Hey, Gramps! Look, I met a state guard today, shes just like Lora!"

Lisa yanked Slejj's hand as she pulled him closer to Alicia, and he continued to giggle.

Lisa let out a cute high-pitched laugh. Slejj felt a rush of icy wind slap his neck as he raised his head. He fixed his vision for a clearer view, and when he glanced down, he saw the sword's silver blade inches from his trachea, begging to be impaled. Alicia had eventually broken out from her trance and drawn her sword.

"Don't take another step closer, or else..."

"Or else what!" said the man next to her, sternly.

Alicia wished she could punch the man in the teeth. She saw a blue wave of light flashing from the guy's general direction out of the corner of her eye. She cocked her head slightly to see what the guy could have up his sleeve that might tempt him to intimidate a state guard. The blooming chromatic light came into focus as she curved her head

It was continuously blinking, emitting bluish embers, like a firefly. It
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