Chapter 3105

After a pause, Caroline added, “However, I still wish to compete against you in business. You should learn as much as you can. The business world is complicated and ever-changing. You aren’t ruthless as it is.”

Liberty smiled. “I’m definitely inferior to you in this. I admit that.”

She had worked for several years before becoming a housewife. When she started anew, she ran small businesses.

While Audrey had sent her over to Jensburg with the support of several families, she needed to have the ability to manage the situation.

Liberty had not been involved in business as long as Caroline was.

More importantly, her business in Jensburg had just started.

Caroline smiled. “This is the best time to steal your orders and strike you down. I’m sorry, but I’ve taken the deal you’ve been negotiating for a week.”

Liberty’s eyes gleamed. “On the other hand, I’ve cinched the business you’ve been trying to secure for a month. I even felt sorry about it because you’re my senior in business a
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So we are without chapter’s again.
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Lynda Byrd
You need to get more chapters and also stop repeating the same thing.
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When are you going to fire this author and get someone to finish this book. You keep going the way you are and you’ll go bankrupt from all the lawsuits for the theft of our money. We pay and you take without giving us anything back.

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