The Billionaire's Challenge

The Billionaire's Challenge

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Kate moves to New York for a fresh start after a heartbreak before her graduation. She starts her job in Collins Designs. On the other hand, Marc’s inheritance to the company was threatened thus, he was forced to take over as soon as possible. Due to his playboy attitude, his sister challenged him to make Kate fall in love with him. As weeks go by, Marc keeps getting rejected by Kate. He decides to befriend her and slowly court her along the way. Despite the denial, Kate’s heart slowly opens for Marc. When things were getting romantic, two foes decided to ruin their relationship. Marc’s ex-girlfriend, Margo decides to get back together. With a single photo of them in the news, Kate breaks down when she stays in Washington with her best friend, Zara. After several days, Kate returned to New York with a cold demeanor towards Marc. Weeks after weeks, Marc has finally managed to warm Kate’s heart. On the other hand, Troy, Kate’s ex-boyfriend, returns to take her back, by all means. One night, Kate goes missing and Marc is enraged. With shocking news, they were able to save Kate before something bad happened. As the week goes by, everything went well, until they never thought something would happen despite Troy being behind bars. Kate and Marc have dealt through a lot and losing someone has become a painful memory. Eventually, they found peace and made a family full of love.

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alexandre Gauthier
Love it very sweet
2021-12-08 13:07:49
35 Chapters
I, Kate Andrea Jones, will never ever be weak. This day is my last day of college. Finally! I can run away from my worst nightmare. Today's my graduation. I'm finally free from hell. I snapped out from my thoughts when Zara called me.   "You're zoning out again..." Zara said, pouting.   "Sorry, Zara..I'm just imagining myself out of this place." I replied.   "I know. Me too. Ok let's go, we're gonna be late!"   Zara Williams, my best friend since my first year of college. She was my partner in crime and she was the one who's been with me during my hard times. She's like a sister to me.   I grabbed my luggage and my bag before leaving our dorm.
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Marc's POVMy father called me while I was having the time of my life. He told me to come to his office today and see him in person. My presence in the company has me completely irritated at this point. "Is my father in his office?" I inquired as I approached the secretary with a smile. Yes, he has been expecting you, Sir," she said softly. "He has been waiting for you, Sir," she added. I just walked into Dad's office with a smirk on my face and nodded. When I knocked, I was told to be patient. Come in,' I overheard him say. "Dear Father...," says the speaker. If you could just sit down, Marc, that would be great. "Can you tell me what you'd like to talk about, father?" My son, I'm stepping down as CEO of the company, and I want you to take over as CEO." My blood began to boil as soon as I heard that. 
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New York
Kate, you've reached the end of the road. I'm on my way to New York! After several hours of driving, I got out of my car and walked around. I discovered a rental apartment in the vicinity of Collins Designs. I made the decision to apply there. I was able to see their designs. They were intricate and absolutely stunning. I dialed the company's phone number and requested an appointment.After a couple of days...Collins Designs is where I am right now. I'm hoping to be hired for the position. "Excuse me, uh...I have an appointment with Mr. Collins," I explained to the receptionist as I walked into the building's lobby."Take the elevator to the fifth floor, and someone will accompany you.""Thank you very much."I followed the instructions given to me. I was now completely taken aback. I saw some absolutely stunning dresses and gowns. It's as if I'm in a different world. I was jolted out of my reverie when someone cleared her throat in my direction.
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First Day
I was woken up by the sunlight. I stretched my limbs and got up. I went to my bathroom and took a cold shower. After taking a shower, I wore my blue jeans and white blouse. I fixed my hair and put on some make-up. As soon as I knew I was ready, I got my things and went to start my car.   This is it! I can do this! I'll make Josh proud.   I arrived at Collins Designs exactly at 7:40 am. I entered the building and entered the elevator. The elevator was about to close when someone said "wait". I quickly press the open button and wait for the person to come in.   "Oh good morning, Ms. Jones." Mr. Collins said.   "Good morning, Mr. Collins." I said shyly.  
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Marc's POV   "Kate! Kate!" I shouted when I saw her on the ground. She looked lifeless. I think she drank too much. I carried her and headed to my car. Greg, my driver, opened the car and Stella slid in.   "Greg, I want you to ask Wes to bring Ms. Jones' car to her apartment. And can you buy some clothes for her tomorrow morning?" I told Greg.   "Yes, sir. I'll call Wes now. Oh can I see Ms. Jones? I have to know what will fit her." I nodded and slightly helped Kate stand up. Greg estimated everything.   "Stella, help Kate get in the car." She nodded and helped me get Kate in the car. "Ugghh...I weird...." Kate suddenly said in the middle of silence. We all just ignored her and
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Happy Monday
I arrived in the office just in time. Stella's waiting for me and I handed her my portfolio.   "Oh Kate, my brother's calling everyone for a meeting. I think he wants to see all the designs."   Well...fair enough. Mr. Playboy is here.   "Good morning, everyone. Meet me in the conference in five minutes. Bring all your designs."   I fixed my things and got ready.   Stella, Bianca, Jaime, and I entered the conference room together. I sat between Bianca and Stella. We all waited for Mr. Collins to enter.   "Ok. Let's start. Bianca, your designs." She handed her portfolio and waited nervously.
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The Challenge
Stella's POV   Two weeks later.... I've been so busy with the preparations for the fashion show. I called the caterer, the DJs, and the deco committee. I've been arranging the place. Marc says we should do it at Crightons Hotels. It's our family friend's hotel. He says the function rooms there are quite big. They called me an hour ago to confirm. And they're schedule is clear. We got the slot. I'm just waiting for the caterer, DJs, and the deco team. They're still checking their schedules.   "Stella, I brought you some bagels and a cup of coffee." I heard Kate say while setting the food on the other side of my desk.   "Thank you, Kate. Really kind of you." I smiled at her sincerely.  
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First Move
Kate's POV   Mid afternoon... It's been three weeks and I'm stressed. The fashion show is just two weeks away. I'm not complaining if that's what you think. I like my job. I'm just tired from thinking of new designs. Stella and I were barely talking. I think almost all the employees. I haven't seen Mr. Collins' girlfriend for a while. I don't know if he's finding a new one or he's just busy. Just at that thought I remembered that Stella told him to make me fall for him. Uh-uh. I'm not gonna fall for him. I repeated that in my mind.   "Kate!" Ugh. Speaking of the devil.   I turned around to see Mr. Arrogant.  
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Chit Chat
Kate's POVI'm currently in my room, laughing. I can't stop laughing at Marc's antics from a few weeks back. I'm having a good time with him. Actually, I don't believe I am. As I previously stated, I do not believe in love. So what's the point of kissing me?I made the decision to contact Stella. Me: Hi Stella! I waited, and she responded in a matter of seconds. Stella: Hey! How are you? Me: I'm fine. Stella: So, wat did my bro ask u? Me: he asked me out… Stella:'s his 1st how was it? Me:'s ok. That's not the good part actually Stella: something happened between u two?!?!? 
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Kate's POVShe responded to my message within seconds. I can't believe the fashion show is taking place the next day. Time really does fly by at breakneck speed. While Bianca is preparing an alibi for Marc, Stella, Jaime, and I went out to get some snacks for ourselves. We were unable to obtain permission for the three of us. We went to a nearby coffee shop and bought cookies, muffins, and cups of coffee right then and there. Stella was a bundle of nerves. Actually, we're all a little stressed out. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. No, I haven't seen the gown Stella designed for the event. I'm curious as to what it looks like. Since the incident, I've avoided exposing a lot of my body to the public. We were in the elevator, and I was feeling a little anxious. I advised Stella that leaving the office during working hours was not a good idea. It isn't even our lunch break. We entered the o
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