Chapter 2473

Since Julie was about to think that way, it showed that she was a reasonable person.

“Lily.” Julie walked up to Lillian and squatted down, giving her a friendly blessing. “Lily, I really like you. I hope you can be happy every day, and I hope you’ll be able to speak soon.”

Lillian was a sensible child. She raised a sweet smile and nodded vigorously, indicating that she acknowledged Julie's blessing.

Julie stood up and faced Fabian. Right now, there was a little more admiration in her eyes and a little less of her unwilling persistence before.

If one liked someone, one did not necessarily have to stubbornly fight for it.

Julie did not say anything and just smiled at Fabian.

Fabian did not say anything more either. He bent over and picked Lillian up in his arms. Before turning around, he gave Julie a friendly smile.

“Miss Charles, you can still come to me if you need help in the future. After all, I still owe you a favor.”

Julie smiled and shook her head. “You stopped owing me an
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