Master's Secret

Master's Secret

By:  Azaria Phoenix  Completed
Language: English
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After 15 years being tortured by the Assassin's Guild, Aria and Sebastion find themselves with another group of people who are determined to bring down the tyrannical rule of the Assassin Guild. With each and every passing day more secrets are unlocked and the people they work for are not who they say they are. So what is Master's Secret?

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Azria Phoenix
I think this book has potential!
2021-06-20 12:11:27
49 Chapters
      I nursed a drink in between my hands, my body throbbing a sore. The recent beatings I received made my body tremble even as I sat. Sebastion, my one and only twin sibling, was sitting quietly next to me. He faired no better as he weakly brought the brown sloshing liquid to his lips. I couldn't help the wave of guilt that crashed over me but I couldn't bring myself to apologize either.       Tonight had been a bad night. I had done something unspeakable. I murdered so many men, so many of our own people. Not that they didn't deserve it after all. They kept me locked up for the past month and spent all day making me into 'entertainment'. The rope burns on my wrist still fresh and blistering, my arms, chest, and back where burning with gash wounds from being whipped and stabbed.       Sebastion received the lighter of punishments though. He was just punched relentlessly for my actions, because
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Three Years Later
      People always dream of being in a fantasy. They dream of love, romance. They hear knights in shining armor and think of safety. But in my world...its hell. In my world, my parents are dead. My twin brother is all I have. As orphans we where sold to an assassins guild so some drug addicted couple could get a fix.     Rape, murder, and abuse was all I knew for the first 15 years of my life. Whipped and beat to become an elite solider I never wanted to be. My innocence stolen so I could be of more 'value' to my fellow assassins. I hated my life. Some days offing myself just felt right, but my brother was there to face this with me. Through him I lived.     It changed when we turned 21. Sebastion, my brother, and I where sitting at the local tavern near the Guild. We both had been through a really tragic event and we needed to clear out heads. At least that was until a man in a black cloak approached us.
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Road Trip
      So far this trip has been very quiet. Peaceful even. The birds chirped out loud, bees pollenated flowers, chipmunks chattered quietly. The breeze was nice, calm and subtle. Flowers filed my nose with pleasant smells, making it nice and relaxing as we trotted through the hills.  Even the horses, normally wild and rambunctious, where enjoying the nice day. I felt at ease and at peace, despite having added baggage on this trip. I think my out burst earlier set tone for the trip. Which I was grateful for. Chatting wasn't necessarily my forte. Especially with men. Only Sebastion and I would talk openly to each other.       "How far is this place?" I could feel the reins gripped tightly in my fists as Aspin spoke. The calm and wonderful feeling lost with his irritating words. Every ounce of my calamity was out the window. Aspin had asked this question five times already and it was grinding my nerves. I glanced over at Sebastion
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      It was just about sun down when we heard the faint whine of a horse. Sebastion and I had passed each other a weary glance before watching as a man on a black stallion approached us. This man, was an Adonis. Nicely shaped and, well toned arms. Nicely sculpted chest under his tight black cotton shirt. Black raven hair that dangled in his eyes and over his ears. It looked so soft and silky, like that of a well groomed dog. I wanted to run my hands through it, see if it really was soft as it looked. He had the darkest of blue eyes I had ever seen. An untamed storm that caused devastation in its wake. How much I wanted to be in that damn storm too. Aria, get your head together would you? Drool another time. Men where all the same, evil.       I tentatively watched as his dark blue eyes caught me staring at him. A smirk slowly graced his face as he watched me. I wouldn't let him rattle me, he was good looking, I would not take that
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    A group of seven men appeared before us. Their shirts where riddled with holes and tears. The bottoms had started to fray and fade away with years of use and neglect. Dirt and grime caked on to every inch of their exposed skin, gave them a rough look, and honestly a need for a bath. You could smell them from such a far distance that my nose wrinkled. If I didn't know any better, I would say that they where already dead. Their pants where just strings at this point that hung at their hips and their feet where barren. These where the poorest men I had ever seen. But their threats made them no longer pitied in my books. That and my desire to kill was blooming.     "You poor poor dears."  I cooed as I unsheathed my second blade, dragging them both on the ground as I approached them. "You have come at a very unfortunate time my lovelies. You see, we haven't been able to kill in so long." I drawled out, a wide grin spreading across my face
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      We made it back to base about halfway through the day. Drake had mysteriously vanished in the middle of the night, leaving us by ourselves. We thought it was fishy at first. But then after all it was better than being peppered by questions. I don't know why he was so interested, or anyone for that matter. We kept our heads low and did as we where asked. I suppose its the mystery that's so appealing. What wasn't appealing was the truth behind our secrecy. The less that people knew, meant the less chance people tried to become our friends.       We tossed our bags warily on the common room table as we sat. Fatigue from last nights sleepless night settling over me. After everyone had gone to bed, I spent most of the night thinking about what would happen after Drakos was gone. Wondering if we could really settle down and enjoy our lives, or would we always be restless. Could I find someone to love, even after all the trauma I rec
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The Truthful Past
      I awoke in my bed, staring at the bland white ceiling. The ticking of a clock filled the silence in the room, almost luring me back to sleep. My eyes flashed back open, irritated. I needed to get up before I fell asleep. I didn't want to wake Sebastion up with another one of my terrible nightmares. They where so vivid last night I woke up screaming and panting. Drakos's son always filling my dreams as he did the most terrible things to my body. Always claiming that I would come back to them. That I was destined to fill my place by Drakos's side as a warrior. Of course I knew it was just a dream, Drakos's son was dead after all. I killed him. It bothered me that he continued to plague my dreams.       I went to roll over and I paled. The the fabric underneath me was wet and soft. I pulled back the sheet that covered my body and realized I was still in my towel from the pool last night. Sebastion you idiot. You should have woke
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Don't Question Loyalty
        I huffed and panted as I swung my arms towards Sebastion. Every hit blocked by his arms and legs. I was improving his hand to hand combat, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to land a hit on him. We have sparred together for so long that we knew our strategies by heart. The heat of the room made the tank top stick to my sweaty chest, clinging and making me feel gross. I offered Sebastion a time out as I pealed my tank top off my body. I swear there was so much sweat I could wring it out. Gross. He tossed me a towel from the counter top and I pat my body down. Discarding both the tank top and towel aside, I cracked my neck and was ready to spar again.       We circled each other, fists raised as we stared each other down. The moonlight was the only light source in the training room. It was early morning so everyone was still asleep, leaving us in peace and quiet. No Aspin to hound us, no quipped and pleasant conv
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Why Do You Care?
        "Come on Aspin. You need to throw your fists harder if you are going to knock me over!" I growled at him. He threw one punch after another but missed. I wondered if he could hit me even if I sat still. That was just how slow and sluggish he was being this morning. I shook my head sadly at him and told him to pause. His stance was all off, which was throwing his balance. I walked up next to him and started to reposition him. Hopefully this would help him and maybe land a few blows. I couldn't be easy on him if he wanted to learn. Assassin life was not easy work.         "Aspin stand with your legs apart like this. No wider. Yes there. Hold your fists up like this. There yes yes. Okay now take a few practice swings. No, you have to punch harder. There you go. Yes. Okay now stay like that and swing at me alright?" I left his side and stood before him. His hands shook nervously. I steadied his hands with mine, giving h
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Master Has Returned
      Sebastion and I had been called into the Master's meeting room. We stood before him, his silent demeanor causing discomfort. The air was full of such angry energy that you could tell he was seething. Something must have happened on his trip for him to be so angry. His back was pressed firmly against his chair as he faced us. Of course we couldn't see his face so it was difficult to tell if he was staring at us, or if his eyes where closed in thought. Either way he was making me uneasy as his fingers drummed on the table.       "Master, it is good to see you have returned home. But something seems to trouble you. May we inquire why?" I broke the silence. The Henchman hissed angrily through his teeth. I was unbothered by his anger and that seemed to piss him off further. Drake, who was leaning up against a support beam, tried to hide his smile.       "I expect this behavior from your foolish b
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