Lonely Bride

Lonely Bride

By:  Shikha A  Completed
Language: English
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“Don’t do something you regret later, baby doll.” His breath was fanning against my neck. As if some electricity has run down to my spine, I shuddered at his imagining touch. “I have regretted way too much of my stupidity. Now I want to think wisely.” Controlling my running heartbeat, I spoke without cracking a voice. “Fair enough. I will wait for your wise and right decision, sugar.” Saying, he detached his body and looked into my eyes. This time, his eyes were cold. The eyes used to be held warmth for me now have something I can’t pin-point. ‘Why am I getting the feeling something is off?’

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Melissa Roumadi
2023-09-26 20:31:23
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steph Annie
Very good I recommend this beautiful book
2023-09-24 03:57:34
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I thought this was a great read with some great twists. My only issues are with the editing. Someone needed to do a better job with spelling and grammar.
2023-08-15 14:14:23
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Sonia Singhal
Awesome story
2023-08-02 20:22:07
default avatar
Sonia Singhal
Good story Loved it
2023-08-02 20:18:56
134 Chapters
Cast Sarah Rose Williams (Female Lead) Grandmother Grandfather - Rose & Samul Williams Mother Father: Samantha (Passed Away) Matt Williams Best Friend: Samira Bale Nathan More Sean Hudson (Male lead) Father-Mother: Jennet & Alex Hudson Grand Father: Morris Hudson Best Friend: Eric Johnson The End Paraphrase App Star cast Sarah Rose Williams (Female Lead) Grandmother Grandfather - Rose & Samuel Williams Mother Father: Samantha (Passed Away) Matt Williams Step Mother Eliana Matt Williams Friend: Ivan Mclean Land Lord: Natalia Managers “Parminder and Priti Their daughter: Pam Sarah’s manager” Mr Luca Sean Hudson (Male lead) Father-Mother: Jennet & Alex Hudson Grand Father: Morris Hudson Best Friend: Eric Johnson Bodyguard: Nora Girl at home: Alvera Ex Girlfriend: Kim New Girl in the house: Camila Smith *** SARAH'S POV Standing in a church in front of my husband. Yes, my husband, who has not given me a single glance yet. "Now, you may kiss the Bride," th
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Is It Love?
My whole life came in front of me. I am Sarah Rose William, now Sarah Rose Hudson, eighteen years old. Now living in New York, I have finished high school and am now studying to get my degree in software engineering in a corresponding course. My grandmother told me my mother passed away right after I was born because of some complications, and my dad blamed me for that, as he used to love my mother the most. He never got married to anyone after her demise. My grandparents always loved me, and my grandfather was the one who gave me the name Sarah Rose. Rose is my grandmother’s name, and as usual, he loves her. So I got my middle name, Rose, which I love. But sadly, my father never let me get close to them, and they could not go against my father’s wishes. I grew up with servants that he used to change every six months, saying I might kill them too, but now I understand he wanted no one to get close to me. Finally, one day, he sent me to the hostel at the age of five. Sometimes my g
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And Everything Changes
You must be thinking about what is in the will, right? Well, he has given a significant amount to my grandmother to live her life peacefully, and this mansion is hers now. And everything changed. Same; he gives a good amount to my father and gives him some other property as well. Now he gives the rest of the empire to me. I am the sole owner of this, but I am not ready to take care of my empire. So Mr. Morris Hudson’s company, Hudson Inc., will take care of that business. It stated more... Once she turns eighteen, she will get married to Mr. Sean Hudson. If Miss Sarah Rose Williams denies this arrangement, then this entire property goes to a charity, including Mrs. Rose Williams and Matt Williams’s shares, along with a 51% share of Hudson Inc. I looked at my father, and he looked calm, as if he did not care. I know why he would care, as he has his properties and his own business, so he does not care about this. But what about my grandmother? How will she survive? I cannot trust
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Sean Hudson, POV I am Sean Hudson, and I am 24. I am currently taking care of my company, SE & Sons, which I and my best friend Eric Johnson started from scratch five years ago, and today we are one of the leading companies in America with various branches all over the world. Apart from this, I am the CEO of Hudson Inc., and my father wants to retire as soon as possible. As the only heir, I must take responsibility. I am clever, arrogant, and manipulative. That is what people say about me, and somehow, it is true. I am a man of principles. I do not believe in a relationship, but one-night stands are welcome with no strings to attach. My family and friends are in my world. I am very protective of them. I was saddened by the sudden demise of Mr. Williams. I have known him all my life, and he was a fun-loving guy. His sudden demise broke my heart somewhere, too. But when I learned about the presence required while reading his will, surprise was an understatement .But I guess, as
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I am Sorry For Your Loss
Days became weeks and weeks became months, but no one came to meet me apart from Sean’s grandfather and sometime later his parents. At first, they were shocked to see me here and a little angry as well, but I told them I was comfortable, so they did not say more.They informed me they were shifting to Florida because of New York’s extreme weather. They do not like it here anymore, and his father has already retired, so they are free. Now the entire company is managed by Sean. They call me sometimes to ask about my well-being, but my dear husband never showed me his face. I guess I might forget his face if I do not see him for a few more months.I was in touch with Granny, and I went to meet her some time as well. Nowadays, she is not doing well. My father has left me to die forever. He is the least concerned about my well-being.I stay most of the time in the house and finish my online classes and assignments. I go out only to get the necessary stuff. I checked the fridge and saw th
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I Bid My Adieu
"I AM SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS." That is it. That is it. Finally, my world shattered into a million, no zillion, pieces. I do not know how to react or what to say. My mind and body have stopped processing. My entire system has shut down. Nancy held my hand and did something; maybe she made me sit somewhere. I do not know how much time has gone by, and I am still sitting here. Again, I felt some movement around, but I do not know what was happening. It feels like I am frozen. I could hear some mummers, but nothing was clear, and my vision was blurry. Why can't I hear or see anything? I guess I need a doctor. I felt a shake in my body. First, it was slow, and then it was too strong, like someone wanted to hurt me. I was looking here and there to see where I was, and I was at the cemetery. I saw a coffin in front of me and saw my grandmother in it. Why is Granny sleeping here? And finally, my mind started processing, She is bidding me her last goodbye. She is no longer with me. S
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New Beginning
So finally, I am here in Melbourne, Australia. I applied long ago here but never joined, and because of my significant marks, I have been getting requests from them to join. So here I am. I got the room in my college hostel, as usual. I am not interested in friendship with anyone, so I mind my own business and get the entire room for myself. Well, how? I guess money can do everything. I have never had a money issue since I was 16. I was always interested in computers and learning about hacking. Yes, I am a hacker, but I am an ethical hacker, and I have an A+ certificate as well. When I was 17, we had a competition in my school, and I won and got the first prize, and there I met Mr. Luca. Mr. Luca Thomas came with the chief guest, and after the ceremony, he spoke to me regarding helping me solve some confidential government work. He spoke to my principal, and it was a government assignment my principal agreed to. That is, it was from then that I have never seen back. I get a he
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Beautiful Beginning
Why is destiny, again and again, playing games with me? The more I want to run away from everything, the more things come running behind. By the evening, I had finished my work, securing their system. I sent the culprit details as well. Mr. Luca already knows I like to keep myself hidden, so I do not have to worry about anything. I somehow started enjoying my life here with my two friends. Oh, yes, my second friend, Nathan Moore. Sam and Nathan have become best friends, and that is how I know him. He is tall, has a good body, brown eyes, and a cute smile. Nathan and I are in the same batch. He is a brilliant and sharp student. He has a fantastic knowledge of computers. Well, I do not like to make friends, but they call me their best friend. So practically, we are best friends. We are together most of the time. Sometimes I feel Nathan has a liking for Sam, but I do not know why he takes no initiative. When they both are together, they generally forget about me and are lost in t
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Birthday Surprise
After one week Getting up, I sat on my bed. Life has changed so much. I am 24 today. "Happy Birthday, Sarah Rose." I wished myself a smile and got down to get ready for the office. After getting ready, I look at myself. A gray knee-length dress with matching shoes and some minimal makeup looks nice today. With time and mostly because of Sam, my dressing has changed a lot. Now I do not hide my curves. My height, 5.7 slim body with good curves in the right place, and long hair make me more confident. I went down and heard the most annoying voice of my life. SAM I am still cursing the day I met her. And she has stuck with me like a leech since then. Happy Birthday, My Pumpkin! She came running and engulfed me in a tight hug. "Let me breathe, Sam," before she moves. I felt one more hug. Wow, god, are you calling me? Is this my last birthday? I thought, rolling my eyes. "Guys, leave me. I cannot breathe." I shout. They both finally broke the hug and grinned at me. "What?" I sa
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Sarah Rose Hudson
Sarah Rose Hudson The other gentleman, Mr. Eric Johnson, was talking to Nathan and I were listening. I cannot understand why he is repeating the same thing. We have already said no to them for this work. After he finishes, he looks toward me, and so does Nathan. Ok So now I must speak. Having no choice, I cleared my throat. I do not know why it got dry. "Well, Mr. Johnson, we appreciate your offer, but I do not like to beat around the bush. So let me come straight to the point. You have been trying to get my appointment for the past few months for the same thing we discussed. If I am not wrong, we have already informed you that we would like to work on our creativity rather than correcting others’ work. Moreover, as per my knowledge, if you have a full-proof security system, then what is the need to upgrade the system?" I asked while taking a hand rest on my table. "How do you know we have a full-proof, secure system?" The first time Mr. Hudson spoke in his husky voice Does h
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