Loving Mr Mafia

Loving Mr Mafia

By:  Kajal Haripersad  Updated just now
Language: English
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Four years after being kidnapped and changing her name to keep up the ruse of her death, Serenity is forced to return to her old life by her overbearing father Unfortunately for her, along with her dysfunctional Mafia family comes the once love of her life; Alexander Moretti and a mysterious threat intent on killing her Facing an unknown enemy, Serenity and Xander must find a way to navigate the complicated waters of their relationship and keep her alive long enough to get to the bottom of it, but what happens when her family is destroyed leaving Xander no other option but to become the Don of the Mafia? Will Serenity stick around even after she finds out his part in her family's destruction? *** Serenity exited the bathroom clad in a robe with a towel in her wet hair when a chill ran down her spine. The barrel of the gun against her temple made her freeze and let out a shaky breath as the towel dropped from her hands when they raised. Turning slowly, Serenity came face to face with Alexander and just as quick as the panic came, it subsided. Serenity released a heavy breath and Xander's gun fell. "Serenity!” He stared at her with wide eyes

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96 Chapters
Chapter One: Homecoming
“Don’t touch me.” Serenity hissed, pulling back when Giovanni reached for her arm. “Stop this nonsense, Alessia. I am your father, you will respect me.” Giovanni’s eyes narrowed, the insolent girl before him wasn’t someone he recognized. “Father?” Serenity scoffed, like the very idea of the word was bogus, “You’re nothing but a captor.” Her face contorted in disgust. A few years ago she wouldn’t have dared to speak a word out of turn, let alone look the man in the eye, but a lot has changed in four years. Giovanni Lombardi no longer frightened her. “How dare you?” Giovanni’s face contorted with rage and Serenity felt a ch
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Chapter Two: Mr Mafia
ONE WEEK EARLIER   “Do you know how many hours an average gambler spends on the casino floor or placing bets online in a year, Mr Smith?” Alexander kept his gaze on the already glinting blade in his hand as he polished it, not at all bothered by the chubby man sweating bullets onto the ceramic tiles.    “N- No.” The man responded breathlessly, he sounded a lot like he’d run a marathon before he got here, but that was hardly true. The wild beating of his heart was a result of the adrenalin chasing down the fear in his veins.    Alexander halted his actions and looked at the man with a cool smile, “Too many.”    Mr Smith’s eyes widened in fear and gulped hard when he glanced at the blad
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Chapter Three: Next of kin
“Serenity Paige, twenty-two year old female. Sustained a head injury from being thrown to the ground in an explosion, she has a fractured femur and multiple…” The voice trailed off as Serenity fell out of consciousness. “When will she wake up?” Serenity recognised the distant voice, but before she could call out to him she felt her consciousness slip away again.  “Sir, you can’t be in here!” A voice startled Serenity from her slumber. “Who are you?” Peter stood protectively before her, blocking her view from whoever had entered the room and Serenity felt fear grip her, worried that whoever caused the explosion was here to finish the job.  “
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Chapter Four: Gang vs Mafia
Five men glared across the room at the Spanish gangster playing leisurely on his cellphone as they waited for Serenity to take a shower. Lorenzo cleared his throat loudly, “What are you to Serenity?” he glared.  “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Peter snickered just as Serenity entered the living room of the Lombardi estate. “Hey, you’re still here.” She smiled softly when her eyes caught his dark ones and Peter’s smile mirrored hers. “Of course, you didn’t think I’d leave you here alone, did you?” He cocked an eyebrow at the men watching them like a group of hawks. “They&rs
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Chapter Five: Memory lane
Descending the stairs for breakfast, Serenity welcomed the stillness of the mansion, it meant the brother’s had already left for the day and Giovanni was either cooped up in his study or long gone as well. All of those possibilities favoured her.  Entering the dining room with a spring in her step, Serenity didn’t notice the man at the head of the table as she danced around piling a plate full of sweet breakfast treats.  Alexander watched the show with a mix of amusement and affection as Serenity tried to pick between waffles and pancakes to add to her already unsturdy tower of sugary treats.  “One of each.” He suggested, finally announcing his presence when her fork hovered over the plate of pancakes for the third time.&
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Chapter Six: The Saferoom
Serenity’s body dropped to the ground and it took a second for her to realise the scream was coming from her own lips.   Xander’s footsteps pounded up the stairs, shaking the ground as he raced towards her, but before he could reach her another round of bullets rained through the open door. Uncaring about his broken arm, Xander sprung into action, dropping his body over hers, shielding her from fire as he crawled them away from the entryway.  When they were around a corner and far away enough, Xander sat her up against the wall and searched her body for signs of blood.  “Serenity, are you okay?” He questioned in a panicked tone.  In the distance Serenity could hear me
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Chapter Seven: Fire
“You fucking cheated!” Xander exclaimed, after losing by ten points.  He was a sore loser, but that was nothing new, it was one of the reasons she always let him win in the past.  That, and it usually worked out in my favour.  Serenity shook her head to rid herself of her crazy thoughts and smirked at him, “No, you’re just a sore loser. I’m open to a rematch if you’re interested.” She baited, but Before he could answer the sound of the vault door unlocking alerted them.  “Get behind me.” Xander shoved her behind his body and drew his gun from his hip to aim it at the door. &nb
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Chapter Eight: Strike three
Serenity pulled the single duffle bag from the back seat of the car and walked around the house, but instead of entering it from the back like Enzo’s instructions suggested, she kept walking, into the woods. Serenity was a few miles south of the safe house when a loud explosion sounded behind her. From the little space between the trees, she saw the large cloud of smoke that appeared in the direction the house was located. For a moment she was frozen and when she finally came to her senses she took off in a sprint. When the tree line came into view Serenity dropped to her knees and dug through the bag, looking for a change of clothes and anything she could find to disguise herself. There was a burner phone in the pocket of a pink hoodie that she tossed, at this point she didn’t trust anyone or anything. After three attempts on her life, Serenity wasn’t willing to take any chances, but she needed a place to stay and the last thing she wanted was to put any of her friends in danger.
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Chapter Nine: The Demon
“Hey.” Serenity spun on her feet, her hand flying up to her chest to calm the wild beating of her heart. “You scared me.” Serenity blew out a heavy breath and turned back to the stove where a pan of scrambled eggs sizzled away. “What are you doing up anyway, you should be resting that.” She nodded toward the bandage on his side. “I’ll be fine, I promise I won’t rip the stitches.” Xander smirked and took a seat at the kitchen island. “What ya cooking?” He peeked into the pan, inhaling deeply before he hummed. “Scrambled eggs.” She smirked, knowing it was his favourite. “In butter.” He added and leaned back in the chair with a happy smile on his face as he watched her prepare their breakfast. “Where did you get food from?” He frowned as if just realising the place was void of anything before this. “Ordered online, had them drop it off at the apartment downstairs.” She smirked and dished a heap of eggs into plates before getting started on the bacon. “You could have left, gon
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Chapter Ten: Reunited
 “What exactly did you agree to in there?” Serenity asked when they pulled into the basement of the Jaxon building.  “That doesn’t matter, all we have to focus on now is staying alive.” He dismissed her, but Serenity wasn’t the type to back down.  “Of course it matters, it sounded bad, whatever it is you can’t do it.” She hurried after him as he made his way to the service elevator.  “Assuming we live to see the end of this war-” He pushed open the door manually, “I can handle it, okay? You don’t have to worry about me.” Xander pulled her in and pressed a combination of buttons that got the lift moving.  
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