Chapter 2633

Kevin stared at his future brother-in-law and remarked, “No wonder we get along so well. We’re the same kind of people—shameless and unapologetically so.”

Hugh remained silent as Kevin walked away.

The future of Queen Enterprise and who would manage it were matters for the Queen family. Even if he became their son-in-law, he would neither interfere nor voice his opinion.

This was mainly to avoid others thinking that he was after the Queen family’s money.

To be honest, he did not really care about the Queens’ wealth. Although they were one of the elite families in Jensburg, they were not as financially powerful as his own family.

As soon as Hayden stopped working, Kevin pushed the door open and entered.

“Hay, are you done? Let’s go eat.”

Kevin walked over with large strides, smiling at her while asking.

Hayden nodded, neatly stacked the processed documents, and pressed the intercom. She informed her secretary to come in and collect them. She then got up and walked around her desk
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Marie Paggee Princess Yanda
I just love this romance
goodnovel comment avatar
Denise Acquaye
Interesting, waiting to see if Hunter is inside and how Belinda deals with this, the company and family issues
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Dawn Preciado
I hope this distracts her enough to leave Serenity alone she has her own in house issues.

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