One Night With My Alpha Ex

One Night With My Alpha Ex

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When Erin run into her high school boyfriend, who now is a billionaire, at a restaurant, he cornered her against a bathroom stall "Behavior yourself." She warned him "Be a good girl if you don't want to be heard. " -- "Are you ladies bothering my girlfriend?" "Gavin?" One of the girls spoke up, her voice suddenly shrinking to a whisper. Gavin Pierce. He was the Alpha of the Darkmoon Pack, renowned as one of the most formidable and ruthless Alphas in our universe. And he also happened to be my ex-boyfriend. The same one that I had left behind in high school. Without any regard for my soaked shirt, Gavin casually draped an arm around my shoulders. The girl and her friends gaped at us, speechless and unsure of what to say next. "You two got back together?" She finally managed to ask, her voice almost a hollow echo. "I had no idea." "My personal affairs are none of your concern, Cassondra," he replied, sounding disinterested and nonchalant. "Of course, they're not..." Cassondra stammered, bowing her head in our direction. "I'm very sorry." -- “You owe me for saving you out there,” he said in a deep and threatening tone. I swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat, staring into his gorgeous eyes. “What is it you want?” I asked, my tone low and breathless. “Don’t you remember the last time we were in a bathroom together?” He asked, that smirk appearing on his lips again. “It was in a stall… just… like… this.”

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Interesting story I love it......️
2023-09-17 15:21:57
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Sandra Gibson Gooderham
The brilliant story has been a while since the last update. I hope your okay
2023-05-21 20:18:57
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Brandy Holmes
So far it’s good
2023-05-20 18:51:26
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How often do you update the stories
2023-05-19 10:13:02
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Delinda Schumacher
88 chapters 5-12-23
2023-05-12 13:38:09
user avatar
I like it very much
2023-04-07 01:10:20
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so far pretty good
2023-04-04 01:44:19
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I really wanted to read it but the grammar & English in the summary it self was a shocker!! I checked the other books & they all had the same problem..! I kindly URGE the author to make an effort to sort out at least the basics of the language so it can be an enjoyable experience.
2023-05-20 06:17:26
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Derena Marie
6/28 125 chapters
2023-06-30 14:20:04
150 Chapters
#Chapter 1 – My Ex-Boyfriend
Erin’s POV “Oh, you are so wet,” Gavin’s hand slipped between my thighs, tugging at the underlining of my panties. I was pressed against a bathroom stall, with Gavin in front of me, his scent intoxicating. I forgot how good he smelled. It’s been over a decade since I’ve smelled him; over a decade since I walked away from him, ultimately breaking his heart. And my own. His eyes darkened as he played with my core, shoving his fingers inside of me. At that moment, I couldn’t deny how badly I wanted him. How badly I missed him. It was only moments ago that I was waiting tables and hearing the snickering of some girls I went to high school with at their booths. “Excuse me! Waitress?!” One of them sneered. “You forgot the tomatoes on my salad. I refuse to eat this.” I didn’t forget the tomatoes; I watched her eat them. “My apologizes,” I say to her anyways. I took her plate and turned toward the kitchen. However, before I could walk away, I felt a cold liquid going down the back of m
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#Chapter 2 – Bathroom tease
Erin’s POVGavin unlatched the button on my pants with ease. His nearness was intoxicating; I had forgotten what it was like to be this close to him. His fingers crossed my bare belly, tugging at the lining of my underpants.I opened my mouth to protest, but I heard voices from outside the bathroom, causing my entire body to freeze.“Where the hell is Erin? She has tables to clean.”“She’s slacking on the job again.”My coworkers. They never liked me and talked about me any chance they got.“I don’t know why they keep her here. She does a shitty job.”“She should just get fired already.”My face warmed just as Gavin poured his darkened gaze into mine. He could hear them too; there was almost a playfulness in his eyes as his fingers slide into my underpants.“I can punish them for you,” he said in a mindlink so only I could hear him. “Just say the word.”I pressed my lips firmly together and averted my eyes from him. I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction. I felt his fingers reaching t
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#Chapter 3 – A night with my ex
Gavin’s POVGavin didn’t want his moment with Erin to end, but he knew it had to. Especially when those ratty she-wolves were dragged out of the restaurant.That had to have been his best work yet; forcing them to speak their inner thoughts to one another. He knew at least one of them would have a juicy secret to spill and they didn’t disappoint.He had to be honest though, he wasn’t expecting Erin to be working in a restaurant, especially after the last time he had seen her. She had big ambitions in life throughout high school; she was always well-kept and gorgeous. Seeing her wearing a waitress uniform, shoes with holes in them, and hair that was messily placed around her head, was rather shocking to him.She dumped him in high school because she was too good for him. He was a poor boy orphan who couldn’t bring much to the table, and she was a rich girl living off daddy’s money.How the tables have turned.Now it seemed she was the poor one and he was the Alpha billionaire that she-
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#Chapter 4 – My loving "husband"
Erin’s POVThe hot water felt nice on my porcelain white skin; I breathed in the steam as it filled the bathroom. The water soaked through my hair, rinsing away my worries and fears of being found out.As I stepped out of the shower, I grabbed my robe that I kept hanging closely to the curtains, wrapping it loosely around my body. The robe was loose enough to reveal my deep cleavage with a strawberry mark on one of my breasts.The memories of last night surfaced in my mind; the way Gavin had touched me and kissed me. The way he nibbled on my nipples and used his soft tongue to lick down my body. My face warmed at the memory.The mirror was still foggy from the steam, but I managed to get a glimpse of the dark circles under my eyes. I couldn’t help but bite my lip, tasting the ghost of his lips still there.I wasn’t planning on going to see him last night, but the more I thought about our moment in the bathroom, the more I couldn’t resist him.Finally, I gave myself a valid reason –I
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#Chapter 5 – I want my wedding ring back
Gavin’s POV What the hell am I doing? Gavin scolded himself as he watched his Beta leave his office. Erin didn’t deserve new shoes; not after what she had done to him. He went to call his Beta back to his office and tell him never mind on that last request. “Don’t you dare!” Roman scowled. “She might be married to someone else, but she will always be yours, you fool! She’s had a bad time; it’s obvious from her place of employment and her shoes alone. She simply won’t survive without your raging cock.” There was humor in his wolf’s voice. “Don’t you remember how badly she had hurt us when she left? She rejected us. I made a promise that I would never feel that way again and I’m keeping my word.” “Yes, Alpha?” Seth asked as he made his way back into Gavin’s office after hearing his name being called. Gavin stared at Seth for a short while, wanting to tell him never mind, but the words seemed impossible to say out loud. “Nothing. Just make sure the shoes are comfortable to work
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#Chapter 6 – Covering my mistakes.
Gavin's POVBefore Erin could utter a single word, Gavin had hung up the phone.He felt pleased for having the last word; as he shoved his phone into his pocket, he was stunned as arms were wrapped around his broad body. The familiar scent of vanilla filled his nose as the tight embrace continued; he didn’t need to turn around to see who it was.“Surprise!” Susanna said excitedly from behind him.Erin’s POVI involuntarily trembled as I stood in the back corner of the restaurant, hidden and out of sight of the customers. I kept my phone in the tight clutches of my hand, pressed to my ear, long after Gavin had hung up.Was he really going to mail the ring to Henry? No. He didn’t even know my address… “He’s Gavin Pierce,” my wolf, Emily, reminded me. “He can find this information quickly. I do believe you are truly in deep water this time.” She was right. What was I going to do?Last night was truly a mistake; I don’t know what I was thinking, going to his hotel suite. The memories o
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#Chapter 7 – The perfect match.
Gavin’s POVSusanna wasn’t due to return for another week. Gavin had the understanding that her tour was going to be a month-long, but it’s only been 3 weeks.“I came back early to surprise you,” she explained with a fond look in her eyes. “I just missed you so much.”He forced a smile on his face, though he only felt unsettled by her presence. It’s not that he didn’t like Susanna; she was beautiful, and she would honestly make the perfect Luna for his pack. But he knew she was only after fortune and power. The little fortune and power she had from the fashion industry weren’t enough for her.“If you’ll excuse me, I was about to make an announcement. But tomorrow night, we will enjoy an evening out together.”She beamed at that and kissed his cheek gently.Gavin proceeded to announce the opening of the newest Hospital in the northern region that he personally is funding. He’s a billionaire; it would be stupid if he didn’t spend some of his money to better the kingdom. That’s what kept
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#Chapter 8 – Saying the wrong name.
Erin’s POVI sat in my car with a heavy heart after my encounter with Gavin. I stared down at my hand where I could see the indent of the ring that once occupied that finger, and I sighed in defeat.I was going to have to tell Henry that I misplaced the ring. He was going to be so upset with me.“Well, if you didn’t insist on not using his money, then you could have gotten that ring,” Emily said with a sigh.“Are you crazy? I couldn’t use his money for something like this. I don’t need his money…” I argued in return. “I get paid in a few days. Maybe I will try again.” I stared out my window; the shadow of Gavin had disappeared long ago. I shouldn’t still be thinking about him, but that woman he was with was very beautiful. I wasn’t aware he had someone as well; I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. He is Gavin Pierce after all; he’s incredibly handsome. It would have been crazy if he didn’t have someone just as beautiful on his arm.I was a nobody in comparison.“Don’t say such ridic
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#Chapter 9 – The ‘it’ couple.
Third Person POVSusanna, beautiful, talented, and noble, was called the wrong name in bed! That has never happened to her before, and she wasn’t liking it.She got out of bed and immediately got dressed.“I didn’t mean to call you by her name,” Gavin tried to explain. “The embarrassment of thinking I saw her earlier was fresh in my mind. It was an honest mistake.”“Is this Erin someone of significance to you?” She asked, folding her arms across her chest.“No. She was just someone I used to know.”“Do I need to be worried?”“Of course not,” he breathed. “I think I’m just tired. Perhaps we can try this again another night?”“That’s fine with me,” she said, feeling a wave of annoyance. She turned away from him without another word and left his room.Whomever this Erin person was, she was getting in the way of her relationship and Susanna was not going to stand for it.As soon as she returned to her car outside of Gavin’s home, she dialed her assistant, Caterina’s, phone number.“I want
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#Chapter 10 – Evening dinner at the restaurant.
Third Person POV“What the hell just happened?!” One of the waitresses yelled, trying to stand to her feet but the floor was too slippery from the water.The waitresses were confused as to where this water had come from all of a sudden. Erin was mopping the floor on the other side of the restaurant. How could she have gotten this water to them so quickly?They looked around frantically, trying to see if there was a leak or something.“Did that bitch splash water at us?!” One of them hissed once she finally managed to get to her feet.They glanced in the direction of Erin but then realized that she was gone.…Gavin’s POVGavin spent the better part of his day in his office. He made a complete fool of himself with Susanna that previous night.He royally fucked up.“Because you want Erin’s sweet—” “Shut up,” Gavin stopped his wolf before he continued his sentence. Though, he knew what his wolf was saying was true.“Beta Seth, did you find anything out about Erin’s husband?” Gavin asked
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