Chapter 2634

Belinda did not immediately explode. She inquired, “May I ask if Hunter Clark is here?”

“Who? Who’s looking for me?”

Hunter happened to come out of the bathroom, having just finished showering.

Holding a dry towel to wipe his hair, he asked upon hearing the question.

When he saw his wife standing at the door, Hunter was dumbfounded.

He thought he was seeing things and quickly rubbed his eyes. Looking again, he still saw his wife’s face, well-maintained but marked by the traces of age.

“Darling, she’s looking for you.”

The woman stepped aside and addressed Hunter.

In her heart, she guessed that Hunter’s wife had come looking for him.

She honestly could not care less. She lost count of the number of these men’s wives who came knocking on her door.

As long as she did not get involved with men from high society, her true financial backers would not find out.

After all, her main sponsor rarely came to see her. He had many women around him, and he might have forgotten about her. F
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