Loving Unapologetically

Loving Unapologetically

By:  Beingthegoddes   Ongoing
Language: English
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ML Seeing her after fucking seven years, I was stunned. I can't believe my eyes, she is here infront of me ALIVE. I am not letting her this time. FL After leaving him, I decided to restart my life, finally everything was getting on track again but I met him again after seven years. I can still feel my heart in my throat. _____ Aura a Twenty-six year old girl lives in LA. In some accident she confronts her longtime ex-boyfriend as she tries to run away from her feelings and him, she finds herself spending time with him. Rejecting him again this time, she tries to distance herself away from him but it was not possible when they both have a mutual friend group. But sabestine, this time asked her to be friends and she agreed. Agreeing to be his friend, Aura finds her to be with him everywhere and Aura’s bestfriend getting married. In all the marriage drama, the distance between them falls apart as they find love in each other again. Dealing with past issues as they move towards each other. Will Destiny work in their favour? Or will they go their separate ways again? It's all the questions hanging to the end.

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6 Chapters
CHAPTER ONEAura's POVI was standing on the crossway of the road, the car was honking and people were shouting at me when I realized I was about to get hit by an angry truck driver. Someone grabbed me from behind and pushed me towards the sidewalk. When I turned around, I didn’t expect the most unexpected person to save me.It was Sabestine. I froze at that moment. I pinched myself as I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was Sabestine. I tried to run away but I knew he would not let me escape this time, but I somehow managed to face him. His eyes were clearly showing how angry he was with me, what he was feeling and what he went through because of me. “WE NEED TO TALK” he said as he grabbed my hand in his tight grip and dragged me away. I am sure it could surely leave a mark.I was not ready for the answers he would seek, but nor did I have any different options. I nodded and we went to a café in the nearby area. The only word I was able to say was SORRY. He was trying to get an explan
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CHAPTER TWO Aura's POV It was now my turn to explain everything to him. I was freaking out so I took a deep breath to relax myself as I looked at him. He held my hand to comfort me, his fingers intertwined with my fingers and I could feel how small my hand was in front of his. He was very eager to know and I was feeling very nervous somehow. I managed to speak."I am sorry I lied to you, but there was no other option for me at that time. It was the only option I could think of”, I said to him. I took a pause to prepare myself and started speaking again.“When we started dating, after five months, I started having a lot of headaches. At first, I thought it was because of study pressure and past issues but it gradually increased and that’s when I went to the doctor”“Firstly, he was not sure why it was so painful, he gave me a medicine course for a week to see if the pain would reduce or not, but it started to increase day by day. It was so much pain I was not even able to open my
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Chapter ThreeAura's POV I was about to fell asleep, when I remembered I had to search for a document for my meeting tomorrow. I started searching everywhere in my house when I found a black-grey dusty box. I suddenly recognized it.It was the box of my memories. I opened it and found my high school farewell scrabbled uniform, my favourite keychain, my college I-card and then I noticed my college diary in which I used to write about my life. So, I decided to open it. I sat on the bed and opened the dairy and started reading about my old foolish self.DEAR DIARY … I hear the call buzzing on the top of my bed, having more than 20 missed calls from my toxic “so called” friends. Waking up this morning was like waking from a dream to reality check of my life. Sitting on the side of my bed and thinking about last night was a horror film that is moving in my head and another call from “the friends”. I was too angry to talk to anyo
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CHAPTER FOURAura's POV It was dark when I got free from work. I was so tired, so I decided to have dinner outside. I went to my favourite café whenever I don’t want to cook. I came here for food and to meet the owner who is now my good friend.I went inside the café. I knew almost all the employees now, as I wished them hello and took a seat and the owner came with a broad smile on her face. She was an old lady, probably in her 60’s. I wished her hello and asked about her health. She is always so sweet with me and took my order. I ordered the same. My favorite lemon ice tea with mixed sauce pasta and two slices of onion pizza. She went away with my order. I was staring out of my window when someone came and stood in front of me. I looked up and freaked out it was the worst person I have met in my entire life, my *EX* Tom. I felt disgusting in his presence.But I managed not to show it on my face. He smiled still like PSYCOPATH. How could someone's smile make you throw up in thei
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CHAPTER FIVE Aura's POV I woke up early today so that I could work out. I selected a few outfits as I am going to meet him directly from work itself, so I have to look extra gorgeous today. After spending some time selecting my outfit, I decided to go with a sexy yet elegant looking outfit, which was a loose white shirt with floral prints tucked in with my favourite pair of cream white straight cut jeans with my white denim sneakers and decided to go with my boho girl-rocks tote bag. I looked into the mirror, I was satisfied with my appearance today and decided to leave for the office. The office was as usual, as the other days. I was promoted to senior HR last year. Now I was leading the most important team in my company for the new coming project related to cyber securities for teens during their real-time meetings and playing with people around the world, but the only problem we were facing was that we did not have enough data for generating its algorithm.To get more data, w
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Falling in Love
Chapter Six Aura's POVWe were talking when he looked at me seriously. If stares could kill, I would have died on the spot if he had not talked that moment. He cleared his throat as he spoke, looking straight into my eyes.“Should we continue the story you were telling me? The day before yesterday?” I quickly swallowed the food as I looked at him, trying to maintain my emotions.“AHH THAT STORY, forget that. It’s all in the past” I said, trying to avoid the topic.But before I could say anything, he looked dead serious while controlling his anger as he continued in a thick, heavy voice.“HEY AURA, look at me”HOLY MOLY SHIT. MY NAME. FROM HIM. SOUND EXTRA DEADLY GORGEOUS. “I need to know about the past. I need to know the truth you have been hiding from me, from Ash” he continued.ASH. ASH. AHH! he could not find that Ash knew I was alive. She knew everything about it from the start, even she and I were the ones who planned it all for him to believe. Believe in my death. It was all
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