The Dragon King's Chosen Bride

The Dragon King's Chosen Bride

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What exactly does it mean to be his bride? *** Every year, in each of the seven villages that made up the great Kingdom of Ignas, a Choosing Ritual was conducted. During this Chosing Ritual, one of the ladies in the village would be chosen to be the dreaded Dragon King's Bride. No one knew exactly why the ritual was being performed every year or what happened to the brides that had been chosen in the past. Was he turning them into slaves? Feeding them to his dragon? Or was he... feeding on them? That couldn't be ruled out. After all, there were rumours that the king wasn't like them, that he wasn't human. Yet the question relentlessly troubled the people's heart. What was he using them for?! But they dared not question the King, afraid of what fate daring to go against him would be. Anyways, none of these was Belladonna's business. Although it was her village's turn to produce a bride this year, she was certain she wouldn't get chosen. Why? Well, because she had a plan and she was absolutely certain it wouldn't fail her... or would it?

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114 Chapters
Chapter 1 - How "Not" To Get Chosen
"How Not To Get Chosen." Belladonna mumbled to herself in her silvery voice, her blue eyes on the cover of the thin black book she had just picked.It was fairly covered in dust, making the letters on it a little unreadable.She went down the ladder, then blew the dust off the book which made her cough lightly."By Moria Nakuriver." She mumbled the name of the author to herself and instantly shook her head.This book would be of no help because the author actually ended up being chosen as a bride.Moria was the daughter of the Village Head of Nakuriver, one of the seven villages that made up the the mighty Kingdom of Ignas, which was ruled by the dreaded Dragon King. When Moria was 18, she had participated in the Chosing Ritual, as the rules had demanded, and had somehow, been lucky enough not to be chosen. That was when she had written this book. Almost every lady across the kingdom started reading it, so they could be as lucky as she had been. But then she got chosen at 25, and p
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Chapter 2 - Betrayal Served Lukewarm
Aniya was on her knees on the bed, resting heavily on her two hands as they held on to the sheets tightly while her silky black hair fell over the sides of her face, wet and glistering with sweat.Her full breasts dangled slightly as the man behind her thrusted into her over and over again. She took it all in, her eyes closed, her pink round lips, slightly parted.All the room had to light it up was a dim lantern on the dressing table, yet the images before Belladonna seem to burn her eyes. "Oh... Lytio." She heard Aniya whisper through trembling lips and she looked up at the face of the man that was behind.Indeed, it was her Mr Perfect. Lytio's hairy chest was glistering with sweats, his slim hands firm on Aniya's small waist, pulling her closer to himself, all his attention on what he was doing.Belladonna took a step back instinctively, her lips pressed together tightly, her eyes blank while her heart crushed into many pieces. "Oh... Lytio." Aniya moaned again and she opened he
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Chapter 3 - Nobody's Fault
"...I was drunk and the timing of your sister..."She gritted her teeth.The feeling of this betrayal by her family felt mightier more than yesterday's. How could her family do this to her?When she spoke though, her voice was controlled and firm. "I see that. I see it all. But I am not about to cry over split milk."Lytio froze for a split second before his eyebrows furrowed in confusion and he straightened up, his hands falling to his sides."Your parents have discussed with mine on the 'incident'."'Incident? Of course, that was how they would refer to it.' Belladonna thought but she instead, she asked, "and...?""Bell, I want you to know that I love you very much.""I am sure that wasn't what they concluded on."Lytio clenched and unclenched his fists before digging it into his pockets. "I have to marry Aniya. It is for the best. For my reputation and your sister's. Also to prevent any more unfortunate incidents.""Of course. Do exactly what they want.""I don't have a choice. D
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Chapter 4 - To "Not" Be His Bride
It was a long black leather whip splited into eight pieces.It swept through the air and landed on her back. A gasp of pain escaped her lips as she tumbled to the floor, her long black curly hair scattered to the sides of her face. She immediately curled up on the floor, her folded arms protecting her face.She knew how this went. This wasn't the first time, nor the second or third. She couldn't even count how many times her mother had done this to her and she knew this wouldn't be the last.Isa swung the whip, striking it countlessly against her, on her back, her hands, anywhere it landed on. She was breathing heavily and although her hands were arching her from how long she had been flogging her, she was blinded by so much anger that she just couldn't stop."H-how-- dare you?!"The beating continued, then Belladonna heard her dress ripping from how much the beating was, the whip cutting into her flesh and blood seeping out of the long cuts. She bit her lips till she tasted blood
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Chapter 5 - Here Comes The Dragon King
It read: "Just wait for me, my love. I will find a way for us to be together again." Lytio must have had his brain replaced with one of the fishes that he captured to make such ridiculous promises. She looked at the piece of paper blankly once again and muttered to herself, "such terrible handwriting." She threw it into the fire, where some women were cooking for another wedding. Then left for the library. The moment she stepped into the library, the Librarian greeted her. "There you are, child. My wife told me everything. That mother of yours is a witch." Gladies, his wife, always some how knew everything that was going on in Inaymi. Belladonna had always thought they were a match made in heaven. While she knew about the things going on in town presently, her husband knew very well about the things that happened in the past. Soulmates, she often called them. "And that sister of yours is a snake. Spineless man, the father you have." "Technically, he is not my father."
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Crown Them Potential Brides
Everyone fell on their kneels immediately, their heads bowed. Although Belladonna had been a little clumsy about it, she had managed not to draw any attention to herself. "Rise." The Dragon King commanded, his voice was deep and it commanded respect, a sought of authority that couldn't be ignored even if one dared. Indeed, even a flick of his finger resonated power.They rose up to their feet."Sit."They did.Then the Dragon King started walking towards the Possible Potentials section, the woman who had arrived earlier following after him.Belladonna quickly casted her gaze to the ground, her arms around herself protectively. Then she heard them stop right in front of them."Begin." The Dragon King said to the woman that was now standing behind. She stepped forward, looking from one lady to another while she went through the space between the benches. "Up." She commanded.Now that she wasn't announcing the presence of the King, her voice sounded firm yet sultry. The lady stood u
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Chapter 7 - A Little Strange?
It was all a blur, right from the moment when she realized that she had failed herself and allowed herself to be chosen. All while the seven Potential Brides were led into the long carriage that had come to take them, while the carriage journeyed into the night, through the forest, down to the castle, while the ladies sat side by side, their hands curled up in-between their thighs, their eyes fixed to the carriage's floor under the strict gaze of the woman who had chosen them, until they finally got to the castle and stepped out of the carriage one after the other.Everything just felt like a huge blur.Belladonna had expected some dark, desolate castle with distant eerie sound of a forest, in the middle of no where. She had been wrong. Very wrong.The castle was the most beautiful building she had ever seen. There was a huge beautiful water fountain and a long colorful garden along the walkway. The lights illuminated the whole castle, making it look magical in combination with the
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Chapter 8 - A Need To Escape
Just like that, she turned away, up the stairs and the servants started leading each down the hallway, to seven different doors. Everyone got a male and a female servant to help them to their door. The female servant helping Belladonna was a couple of inches shorter than she was, although she looked older, like she was in her early thirties. She had bags underneath her eyes and a few wrinkles by either side.The male servant on the other hand was just an inch or two taller than Belladonna. His face was calm and he seemed collected.Asides that, they were both wearing sought of deep blue uniform and they looked like as if they are well taken care of.Belladonna got the fifth door.Hung on it was the kind of slate which had a name carved on it. Moria Nakunriver.She furrowed her eyebrows at that.That was the name of the previous bride, the one who had authored the book containing all those rules she had read. The bride whom everyone had thought would be the last.Had this been her r
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Chapter 9 - Crossed A Dangerous Line
The landing would have been rough had she not landed on a bundle of blankets placed just at the bottom of this crazy tunnel."Making a run for it, Lady--""I wasn't..." She jumped, startled that she was still alive and that she hadn't fallen into a dungeon instead.She stood up, looking back at the man who was sitting by the dinning table, some distance away from her. He was oddly silent and her heart started to race. Was he looking at her and thinking she was absolutely useless?If so? Good."I admit, it was stupid." She chuckled but her mischief immediately died the moment she realized something. What if he was thinking of making her his dragon's meal and not sending her home instead. Her breath hitched, trying to rack her brain for exactly what she was still doing wrong.Too bad, she couldn't figure it out through his face because of his golden mask.Was he seething in angry or was he boiling over with rage.Her eyes grew wide the moment she realized she hadn't greeted."Your Ma
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Chapter 10 - A Huge Nonsense
"A black gown? My Lady, you can not. The Choosing Ceremony is today."Ceremony? Belladonna scoffed, internally while she looked at herself in the mirror.'sounds more like a funeral.'She had cried so much for this past one week that she now felt absolutely drained and empty. Her eyes were red and puffy. If anything were to sadden her right now, she would have no tears to shed.After her outburst in the he presence of the King, she had decided to stay in her room without coming out for anything. Her servants Plea to Lady Kestra on her behalf had been denied, not that she cared to begin with, and the rumours were flying around that the King wouldn't pardon her disrespect in any form.Rumours said that she would indeed be a dragon's meal by the end of the Ceremony, which was to happen tonight.Her punishment was sure.The rumours also conveyed that Lady Piper would most likely be the bride as Lady Kestra was most pleased with her performance at her dinner test.As much as Belladonna did
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