ou are a traitor."

Slejj leaned back in his chair and burst out laughing, as if Alicia had said a terrible joke and he was teasing her. It lasted about as long as uncomfortable laughs could last. He went on to say,

"You call me a liar all the time, but do you really know what I did, or were you just told?"

The skepticism that began to crawl into her mind grew exponentially, mocking her convictions and what she had grown up believing. In the one hand, she was persuading herself that Slejj was nothing more than a traitor who was lying to her, but she still felt she needed to know his side of the story. She could tell which side was going to win.

Slejj undid the buttons on his shirt, revealing a deep scar on his chest. A network of black veins sprouted from the mutation at the middle of the dark scar, stretching through his whole chest. The veins weren't normal; they were totally dark, and they swallowed any ray of light that came close to them, making it seem as though there was none th
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