focused over my shoulder instead of me. "Yes, I'm truly very sorry about...it."  
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Part 7
/His POV/   At the mere age of eight, I crept down the hallway, avoiding the creaks in the flooring. Growing up in the packhouse, I knew every nook and corner like the back of my hand. The door was creaked open so I leaned against the nearest wall beside the room, eavesdropping on the conversation for a few minutes at first.      There was only the sound of my father and an unfamiliar man's voice conversing in a hushed voice which didn't really surprise me. After all, it's supposed to be a business meeting. My father asked me to stay in my room until they were done with the meeting.     I tried my best to be discrete, peeking around the corner, my eyes searching out for my father's familiar face. That other man
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Part 8
With a heavy sigh, I eased myself out of bed and cracked the stiff joints in my neck and back with a roll of my shoulders. I glanced out the window of my bedroom, frowning at the fresh blanket of snow dusting over the trees.     It was the first snow of the season, and it was earlier than usual—a shiver through my spine.    From the corner of my eyes, I glanced at the pills on the table. My head was pounding, I couldn't feel my fingers, and everything hurt, but I knew this was exactly what the pills did.    Nausea bubbled in my throat the more I recalled how my mother forcefully shoved them in my hand. I wouldn't say I liked the new pills that sat dry and heavy on my tongue.    But I had to tak
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Part 9
"Rose", I heard my father's voice sounding so far away. Raising my head, I raised my brow, taking into his features. He appeared older and wiser than actual age, the lines on his face more prominent, his face looked dull against the walls, lips twisted. "We have already informed the pack council of Cara mating ceremony to Alpha Aiden. Make sure everything is running smoothly."    Right. The pack council. I swallowed the lump in my throat. That felt like a final nail to the coffin. Pack Council is the body of people, mostly elder Alphas, who look after the adjoining packs. Before any huge event or ceremony, they must be informed for their blessings considered to be a gift.     I was so tired. These kinds of arrangements have been going on for a while. My mother included me in every small decision regarding the marriage
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Part 10
"I thought you might be here."    I jolted and turned to face my sister. My eyes were bloodshot red, bags under them and my face swollen. Ever since Zain broke up with me, I couldn't sleep, my free time spent on thinking about him. He made it clear that nothing left between us, erasing all the messages and blocking my sister's number.     "Sorry I didn't hear you coming."    Cara made a sound. "No, seemed like you were preoccupied." The smile fell from her face, inching closer to me, narrowing her eyes. "How long have you been here? We were looking for you."    I decided to get out of the gloomy room and bask in the sunlight. The reason why I stood in the balcony, leaning against the railing with my
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