Loving my boyfriend's best friend

Loving my boyfriend's best friend

By:  Omotolase .M. Oteje  Ongoing
Language: English
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The worst thing for Elena Ryder was crushing on Harry since 5th grade but he never had feelings for her except for his best friend, Shawn. Elena, Harry, and Shawn have been friends since elementary. Elena closed feelings for Harry and accepted Shawn to be her boyfriend after his confession but now Harry is back from England re-opening that lost feelings Elena hid in her closet.

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Ladant Rabyanyana
Great story
2021-06-24 08:37:35
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Ladant Rabyanyana
Y the rating again
2021-06-20 07:55:21
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Ladant Rabyanyana
It can teach couples abt many things that one need to notice
2021-06-19 02:26:26
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Kristi Hawk
I’ve loved reading this story except I’m now hoping for an update!
2021-05-04 14:28:51
user avatar
Please finish the book. It's good but no update in like FOREVER!!!
2022-03-03 23:56:59
85 Chapters
Chapter 1
Loving my boyfriend's best friend was one of the greatest feelings I had always wanted to get rid of. Harry never looked at me the way Shawn did but as a sister and a friend. So I decided to stick to that but every time I look at him, I'm unable to control these strange feelings I have for him. I know it's wrong to have these feelings for him but honestly, he was the first boy I would ever love. Shawn was second. I thought Harry leaving for England will help matters but now he's back and I know the worst is bound to happen.  Meet the characters Elena Ryder- is a young lady in her twenties almost graduating from college. She dates a famous singer, Shawn Smith. She's in love with his best friend, Harry Grey. She hopes she would be able to get rid of these feelings. Shawn Smith- (Famous singer) who puts his girlfriend first before anything. He'd do anything for her. Even kill. He's obsessed over her and he won'
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Chapter 2
I woke up in the morning, letting out a loud yawn. I looked to my left but couldn't find Shawn next to me. I knew I got drunk last night and Shawn brought me to bed. Hope I didn't do anything stupid or say something crazy. I entered into the kitchen, seeing Harry frying eggs. Just like old times. Seeing him here made it feel like the missing piece was finally back in my life. "Shawn isn't home. Had something urgent to do. So it's just you and prince charming." Harry smiled, his eyes still on the eggs. "I don't see a crown." I snorted, opening up the cupboard to take some cereals. Gosh, I'm too short to take this. I didn't know my ass was fully visible as i tried reaching for the cereal. I was wearing a hoodie that covered my ass a little. I totally forgot Harry was now here with us. Harry just kept on clearing his throat and it made me really upset and confused. I was even expecting him to help me ou
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Chapter 3
Elena's POV I went to hang around the corner, getting drunk with a bottle of vodka in my hands. I just want Harry out of my head. I really need to stop thinking about him before it all turns wrong. I love Shawn so much and I wouldn't ruin it now. I didn't know when a cold hand touched and pulled me from where I stood. I was so drunk and everything was so muzzy but that scent couldn't deceive me. It was from Harry. "Harry, I told you to stay away from me. I don't want to talk to you." I said, almost trippin   Harry's POV Ever since we had that conversation, Elena has been on my mind. I was confused. Why would she want me to stay away from her? I know she's going through a lot. Her mom was getting divorced. I thought that was it but the look in her eyes told me there was something else. I searched everywhere for her. I wanted us to tal
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Chapter 4
Elena's POV I lied about not knowing about what I said last night and also kissing him. It was my worst mistake and it's never going to happen again. So what I just need to do is to act like nothing ever happened. That what's best. My friend Anna drove me to her place. Shawn and Harry were picking us soon. Getting ready for bikinis! My friend searches her closet for the right bikini wear but still asking questions and really made me uncomfortable. "So, you kissed him." She frowned, picking some clothes out of her closet. "As I said, I was drunk," I explained it again. "But you loved every part of it right?" She stared at me in the eyes trying to read my mind. "N...N...uh... Stop staring at me like a zombie." It felt so weird with the way she stared into my eyes. "Trying to change the subject uh?" She winked at me. "No
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Chapter 5
 Elena's POV I was in the bathroom changing my clothes. Anna couldn't wait for me because I was so slow. She said she didn't want to miss the fun. How unfriendly. As I finished changing into my bikini, the door creaked open. I thought it was the ladies' since it was a female bathroom so I didn't pay attention to it. Then suddenly someone banged
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Chapter 6
Elena's POV I sat down next to Shawn, still glaring at Harry. Shawn poured kisses on my cheeks, asking me where I was. "Bathroom," I whispered but my eyes were at Harry who was now with two hot girls in bikini dying for his gorgeous face. It makes me angrier and part of me still asks me why I'm so mad right now but I just brush it off. He was now kissing one of the girls, grabbing her butt like mashed potatoes. It was just so irritating. His eyes caught me staring. I quickly look away before I get myself into trouble. He chuckled and it irritated me. Did he think I was jealous? Why..why would I even be? Then I looked back at him, giving that, 'don't even think about it' but all that he could do to reply to me was sucking that girl's lips. I flinched, standing up in rage. I don't even know why I stood up screaming. Everyone looked at me like I was some fool once again. This has to
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Chapter 7
Harry's POV I wasn't just going to be that stupid to fall for Damien's trap. I was too smart for that. All Damien wants is to have his revenge by making Shawn and I separate. Shawn and I have been friends since childhood. Our families were close friends. Well, Shawn and I met Elena in fifth grade. The first day I set my eyes on her, I felt a spark going through my body. I was so little then so I never knew what it meant so I let the feeling pass away. Shawn confessed to me that he had a huge crush on her. I could never tell him I felt that way too. So I pushed those feelings away. Knowing that my heart belongs to only one person, I decided not to fall for anyone else except Elena. Elena was just so beautiful. Her eyes....when I look at her, I'm totally blown away. Sometimes when she feels cold, I wish I could just warm her up but Shawn was always one step ahead of me. It was just so hard for me to confess my feelings to Elena. Shawn was always in the way. After
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Chapter 8
Elena's POV We had just come out of five houses. Shawn's friend's place but we still didn't find him. I was getting more worried since Shawn never picked his call and Harry was getting fed up but all I could care about right now is Shawn. "Let's go back home. It's late and it isn't safe here." Harry tried convincing me but I didn't listen to him. I started the car and decided to call Anna maybe she would know where he was. "Hey, Anna, Have you perhaps seen Shawn? He isn't home yet." I hoped she did. "N...no. not at all. Is everything okay?" She stammered. "Yeah, I'm just worried. Are you okay? You seem.... nervous." I asked, a little concerned. "Um...I gotta go." Anna hung up. "What was that?" I murmured to myself confusingly but I brush the weird thought away.  "What did she say?" Harry asked. 
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Chapter 9
Anna's POV When I saw Shawn at the club where we all normally hang out, I was so surprised. I looked around but there was no sight of Elena and Harry. Did he come here alone because if it's what I think it is, then things just got better! I want to tell him everything. How I feel about him. All the years, I've only loved Shawn, not the way Elena does. Elena just used Shawn as a distraction. She's not what's best for him, I am.I just want Shawn to look at me, kiss me, touch me, and make me feel alive. Just look at me for once Shawn. "Hey." I sat down next to him, trying to get his attention. He diverted his eyes from his drink, looking at me. "I told you to stay away from me, Elena. Why do you keep following me around?" Shawn looked away, pouring a drink into his glass. "Actually, it's Anna," I say, feeling a little disappointed. "Oh." He said, not like he really cared but
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Chapter 10
Harry's POV I was thrilled to see Elena pull off her clothes. I thought she wasn't going to do it but give silly excuses like, 'Shawn isn't going to like it if I'm naked with you' My eyes couldn't stop staring at that fully grown sexy body right in front of me. Even though her bra covered half of her breasts, I could still see those hardened nipples due to it being wet. All I could wish to do at that very moment was to pull the fucking bra off and throw it to space. She was almost pulling all of her clothes. It was hard for my body to control this feeling. I wanted her badly. I tried hard to control my erection but Elena wasn't making it easier. I have never felt this crazy for any other girl. What spell did she cast on me?! I wish I could shut this feeling up but my body insists. Her eyes caught me staring but what she could do was place her hand on my forehead. "What are you doing?" I asked, perplexed. "You're bur
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