Chapter 3104

It was Liberty.

She did not have a mask on, but she wore sunglasses and a cap too. She removed her cap and stuffed it inside her bag only after entering the cafe.

Caroline said, “I didn’t want anyone to recognize me.”

“Why? Are you in a bad mood? Shouldn’t you be happy that your competitor is gone?”

Caroline took off her sunglasses and mask. After putting them on the table, she said, “I didn’t do anything. She didn’t die by my hands.

“Even if I’m happy about it, I can’t express it openly anyway.”

Liberty called a waiter over and ordered a cup of coffee. After the waiter left, she took a bite of a dessert and complimented, “The desserts here are absolutely tasty.”

“Of course. Just look at which family owns this hotel.”

Caroline smiled and added, “I heard the York men are all skilled in cooking.”

Liberty replied, “I’m closest to Zachary, Callum, and Kevin. They’re indeed good at cooking.”

“If a hotel is managed by someone who knows their food, the food in the hotel will defi
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