She was befuddled when she opened her eyes and saw everybody beaten up on the ground. She narrowed her eyes in disarray and looked towards where Samantha was standing frightened to the center of death. 

She tried to ask her, what occurred here when she signaled her to look behind her back. As she motioned towards her back, Jamima felt somebody's essence and she knew what its identity was. She could never forget the scent of that aroma. 

She breathlessly looked behind her and her breath get stuck in her throat. Her body felt a shock taking a gander at irate Daniel's face.

She makes her strides back as Daniel made his strides towards her. She was shaking since she understood what he will do to her once again. She knows the amount of agony from which she suffered the last night. 

She continued making her strides back until her back hit the stopping point (wall). He was now standing in front of her anxious face. 

She moved her face towards her left side to avoid seeing in his eyes and her eyes met crying and terrified Samantha. She looked at her powerlessly. 

Daniel glanced in the direction where she was looking and said, "Everybody out." 

The moment he ordered others to leave, everybody nodded and leave them alone, standing near to each other. 

At this moment, they were separated from everyone else and Daniel was feeling fulfilled looking at her defenseless face. 

Jamima began to feel increasingly more panic at this point. Standing so near to a vampire is the last thing she wanted that time. However, she had no say in what she wants and what not. 

Her palms were sweat-soaked when out of the blue Daniel pulled her face towards him, roughly, giving her entire body an electric shock with his touch. 

 "When I'm near around you or tried to talk to you, look direct in my eyes. Don't you dare to look around ignoring my presence," Daniel said coldly looking into her deep eyes with his red ones.

The moment his eyes changed color Jamima gasped. 

Jamima still quickly turned her eyes towards him as he has said all these. She was totally frightened of his presence and trying to calm herself from freaking out.

Daniel said a bit loud, "Bitch, I think I'm talking to you." 

Jamima said, stuttering"Ye-Yes?"

"Have you even listened to what I said a moment ago?" he asked, pissing off.

"I...You...I...," she was faltering when Daniel shouted punching the wall behind her, "WHAT I, YOU, I? HUH, WHAT IS THIS!"

Tears began to come in her eyes. She was terrified, alone, and shuddering from the person before her. 

"Huh... What a pathetic human being! Do you know why I scorn humans the most? Because they are powerless, weak, lairs and dishonest," he said disgustingly.

She was quietly listening to him when he placed his fingers under her jaw again and pulled her face up and more close to his face than before.

The distance between their faces was currently near the point where they could feel each other warm breaths. Daniel's eyes were red with dominancy in them while Jamima's eyes were pure of innocence.

"When I say something listen to it clearly because I don't like to rehash things twice for irrelevant lives," he said looking at her disgustingly.

He was humiliating her and telling her over and over that her life has no worth. She is only some lowly creature or a thing which has belongs to him. 

The girl who has never heard words like this ever in her entire life was presently being humiliated this way. 

She wanted to cry out loud, letting her all emotions coming out yet she was frightened on the off chance that it is permitted for her to cry? Each passing second in the mansion was tormenting her both physically and mentally. 

"Then for what reason did you take me here in any case, if you hate me this much? I never said I want to live here nor did I told you to bring me with you. Furthermore, you lied to my parents and hide your true identity," she said, horrified.

While saying all this, she was trembling with fear that what if he gets angry and tries to drink her blood again? Yet, she tried her best to manage to say this since she was feeling such a huge amount of humiliation by his words. 

Hearing what she said, he started to laugh leaving her confused standing in front of him. She was confused about what is there to laugh about? It is not like she has made any hilarious jokes. 

His eyes changed back to his previous normal blue color while he said, "Are you for real this stupid or do you only pretend to look one in front of me?"

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