Loveless Marriage: My Dear Ex, Please Conduct Yourself with Dignity
Loveless Marriage: My Dear Ex, Please Conduct Yourself with Dignity
Author: Tea Splasher

Chapter 1

It was midnight. Jade Redfern seemed to be dreaming, and in her dreams, a man was lying on her with his heavy body.

“Uff…” The pain forced Jade to open her eyes.

It was only then that she came to a realization; she was not dreaming.

The man who only came back once a week currently had his body over hers, while the warm yellow light from the bedside lamp shone on his body. His upper body was bare, and the lines of his muscles were well-defined. His arms were long, and he gave off a great aesthetic feeling.

Jade was stunned.

‘Isn’t today Saturday? Why is he back?’

“You’re awake?” The man’s voice was deep but cold. When he saw how stunned Jade looked as she stared at him, he snickered in disdain.

For him, it was never because of love but a mere formality…

The next day, Jade was woken up by the beeps from the car downstairs.

She draped the blanket around her shoulders and sat up on her bed. She remained dazed for more than ten seconds, and when she heard movement in the kitchen, she started to run out of the room. Following that, she saw the back of a tall, slender man busying himself in the kitchen.

The man was dressed in casual clothes. His thin waist and long legs made him look slim, but he appeared incredibly powerful as well…


‘What in the world am I thinking about so early in the morning?!’

Zephaniah Owens had gotten breakfast ready and proceeded to walk out of the kitchen. He then saw Jade standing around in a nightgown and frowned. “Go and change.”

“Oh, all right.” Jade lowered her head and looked at the way she was dressed. She was wearing a silk nightgown, and her arms, as well as thighs, were exposed. A blush inevitably made its way to her face, and she quickly ran toward the bedroom.

After she washed up and came out, Zephaniah was already eating his breakfast at the dining table, so Jade sat down across from him.

The sandwich and fried eggs that he made looked really good and smelled delicious. Jade nibbled on the eggs, and neither of them spoke. The dining table was filled with only the sounds of cutlery knocking against each other.

Jade was already used to this life.

After breakfast, Jade brought the tray back into the kitchen. When she came out, she accidentally kicked the door. Pain flared up, and she sucked in a sharp breath.

When Zephaniah saw this, he took out a plaster from the cabinet and passed it to her.

“Thank you.” Jade knew just how aloof he usually was, but her heart still ached a little.

When the wives of other husbands were injured, their husbands would show concern and ask them whether they were fine. They would even personally squat down to check their injuries. However, Zephaniah and her were the exception; they were just like two strangers living under the same roof.

Zephaniah did not say anything. He just turned around, took his coat, and put it on.

She had to admit that the man was born to wear suits. Since Zephaniah was tall and had a slender build, he looked extraordinarily good in a suit. Even if he just stood around doing nothing, he still gave off a strong, imposing aura.

“Remember to wash the dishes after you’re done. Don’t let them soak in the water basin.” While he spoke, Zephaniah had already put on his leather shoes.

By the time Jade registered his words, the only sound left in the house was the sound of the door closing.

Jade continued to squat down on the floor. If Zephaniah’s actions had caused her heart to ache in pain a moment ago, now, it felt as if the cold was seeping into her bones bit by bit. All she felt was a bone-chilling coldness.

She knew Zephaniah had been forced to marry her because of her father, not because he loved her.

In fact, when they got married, Zephaniah even asked her to sign some contracts. Those contracts affected how they would live with each other before the marriage and also after the marriage.

For example, they were to share an equal burden in paying for their living costs, they were not to have any children within four years, and once they were married for four years, they were to get a divorce…

Jade had signed all of the contracts. At that time, she had been naive enough to believe that she could warm up Zephaniah Owens’ cold heart.

However, she did not expect that even after three years had gone by, he was still as aloof as ever, and all she had done was just in vain.

Look, he had only spoken four sentences since last night until now. Having sexual intercourse was also just an act for him to satisfy his physical needs. It was as if he was afraid that she would get pregnant.

It was truly a sad joke for her to go through her married life like this.

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