Married to mr Criminal

Married to mr Criminal

By:  kri  Completed
Language: English
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Zachary wilson gets what he wants and he wants her... unknowingly She does a wrong mistake of saving his life.

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50 Chapters
meet september
    SEPTEMBER'S POV" C'mon cupcake wake up."I groaned as the familiar voice echoes inside my ear.
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meet zachary
  ZACHARY'S POV" However you try Zachary Wilson, there is no way in hell you'll get to know about boss."That bloody low piece shit muttered whilst wiping away the blood from his mouth through his shoulder.I cle
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why she is saving my life
 ZACHARY'S POVStepping inside Lawrence penthouse, I realize that how much fucking rich this bastard is. Surely he and his so called family hasn't suffered but unfortunately today his world will fall apart. But damn due to this freaking headache I am going to miss the fun of killing a
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where is she
  ZACHARY'S POV                                        ~◇~Standi
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not leave me alone
  SEPTEMBER'S POV" September you have to stay strong not for you, not for me but for our Claire."Chris said with a small smile after attending the last customer and patted my shoulder. I tried to smile back at him but failed, as I couldn't collect the enough strength in me to smile, again. It's been two months now
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soon to be
  SEPTEMBER'S POVAs I tried to open my eyes, a sharp headache hit me hard making me wince in pain. With trembling fingers, I tried to move my fingers over my temple to ease out the
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you will marry me
  SEPTEMBER'S POV" I'll make you mine. Mark my words, soon to be Mrs. September Zachary Wilson."I blinked twice to register his words in my brain and as soon as I realized what actuall
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  SEPTEMBER'S POVI stared at the reflecting figure from the mirror. There stands a women in pretty white wedding dress. Her hairs were perfectly pulled together in a gorgeous bun. Her face was enlighted with charming makeup. Cheery red lipstick and slight shade of pink blush enhancing th
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  SEPTEMBER'S POV" Move."He ordered in a strict tone and the minute I averted my eyes in the surrounding, my breath caught up in middle.
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wedding night
 I can't do this. I can't. No. I won't.My mind started repeating same thing over and over again as Zachary guided me inside his room. My heart raced up and forcefully I clenched my eyes shut. No.I couldn't let him touch me. I-I.. The only thought of being with him in one room made my heart constricted then how am I going to survive his filthy hands all over my body?
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