Loveless Marriage: My Dear Ex, Please Conduct Yourself with Dignity

Loveless Marriage: My Dear Ex, Please Conduct Yourself with Dignity

By:  Tea Splasher  Completed
Language: English
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Jade Redfern never did manage to make Zephaniah Owens warm up to her even after three years. Once she saw through the truth of all the unendurable shame she experienced, she decided to give up and handed over the divorce papers. “Since you don’t love me, file for a divorce.”She did not expect that she would have another life growing in her after the divorce. When her ex-husband saw her emptying her stomach, he stormed over and trapped her in the washroom.“Whose is it?”“It’s less than a month. Don’t worry, it’s definitely not yours, Mister Owens.” Jade Redfern smiled faintly.

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default avatar
Tecna Gaima
Good storyline
2022-11-24 20:03:30
default avatar
I read for 3rd round already. Still can not move on.
2022-10-17 10:47:06
user avatar
Mardiyyah Adegoke-
Very interesting and captivating to read so far
2022-10-16 15:45:30
user avatar
Jyoti Hajong
2022-09-28 04:18:16
user avatar
Juliana Ribeiro
The ML has a horrible name.
2022-07-17 09:50:47
default avatar
Love this story ...️
2022-07-05 07:52:00
default avatar
I was hooked! Emotional roller coaster but thrillingly satisfying
2022-06-25 09:52:48
default avatar
It's a good book. I like the character. I'm amuse by how innocent is male lead.
2022-04-21 11:32:51
user avatar
Great story. ......
2022-03-17 00:04:46
user avatar
I love the story
2022-03-10 00:47:14
user avatar
Katty Pears
Is my computation right? I need to spend 100USD or 5,000PHP in order to read 1 novel? Why is it so expensive? Fellow readers can you recommend an app that would charge cheaper than this app. 100USD for a story is too expensive.
2021-08-30 19:34:16
user avatar
Ayuzawa Fan
I'm confused about the REAL AUTHOR. Is this the original version or the one I read in another app about one and half year before ?!... I'm so sorry, no offense though. Only the names are changed. I just felt like, it would have been better if the names were simple. That's what I felt.
2021-07-28 01:32:19
user avatar
Lorna Abella
love the story
2021-07-25 15:54:12
user avatar
Shakeita Davenport
This was such a great book. It has everything a romance novel needs. I loved it!
2021-07-20 08:14:43
user avatar
Vanessa Sharkey
awesome book, a bit sad that it's finished
2021-07-15 16:41:10
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1143 Chapters
Chapter 1
It was midnight. Jade Redfern seemed to be dreaming, and in her dreams, a man was lying on her with his heavy body.“Uff…” The pain forced Jade to open her eyes. It was only then that she came to a realization; she was not dreaming.The man who only came back once a week currently had his body over hers, while the warm yellow light from the bedside lamp shone on his body. His upper body was bare, and the lines of his muscles were well-defined. His arms were long, and he gave off a great aesthetic feeling. Jade was stunned.‘Isn’t today Saturday? Why is he back?’“You’re awake?” The man’s voice was deep but cold. When he saw how stunned Jade looked as she stared at him, he snickered in disdain. For him, it was never because of love but a mere formality… The next day, Jade was woken up by the beeps from the car downstairs.She draped the blanket around her shoulders and sat up on her bed. She remained dazed for more than ten seconds, and when she heard movement in the kitchen, she s
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Chapter 2
Jade eventually stood up after a long time passed. She calmly went to the kitchen to wash the dishes and put the clean plates in the disinfection cabinet. Then, once she changed her clothes, she went to the garage and drove her car out. She reached her company after a thirty-minute drive. The staff greeted Jade when they saw her. “Good morning, Miss Redfern.”“Good morning.” Jade smiled faintly and nodded at her. She entered her office, took off her coat, and asked her assistant, “Is Mister Whittle here?”“Yes, he’s in his office now.”Jade went up to the CEO’s office, knocked, and entered.“You’re here, Miss Redfern?” When Mister Whittle saw Jade, he immediately put down the documents in his hand and asked her to sit at the reception area. He even made some tea. “What can I do for you, Miss Redfern?”“It’s about the issue of me borrowing money from you.” Jade did not hide her thoughts. She spoke in a slightly pleading tone, “Mister Whittle, I’ve been working in this company for three
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Chapter 3
There were twenty days left before her father received his sentence. If she still could not get enough money to pay back the sum he had embezzled within those twenty days, her father might have to sit in jail for such a long time that his hair would be white by the time he was finally released. ‘Investor?’When she remembered what Mister Whittle said earlier, Jade Redfern hesitantly took out her phone from her pocket. She swiped down her contact list and stared at the contact number she had practically memorized by this point. In the beginning, she had registered Zephaniah as “Husband”, and she had even added an “Adorable” in front. That way, his name would be at the top of her contact list, and when she opened it, that would be the first thing she saw. However, over the past three years, she could count the number of times Zephaniah called and texted her with just one hand. As time went by, she changed his title from “Husband” to “Zephaniah”, and she would not disturb him if nothin
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Chapter 4
Zephaniah rolled up his sleeves, revealing his lean arms. “Let me cook tonight.”“Apron.” Jade stood on her tiptoes and took down the apron hanging off the rack. She spread it out with the intention of tying it around his waist. “Your shirt is white. If you get oil stains on it, it won’t come off easily.”Zephaniah cast a glance at her and turned around. Jade quickly tied the apron for him. Since both were in charge of house chores, when she bought the apron, she bought one that was a size bigger than what she usually wore. Even though he was tall, he still looked rather hilarious after he put on the apron.Jade did not leave the kitchen. She leaned against the entrance to the kitchen and watched him work. When a man had a good upbringing, he would look attractive even when he was cooking in the kitchen. “Uhm... why did you come back today?”Although their marriage agreement entailed that Zephaniah had to come home every Sunday unless he went on a business trip, Jade thought that he w
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Chapter 5
Jade did not know how she fell asleep, but when she stirred into wakefulness while the haze of sleep was still heavy in her mind, she felt her belly churn in pain. She knew that it was a premenstrual symptom. The last few times it happened, Zephaniah was at home, so this time, Jade subconsciously searched for his comfort. “Dear, my belly’s in pain…”She reached out but ended up touching air. Jade opened her eyes blearily, and it was only right then that she realized the space beside her was empty and cold. Clearly, the man had taken off quite a long time ago. He left a note on the bedside table. [I have a flight to hurry to. It’s for a business trip that will last three days.]Zephaniah’s handwriting was like the man himself. It was neat as well as tidy, and the gap between every word was just right.Jade held the note tightly. The string in her heart finally broke. She lowered her head and sobbed quietly. During the past three years, whenever he did not come back, she would spend
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Chapter 6
Soon, the representative arrived.The representative was a Frenchman, but his assistant, who came along with him, and the other two bosses were not. Jade found one of the tall men a little familiar, but she could not remember where she had met him before. That man clearly recognized her, and he even smiled when he called out to her. “Jade.”When she saw his smiling, gentle eyes, Jade finally remembered him.Easton Mcdaniel was once her father’s student, and he used to work at the court. He was her senior, but he had moved to Switzerland due to his family business and never came back.“Easton.” Jade smiled at him as well. Since it was a business negotiation, even if they knew each other, they could not catch up. They could only chat with each other in private when they were free. Jade sat beside Mister Alexander and listened attentively to the representative when he spoke before she interpreted his words to the director. Once Mister Alexander replied, she translated his words into Fr
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Chapter 7
She remembered her marriage to Zephaniah. They had been married for three years, but their relationship never changed. They were just like strangers who were bound by paper and a contract, just staying under the same roof. How did she manage to live together with Zephaniah for three years, especially when he was a man who could remain so calm, controlled, and detached from everything? At that moment, Jade Redfern felt her stomach churn in pain. Her face turned pale, her legs became weak, and she almost fell down.Easton quickly reached out to support her. When he saw how pale she was, he worriedly asked, “Are you sick? Should I send you to the hospital?”“I’m fine.” Jade waved her hand. She wrenched herself free from his grasp and stood up. Her expression turned slightly bitter. “Actually, I kind of admire you. You can choose to divorce your wife when you’re not happy together.”“You and Zephaniah…” Easton had not been back for a few years, but he always kept in touch with Jade’s fat
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Chapter 8
Jade was surprised to see Zephaniah. In the past, they could hardly see each other in a month, but the number of times she had met him over the past few days seemed to be the highest over the entire course of their marriage. He was even the one who sent her to the hospital, and it felt rather like a dream. When she heard his question, Jade turned her head away. She did not answer.Zephaniah sighed, pulled out a chair, and sat beside her. He opened the hot porridge and said in an indisputable tone, “Starting from today, quit smoking. Do you hear that?”Jade snorted coldly and said out of spite, “Hah! And who do you think you are?” “Jade, you’re not a child anymore. Stop acting so childish,” Zephaniah said calmly. He blew on the porridge and placed the spoon beside her lips. “I asked them to add some sugar. It’s how you like it, so try some.”“Take it away! I’m not eating!” Jade twisted her body further away, and her tone was rude. He seemed to care for her and remember what she liked
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Chapter 9
Once she got over her disappointment, Jade calmly completed the discharge procedures and went back home. After that, she entered the bedroom and pulled the wardrobe open.She did not bring many things when she moved over and stayed with Zephaniah. So, in less than half an hour, she managed to pack all of her stuff into two luggage bags. However, some of her overcoats were too heavy and thick, so she tossed them back into the wardrobe. Jade looked at the apartment that she had stayed in with Zephaniah for the last time, and she found that it was as if their memories filled every corner. She left the key on the shoe shelf. Then, with her luggage bags trailing behind her, she left without the slightest bit of reluctance. Ever since the woman picked up Jade’s phone call to Zephaniah and since their meet up last night, Jade knew that the woman likely knew everything. Jade may not have been able to make the man warm up to her after three years, but that did not mean other women were incapa
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Chapter 10
A young lady held the arm of her husband’s mother. As the approaching pair talked and laughed, Jade peered closely at that woman and recognized her. Coincidentally, she was the woman with Zephaniah last night. Zephaniah's mother would never have foreseen bumping into Jade Redfern at the Hospital. As their eyes met, a flush of embarrassment made its way to Zephaniah's mother’s face. She greeted Jade's mother and said with a smile, “I was feeling under the weather, so Zephaniah had Kirk bring me to the hospital, don’t think too much about it.”“I know, she’s Zephaniah’s personal assistant.” Jade Redfern met her smile with one of her own. She held on to her mother’s hands firmly. “But in the future, do call me, mom. Such matters don’t need to be the concern of outsiders.” Zephaniah's mother smiled sheepishly. But Blanche was an arrogant woman. When she heard Jade mocking her, her expression turned cold. “Miss Redfern, I am the personal assistant of Mister Zephaniah. Taking care of Mis
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