Love-The obsession

Love-The obsession

By:  Gangpuri  Ongoing
Language: English
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a story of simple girl and ips officer who is very hot and handsome. all the girls are just mad behind him but his eyes only catches the one he wanted. he wasn't ready for marriage not at all consider himself eligible for marriage but couldn't control himself when he saw her innocence. she was very innocent, rich much and perfect is a perfect word to describe her but marriage is the last option she select for herself. she is just 20 and have so many dreams to achieve. would she be able to achieve or her parents will get her marry to the groom they selected.

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13 Chapters
A beautiful girl was making tea for her family while leaning on the kitchen counter she was chopping the veggies because it is her responsibility to make breakfast for her family. She is very good cook as well as student and recently graduated from the top college of delhi. Once she was done with the breakfast she went out and started to arrange the dining table.She is from upper middle class family and her father was a government employee, her father always taught her one thing money doesn't matter but reputation does.She call everyone to have her breakfast and her mother & father came from their room. They kissed her head when she wished them morning. She was their princess maybe that's why they named her nandini.She smiled and her smiled got wider when someone kissed her cheek from behind and wisher her morning. She turned and found her adopted sister navya. Yes mr. Ashish and mrs. Pragati avasthi are very proud
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Manik opened his room door and entered inside his lavish room. He walked on the expensive marble floor and walked towards wall size glass window which was parting the room into two portions. He closed the wooden door of the balcony and then went towards his king size bed and comfortably sat on it. There was a big picture of him was hanging upon the headboard of his bed. In left side there was a big potrait of him with a big shelf made of glass which was totally occupied by his trophies, meddles and certificates giving it a very rich and classy look. His right side wall is occupied with his family pictures and a big couch before it with glass table and finally main wall in front of the bad was having a full wall size black velvety curtains and at middle there was a big LED screen. His room interiors are shouting richness and soft colour is showing how peaceful and calm nature he likes. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and manik walk
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Nandini get up at 3.30 am actually she was very excited thinking about her approaching life. Whole night she was tossing and turning her sides. Her mind and heart were giving her goosebumps even though she knew how her life is gonna face so many hardships. She look at navya who was sleeping soundly. She chuckled and shook her shoulder a little but navya didn't budge. " Let me sleep, i know you're so handsome but my sleep is my first priority. Come tomorrow. " Navya whispered and keep her both hands under her cheek and smile. Nandini got shocked, what kind of a dream she is watching. Nandini shook her this time hardly and she got up with a jerk. " You know nandu you're a spoil spot. You don't like to have handsome boys in your dreams but when i was having you just wake me up why nandu why??" Navya whispered yelled holding nandini's collars of her night dress. Jannat just rolled her eyes and pointed towards the clock which was showing 3
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Resting her head on her seat, sitting in very comfortable position she look outside the bus window. She was feeling like she is going to live her life in her style. She was feeling like a free bird but her thoughts come to halt when someone poke her on elbows. Nandini suddenly look beside and found navya who was frowning looking at her. " Yes navya, what happened?? " Nandini asked looking and navya point towards the clutch which nandini was holding. Taking the clutch navya went out to take the bus tickets. Nandini smile on her stupid sisters who buy tickets after choosing her seat of her choice. Nandini look out and see the hustle bustle of the city. Peoples busy life in very busy city delhi. Suddenly she look outside and found a person was buying megazines, she called him and choose a megazine, the one whose cover was having the great manik malhotra picture. She paid him and nandini look at the picture. Suddenly she
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NANDINI'S POVI am feeling like i have admitted myself into a jail. Once i entered inside the gate i only get to see grounds full of muds or the punching bags and the thick wire railing was covering all the boundries preventing any outsider to come inn. I was walking forward with navya almost trying to finding any peaceful thing which can make a mind stress free and out of burden. I was walking and navya was coming behind me holding our bags. She is just a sweetheart and while murmuring those praises to navya and got banged with someone and we both fall on the floor till now both of us are unacquainted so rubbing off the mud from my clothes i look at the person and i got shocked. Mukti........ Mukti malhotra right Oh my god!!!!!! Pov endsMukti was also shocked same like nandini, her eyes were also snapped open just like nandini. Mukti firstly look at nandini with happiness then heard some hu
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Manik's povI have to admit the luxuries which these academy providing to the faculties is meritorious apart from the training grounds which had been the same formidable to faculties as well as students. I have never been here before because this school is only for army officers but wait!! Nandini, mukti and navya have not any ambition like this that means they had to face the difficult questions. Being an IPS OFFICER i have always proved myself but never got a task like this where i had to teach students. Kabir got the cadet of the year award from this academy and after doing so much hardship and clearing the exam he finally got selected so it won't be so hard for him to manage here but me. I was walking and walking suddenly i got a message where my phone is telling me that "me and kabir being junior and new comers in faculty group have been choosen to select the new students for the first year. "Wow just wow
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Manik's povMe & kabir are sitting together in my cabin taking the interviews. It is really boring to do all this but i think it's necessary to choose the best. We have to know why they have approach this academy because if they want to serve the nation then their answers intensity should be matched up to their tongue or else kabir will burst out as he just hate when someone show fakeness through his words or actions and when it comes to the nation he got ready for brawling even. " Kabir why you're asking such question what would they think about us. They will think we are being perverts to them. " Manik yelled but kabir face expressions were stern. "They have to answer. I know my questions are seeming like double meaning questions but they need to give a proper answers else they can go happily. No one is stopping them." Kabir said and called new students. We have 1000 students and we have to s
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After taking the interview manik and kabir select 119 students as they were informed one student will be joining directly on first day making them more annoyed. They selected 119 luckily mukti also got selected after passing the written exam. Military academy was parted in two portions one for the girls and another one for boys and the middle place for specially appointed for teachers. Mukti, navya and nandini got one room and they become super happy as they wanted to live with each other.Nandini, navya and mukti totally drowned themselves into the studies as they were informed. Manik and kabir also got busy in their work and 3 days already passed in jiffy. Nandini, mukti, navya and aryamann become good friends.Journel ashok malhotra's office"What was that manik and kabir?? Are you both a little kid who doesn't know we should ignore cold things in winter. When you both were there how come aryamann land up in cold chilled water."
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So finally that auspicious day arrived when all the students gonna meet each other. After the hactic 7 days Finally they are going to attend their first training. Navya, nandini and mukti got ready in their army uniforms and escorted to army ground where their first training is waiting for them.
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ForestCadets were facing so much of hardship because of the boxes that have been causing them back pain but still they are doing with their all might and willingness. It was a heavy weight for girls but still who had stayed back are trying to proof themselves more capable.For the first time kabir was looking at mukti with proud face because she is giving her 100% but nandini was little slow because of her thin body. She is very beautiful without any second thought but she is so thin to bear such weight."What do you think manik?? You nandini will attend your class or fall back before that." Kabir asked manik with a sudden laugh looking at nandini who was struggling hardly just to hold the box correctly.Manik look at kabir sharply and try to overcome to urge to slap his cheek. He gritted his teeth,"there she is facing problems and here you're making fun out of should be proud to have a sister-in
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