Love Over Everything

Love Over Everything

By:  Symplyayisha  Completed
Language: English
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Naomi knew it was wrong to spend the night with a stranger in another city. But something told her she could trust him. She ended up having a passionate one night stand with him only to discover he lied about his identity and status....

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46 Chapters
Chapter One
Naomi Browne sighed for the uncountable time as she rested her head against the headrest of the back passenger’s seat.Her chauffeur, Daniel took a glance at her through the front mirror. She replied him with a sad smile, signalling everything was okay.Have you ever been forced to do something out of your own will? That was exactly what Naomi was going through right now. Since her breakup with Connor, her ex-boyfriend, Naomi had been nothing but a mess, Her whole life
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Chapter Two
“Hi” Christopher greeted her with a polite smile. Chris was definitely not used to approaching ladies because they were always all over him. His heart was beating hard against his chest as he spoke to her, something he had never experienced.Naomi was bored as hell as she sat by the bar, She was tired of pressing her phone, She just wanted to go back to the hotel and lay on her bed but she couldn’t leave yet.A shiver ran down her spine when she heard a voi
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Chapter Three
Series of thoughts were going through Naomi’s head as she followed Ryan to God knows where. ‘What if he’s a killer or a kidnapper?’ Her subconscious said to her. Naomi shook her head trying to erase the thought of him kidnapping her. Even within the short time she got to know him, She didn't think Ryan was capable of such.They stopped in front of a white Bentley and Ryan opened the front passenger seat for her. Unconsciously, she muttered a small thank you and got in after which she fastened her seat belt.
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Chapter Four
Naomi opened her eyes and saw that everywhere was still dark, she took a look at Ryan’s nightstand and saw it was just a few minutes past 5 am. She needed to leave as her Parents jet would be departing at 7 am on the dot. Naomi decided to spend five minutes admiring Ryan. He was so damn handsome and peaceful as he slept, She knew he was a possessive kind of guy with the way he wrapped his arms around her waist. She felt loved last night, he appreciated her body. Her cheeks started to turn red as she remembered the different positions they made love. He taught her different positions and she truly enjoyed them.Deep down, Naomi, was sad ever
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Chapter Five
After spending almost thirty minutes in the bathtub, she rinsed and then dried her body before putting on her shorts and a tank top. Then she applied some ointment on the love bites that Ryan left all on her body.As soon as Naomi stepped into her room, she reached for her phone on the nightstand which was ringing. She heaved a sigh as soon as she saw the caller ID, then she reluctantly answered the call.“Hi love, How was your trip?” Anna, Naomi’s mother a
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Chapter Six
Christopher woke up with an unusual headache, he reluctantly dragged himself up from the bed, he did his morning rituals and prepared for work.Chris found it hard to sleep last night as he kept on thinking about Naomi Browne, the mysterious lady who effortlessly stole his heart. The only thing that kept him sane was the fact that he assured himself that Ruben was going to get all her information for him today and he would be able to reach out to her. He didn’t mind taking time off work and travelling to wherever she was to see her.
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Chapter Seven
The situation got worse as soon as Vivian left Christopher’s office. He could not concentrate on the work he had to do as he kept on replaying the conversation with Vivian on his head. As a result of that, he decided to retire to his apartment earlier than usual.Christopher couldn't imagine how much his life had changed in 72 hours. He met Naomi, the first person he ever felt something for and then, she disappeared before he knew it and now that he was close to finding her and making her his, Vivian showed up with unexpected news.
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Chapter Eight
“Hello, Rita.” Naomi greeted her brother’s receptionist. Rita was almost the same age as Naomi but a little taller than Naomi.“Naomi, it’s been a while. How are you?” She asked with a smile.“Fine and you?”“I’m good too. Luis will be very hap
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Chapter Nine
Naomi curled up on the white sofa in the living room. She was already in her nightwear and her laptop was balanced on her lap. She was going through the pictures from the photoshoot she did earlier today.She had to give her opinion on them and decide which one she liked best which will be considered by the Board of Zick Cosmetics.Zick cosmetics was a popular cosmetic company in California; they recently signed a deal with Naomi to be their Brand Ambassador and Influencer.
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Chapter Ten
Naomi had been anxious all day, She barely had any sleep last night, She could not help but think about today. Not only would she be seeing Ryan, but he would also be spending the weekend with her, in her apartment.Luckily for Naomi, Fridays’ wasn’t really much of a busy day for her. By 1 pm, she was through with everything she had on her to-do list including the meeting she thought was going to last longer so she had the rest of the day to herself to prepare for Ryan’s arrival.
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