Loved by The Mafia King

Loved by The Mafia King

By:  _urvashi  Completed
Language: English
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Abeer Raichand,The cruel mafia King, falls for Keya a pure-hearted, gorgeous but blind girl. She is the cousin sister of his enemy, another mafia head.He wants her at any cost. Both are unaware of each other's reality, the mystery of their lives.Will they solve the mystery?

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49 Chapters
1 # God's cruelty
They stopped a sports car in the parking area of the temple. A girl stepped down from the car hurriedly, she asked, "Are you getting with me, Bhai?" Abeer shook his head negatively and parked the car. He received a call from someone, he came out of the car. He walks towards the temple while talking.
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3 # I don't know
After coming back home, Abeer went to his private gym and removed his jacket and shirt. And harshly started punching in the punching bag. When he becomes angry, this is his habit, his anger always reveals on his punching bag.Rizwan noticed that he came back but not found in the house. He walked towards his gym. Rizwan is his childhood friend. He is well aware of Abeer's veins. Rizwa
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4 # Meeting her Again
4 # Third Person's POV  Keya and Sayema are talking about some topics in her ro
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5 # The heart wracking truth
5 #Third Person’s POV  Abeer is still lost in her thoughts and smiling, Rizwan
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6 # Birthday gift
6 # Rizwan's POV  The words erected out of her mouth were stabbing my heart at
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7 # Abeer's Gift
7 # Abeer's POV First of all, Rizwan made mind hell angry that is out of control for
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8 # Who is Mr A??
Third Person's POV Sayema hugged Keya excitedly."Stop it, Sayema, " Keya irritated.
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10 # Why did he save me?
Third Person's POVAbeer's heart skipped beating for a while. He closed his eyes, there is a big conflict for him. His face turned red with acrimony.He pursed his lips in a thin line and ground his teeth. The grip on the steering wheel was showing that his knuckles turned white due to tightening the steering.He was searching for her like a mad for years. She was the reason for his mother's worst condition and hospitalisation. She was the reason for his father's death. And now she is in front of her but he feels helpless. If he would try even, he would be failed to kill her. She is so innocent and pure. How could he harm her?For the sake of bloody revenge, he chose to be a mafia king. He killed his rivals and won the throne, so he can rule over the Agrawal family as well as the Gujral family. But now what?"Whom will you choose Mr Abeer Raichand?" His subconscious scoffed at him."What happened?" Keya's sweet sound broke t
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