Chapter 4

Elena's POV

I lied about not knowing about what I said last night and also kissing him. It was my worst mistake and it's never going to happen again. So what I just need to do is to act like nothing ever happened. That what's best.

My friend Anna drove me to her place. Shawn and Harry were picking us soon. Getting ready for bikinis! My friend searches her closet for the right bikini wear but still asking questions and really made me uncomfortable.

"So, you kissed him." She frowned, picking some clothes out of her closet.

"As I said, I was drunk," I explained it again.

"But you loved every part of it right?" She stared at me in the eyes trying to read my mind.

"N...N...uh... Stop staring at me like a zombie." It felt so weird with the way she stared into my eyes.

"Trying to change the subject uh?" She winked at me.

"No, that's not it." I stood up from her bed, ruffling my dark hair.

"Then answer the question." She winked again.

She's definitely playing with my mind. She knows the answer so why does she keep pressuring me?! Ugh!

"Now you're interrogating me. You want to know the answer badly, ask google." I snapped. I didn't even know what to say anymore. She was really frustrating.

"Elena loved the kiss, Elena loved the kiss and she's just so shy to say it." She sang, moving around me in circles.

Now, she's acting like a four-year-old child. It's just so irritating. I never said I loved the kiss but...well...maybe...just a little. Whatever! Shawn is way better at kissing!

We heard a car honk. That was definitely Shawn and harry. We packed our bikinis into our bags and some other necessary things. Immediately we got downstairs, I pleaded with Anna quickly before her big mouth causes a big mess.

"Harry doesn't know I know and Shawn, never. Please...don't tell anyone." I pleaded.

"Okay, that's confusing but fine, lips sealed. Trust me." Anna promised.

I took a deep breath. Everything's fine. I'm not a cheater neither a liar. I'm that perfect girlfriend.

We hopped in and I kissed Shawn. My naughty boyfriend couldn't stop licking my lips.

"We could do this later." I cupped his cheeks.

"Definitely," Shawn replied, biting his lips.

When I looked back at Harry, there was just something about his eyes that I couldn't fathom. Was he jealous? That's not even possible. Even if there was another world, Harry will never fall for me.

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