Married to the dangerous Don

Married to the dangerous Don

By:  Ceejhay Jones  Updated just now
Language: English
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" you Mr Amber take Miss Lexy to be your wedded wife till the end of time?" I waited for a response, I was supposed to be standing in front of my husband to be, waiting for him to say yes and then get wedded to him for the rest of my miserable life,but guess what? It wasn't My husband to be in front of me, it was his best friend holding up his phone! My husband to be claimed he had important things to do and so he wouldn't make it hear in person! And so,he decided to do a voice -not video call!! "Yeah sure whatever", he said immediately and hung the phone. I paused first... realizing what just happened. And then the conclusion was done. I was doomed! ********* Being forced to marry a well feared and known gangster is bad, but not knowing who you're married to is worse! Lexy finds herself being forced to become the wife of a well known serial killer and Don of all Don's. She finds herself trapped in all angles as she realizes that she can't leave this marriage until one of them is dead, and she gladly puts herself on the front line to die first than spend her entire life with blood and guns all over again like her previous life. But her Don doesn't give up on her anytime soon no matter how infuriating she was and keeps his vow he made to her mother. Allowing herself to finally submit, she realizes her life is about to destroy ten times more than how it was before. Will she finally break from his charm over her, or will she stay and fight with the most feared gangster in the world, the Don of all Dons

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really love the book really like Lexy she is hilarious and also when is book 2?
2024-01-12 22:31:03
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Delinda Schumacher
76 chapters 10-18-23
2023-10-19 05:02:12
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As a feminist, marrying someone you were forced to or being an exchange for money or power was something I swore never to do.I had set my standards to be one woman that men will crave but never get.But today,I was going to break them all.I was going to change everything I had ever built and suffered for years.I took a deep breath in and released it as I stared at myself on the mirror.I didn't have a choice.I had to do this for my father.My dad was into dirty businesses and they started backfiring at him and it's not only affecting him but he says he feels like his enemies are going to come for me too .I tried to convince him that nothing would happen to me and that I'm a strong woman and that I don't need protection, but he insists.Few weeks after my convocation from college he calls me to come home for an emergency and he says that I must get married immediately.I laughed and told him that it is not in my list of things to do presently to get married and he pleads with me,
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I think I dozed off for a while...but then I jerked awake when we pulled up in front of this massive gate.The gate slowly opened and we rode into this huge massive but mini estate.There were Four buildings in the place all together and each of them looked heavenly.The place had flowers and gardens all around it , it looked too beautiful to be true.Then we drove into one of the houses and alighted.I stared at the house in shock.The down part was completely glass... everything.It was a duplex and it looked extra ordinary."Welcome home", James said smiling and he helped me with my dress as we walked into the building.I walked inside and observed the place.Everything was either white, grey or gold.He had a nice taste of fashion and the furnitures and lighting looked bloody expensive.I took my time to admire the beauty of this was heavily.Are you sure a heatless Mafia boss lives here?Then, a middle aged woman appeared from one of the doors."Hello Mrs Williams, thi
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He was handsome.... extremely handsome.He had this hot boy aura whenever he walked and he carried himself like what he was -a freaking king.But regardless of his amazing physical appearance, he had a very bad character and his name is well spoken of.In all honesty, I was expecting to meet him all pissed up with an angry look on his face and yell out me and probably punish me for shouting at him or something.But no.. he seemed calm and the total opposite of how I imagined him to be... maybe I caught him in a good mood.James did say he had fifty shades of his personality.I went back to my room and told Sam about it and man did she scream.She asked me if he was ugly and I couldn't lie... he was too hot to even lie about.But then I told her not to freak about it too much that he was a criminal, a gangster and a Mafian, all in one.I took a shower and found some comfort clothes to wear and found Mrs Williams and asked her if she could get me some paint.. like a lot of colors.She d
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I was freaking hungry as hell.I was used to going to bed without eating honestly...but maybe it was because I barely ate anything at all during the day time.I stared at the clock,it was 2:35am.I groaned and got outta bed.I got downstairs and headed to the kitchen hoping I would find at least even milk to drink . I got into the kitchen and turned on the light. I went to the fridge and it was empty.Damn it.I just remembered Mrs Williams saying that she had to go grocery shopping tomorrow.I heard someone chuckle behind me and I swiftly turned and saw Amber leaning on the door with a black tank top and some shorts, he was smirking."What?", I asked."I'm guessing your diet turned out bad?", he said dragging the diet.I rolled my eyes."No...I just need milk", I mumbled staring at the fridge."You hungry?", he asked.And I swear to God I was badly hungry.But no...I wouldn't give him the satisfaction to prove me wrong."No", I mumbled.He strolled past me and opened one of the cupbo
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I decided to take James words to heart pay Amber a visit talk to him.And trust me... it's not going to be a nice sweet conversationThe next morning, I headed straight for his house office without knocking and walked in.All eyes in the room went on me and all conversations stopped.Amber was sitting behind his chair doing some paperwork, he slowly lifted his head up when he noticed his brothers stopped talking.His eyes raked my body thoroughly and I swear if eyes had powers I would have been naked by now.His stares were getting really uncomfortable,so I cleared my throat."My eyes are up here", I said and rolled my eyes.He slowly took away his stares from my body to my eyes and then gave me a questioning look.I don't know if it's me or is it that killers have to be so goddamn it like part of their eligibilities while signing up? because dammmnnn this man is fucking hotttt.His hair is everywhere on his face and he's not making any effort to remove it, and then the
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"Hey James", I said."Sorry uhh, I kinda overhead your conversation, shit that was bad", he said.I shrugged, "Well I was just taking your advice", I said with a shrug."No no no, I said talk to him about it, not yell at him Jesus Lexy no one in the universe has ever yelled at him like that, I swear not even his dad", he said."So what's he going to do? throw me out? or kill me? punish me? take me through painful torture?, I don't mind, anything to get me out of this house", I said with a shrug.He stared at me with a shocked face."You know you're a very wild lady", he said.I laughed, "I'm not, I'm just a feminist and I don't see my feminism dreams coming true if I stay in this building like this", I said."Just try not to upset Amber that much, he's really temperamental", James said."Oh my God I will so upset him till he looses it and actually send me out of here", I said heading back to my bed."Think about Martins, do you really think this whole marriage thing is going to work?
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Maybe this is how I'm meant to be.Caged...Alone...And unloved.This was my destiny maybe, to be moving from one circle of danger, fear and restriction to another.I had lost everyone in my family because of this same Mafia nonsense, and now the only way to protect me is sell me into another dangerous and destructive family that'll probably lead me to suicide if I'm not careful.All I want is happiness and true freedom.But what do I get?Pain and suffering... after everything I ever went through before now this?I sighed.My door flew opened interrupting my thoughts.I jerked up from my bed."What the fuck Amber what happened to knocking?", I asked.Ever since our fight two nights ago I've done my best to avoid him and his entire family completely....well except for Mrs Williams and James."My father wants to say you", he says impatiently ignoring my comment.I froze, "What?", I asked."My father wants to see you", he repeated again."Why?", I asked."Geez I don't know Lexy, he hea
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Samantha was crying the time she met me on the floor unable to do anything because I felt like I was being choked by something I could barely see."Just take me to my room, please I'll direct you", I managed to say and she carried my in her arms and headed towards the door.Immediately she opened it, Aaron was standing there."What happened to her?", he asked asked seemed like he was panicking."I don't know, she just fucken called me that she needs help, I'm supposed to be asking you that! if anything happens to my best friend I swear to God it won't be funny ", she said pissed.She and Aaron managed to get me upstairs and dropped me on my bed."Breathe Lexy, breathe. Take a deep breath in, release it, in , out, in out, in out ", she said placing her hands on my shoulder."Fuck this is bad, I'm going to call Amber", Aaron said standing up."No", I managed to choke out."I'm sorry Lexy, but he needs to see this ", he said and left the room.Sam grabbed a towel and ran to the bathroom
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Sam had to leave the next day, she said she had work stuffs to take care of and in as much as I didn't want her to leave, she was right, she had to go.I can't rope my best friend into my toxic marriage , she has her own life to live and I understand that.She begged me to call her if anything happens again and I told her I will.Now it was just me and my colourful room and nothing to do.I hadn't gone downstairs all day, in fact I barely ate that day.I just munched on the vegetable chips I had in my room and drank yogurt.All I just wanted was to fall asleep and wake up and find myself back in America away from all these men in my life that seems to be fucking me up.Then about few minutes to dinner, Mrs Williams came into my room with a sympathetic face.I groaned inwardly.The last thing I needed right now was someone feeling pity for me.Another rule in feminism states that you should not allow people pity you, it'll make you look weak, especially if you succumb to it."How are yo
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Everything around me started breaking, I can't believe I'm still breathing till now.The anxiety attack pulls In again and I see myself shaking, shaking visibly and my breath starts to hitch."Lexy are you okay?", he asked staring at me.My lips are trembling, and I know it's more than visible.I swallowed hard willing to fight back, I won't break down in tears in front of this man I won't cry."I don't want to see him, please", I said in a whisper, controlling the way I spoke was hard, it was evident that I was loosing it."Lexy...", he called me out and I don't know if he's trying to find out what's wrong with me or he's saying that because I need to see his father."I don't want to see him", I yell this time and then cover my face, I'm visibly shaking right now.My whole life is completely doomed, and it's going to replay again just like before."God I'm just tired of all this please I don't want to see anyone, I just want to be on my own right now. They told me this was where I wo
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