Mated to my Enemy

Mated to my Enemy

By:  kamishaxluna  Completed
Language: English
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Tasha Almirante’s university life is normal. She’s staying in the “safe boundary”, trying to get through college without getting into the nerves of the University’s queens and jocks. Not until the transferee student, Rendall Endrano, showed too much interest on her. Given Rendall’s reputation, whom other girls labeled as the hot transferee, Tasha knew one wrong move can make her life a living hell. But no matter how hard she resists, she keeps on feeling the unwanted heat when he’s around. Innocent and unworldly, Tasha found herself wanting him. Being with Rendall and indulging into his game of love affair, series of secrets will begin to unravel, even about Tasha’s life’s history and Rendall’s identity.

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Jessica Copeland
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2021-07-10 02:56:27
61 Chapters
TASHA  “Tasha, seriously? The Junior Prom is barely three weeks away, and you haven't decided whether or not you'll attend?” Sadie let out a snort. “It is the Prom, maybe the best night we could possibly have after an exceptionally distressing school year!” "And I'm not looking forward to experiencing one of the best evenings of my college life," I said as I placed the food dish that I was hanging on the unoccupied table we found. "I'll be honest with you; getting involved in things like that is not my cup of tea. We want a peaceful life; we keep a low profile. Not to mention that I should do all in my power to prevent my mother from spending money on my outfit, hair, and make-up for the event. The expense of attending this institution is already high." Trace of misery streaked through her face. “It seems like I'm going
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TASHA “You saw Rendall kissing someone in the locker room earlier, and you didn't bother to tell me about it straight away?” Sadie scoffed, and I groaned as I sank back on my bed. “Seriously, our friendship is on the rocks at this moment,” she joked and chuckled. "Since when did Rendall kissing some girls at school become our concern?" I asked, loaded with counterfeit energy. “He can have some smooches with someone all over the campus, and I would prefer not to care the slightest bit. He's not even that hot!” “You're telling a lie,” Sadie pointed out. “I noticed how strained you looked when he sat next to you! You can never lie to me, Tasha.” I sighed and rolled my eyes. “I was tensed because it was him!” I answered. “I am sure you're aware that being close to him can spark an
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TASHA “I told you, you will go with me whether you like it or not,” Sadie said in hushed tones as we were looking through the racks of dresses to decide what to wear to the Junior Prom night the following night. She told my mom about the prom night and my mom urged that I should go. Even though I tried to persuade her that I didn't want to, she reminded me of how I had skipped both my junior prom and senior graduation ball while I was in secondary school. “If mom would only let me, I would still choose not to attend,” I said. My eyes were drawn to a simple gray bare-backed dress with a low plunging neck area and I frowned upon seeing its tag price. “Even though this is their most affordable dress, it is still a drain on our savings!” “Don’t look at the prices and pick what you really want,” Mom remarked from the opposite side of the rack. She strolled towards me, showing her guaranteeing smile.  “I can borrow a dress from Sadie,
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TASHA “Hey!” Sadie’s voice drew me back to reality. I didn't realize that I was zoning out. “W-What?” “I’ve been calling you multiple times. You’re spacing out,” she said. “Are you okay?” I shook my head, gesturing no. “I’m sorry about your father. If you don’t want to go to the party, I can drive you wherever you want to go.” “I’m…” I breathed, “I’m fine.” I forced a smile, and that’s when worry flashed through her face even more. “As soon as this evening is over, I'll deal with my issues.” She didn’t express anything. I stood up when the make-up artist called my name…and I was there. As I sit on that semi-raised seat, brush strokes trace the contours of my flesh, yet everything... everything appears to be a haze. Everything i
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TASHA “Can you tell me your exact location?” Sadie asked for the nth time from the other end of the phone line. I made a hissing sound. “I've already arrived at the front gate. I am strolling as fast as I can, Sadie. Besides, why are you in such a hurry? Did I miss something important?” “Come here in the bleacher real quick, and you’ll see,” she said as she hung up the phone, concluding the conversation. It was only after taking a deep breath that I decided to start jogging towards the school's bleachers. When I arrived at the bleacher, tons of people were wheezing and murmuring about something. I couldn’t gander as to what the commotion was all about, so I decided to send a message to Sadie and ask for her exact location. After a few minutes, she promptly showed herself and m
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TASHA I let out a sigh once again.  “You’ve been sighing for a lot of times already. Is there something wrong?” Mom asked me while she was caught up preparing our supper for today. I shook my head to gesture no. “Nothing, mom. I was just weary,” I lied. I know that she’s too worn out because of her jobs, and the slightest thing that I can do is to not add to her burden. “You can always talk to me when something’s bothering you, Tasha,” she said, brimming with assurance in her voice. When I got close enough, I wrapped my arms around her from behind. “Thanks, mom.” “For what?” “For going above and beyond in everything just to
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TASHA “I can’t believe he did that just for you!” For the nth time, Sadie exclaimed in delight. If I were to describe her demeanor, I'd upchuck out loud. It’s as if hearts are zooming around the two of us. “I kept thinking if how did he find out that you didn’t do your project assessment.” I pucker my lips, pondering about the same thing. I only mentioned it when I was with Sadie, and I was shocked when he came up with a plan assessment for me and himself. As far as I am concerned, he doesn’t have the ability to read my mind. “Maybe he noticed that you were too preoccupied for the past few days, and out of generosity, he made an extra plan assessment just in case you’ll forget to do yours. You know what, that's something only soulmates do,” she expressed. “What a sweet, hot devil,” she went on to add. 
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TASHA It is Saturday today. We don't have class, but I have to go to Sadie's place because she has made it clear that she will lend me a dress for tonight. This evening, the party where Rendall's enticing me to attend will happen. I agreed to come with him to the dinner party, not only because of my debt of gratitude for what he did, but I am also hoping against hope that he'll stay away from me after this. I quit fixing my things when I heard three loud thumps on my door. Mom was smiling as brightly as ever and had her arms crossed in front of her. I couldn't help myself but smile in return. She headed inside my room and took up a position right next to me. "I can see that you're quite busy with preparations for the event tonight," she remarked. "This he a good guy?" 
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TASHA "I don't think I can do this," I uttered as I halted directly before the Endrano's twofold gated mansion. I heard how Rendall laughed a little. "Come on, Tash. I guarantee that you won't regret coming with me in our humble abode."  I couldn't help but let out a hiss when I heard his assertion. He seemed as though he was flaunting their mansion to their new visitor—which is me—but I could also not blame him. He's carrying on with a comfortable life, as I should say. I gander at the mansion that stood in front of me. It screams Venetian style in light of its accentuation on patterns and surfaces with deep, rich tones. Not to mention how it is well-lit starting from the main gate up to the vast open spaces around the mansion itself. It serves as proof that the owner—or
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RENDALL "What's your plan?" Raiah asked me the second that I sat on the lounge chair. She didn't even bother to glance at me because she was preoccupied with pouring herself a glass of wine. "When my hand met her hand, I felt something different. It was an inclination that I only get in individuals like us, Rendall, and I know that you felt it, as well. Now I won't be perplexed as to why you wanted to be so close to her all the time." Indeed, even before the party started, I had a feeling that this moment would come—a moment when Raiah would come up to me and ask me questions about Tasha. All things considered, I couldn't conceal anything from her because we were alike. Just like me, she can sense whether a person is a pure-blooded human or not by simply touching a bit of its skin and by the smell that they emit.
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