Me, my baby sister and 3 bad boys
Me, my baby sister and 3 bad boys
Author: Saia Knox

Chapter 1

A screeching cry disturbed my sickening nightmares. I rolled of the rock hard mattress and ambled towards the small room opposite mine. 

As I entered  I spotted Emily trembling under the covers, the sight of her like this always makes me panic.

" Em what's wrong" I whispered sitting on the edge of her bed. I wanted to hold her but she takes the covers of her face I shouldn't, it makes her panic. A few seconds late she showed her tear stricken face. 

"Emily" I cooed patting her silky blonde hair with my fingertips. She looked straight into my eyes waiting for me to mumble our nightly  affirmation.

" everything's going to be alright baby" 

I picked her trembling body up placing her head on my heart, the simple act always seems to calm her down.

 "Em you can sleep with me tonight ok" I whispered as I kissed the top of her head. My baby is safe I thought as I snuggled closer to her tiny body. 

Tomorrow I start school, again. I used to go a few years ago but shit happened and boom here I am today. 17 and broke with a 3 year old to take care of. Its a hard knock life, for usss. 

If I'm being truthful  I've never liked education. Think about it right they teach everyone the exact same way, they want us all to think the same way. If you don't think thats bad you need some serious help.

Unfortunately I need it to succeed, we can't live like this forever. On the run. 

The rusty yellow alarm clock screamed through the room  almost waking emily Emily up with it. it's already morning I thought whilst stretching my stiff body.  I slammed  the alarm clock down with every bit of power I had left in me and rolled of the springy mattress. 

My closet has a very large variety of clothes, exactly 4 shirts and 4 pairs of jeans, sarcasm intended. Pulling out a black crop top and black high waisted jeans I threw them on the chair along with my towel.

Who else has that problem putting jeans on I always feel like a damn seal. I'm not fat, well that's what people like to call me. I know that I'm curvy, like VERY curvy and jeans take so long to get up my ass.

After I did my morning routine I slipped into my black combat boots and leather jacket. Emily had  stirred awake after I showered so there was no need to wake her. lifting her half asleep body up from the bed I carried her to my neighbour. 

" listen to aunt Dixie and I promise I'll be home in a few hours" 

" bye Avyy" she mumbled whilst gripping my jacket, she's not used to me leaving. yesterday was a whole wreck trying to make her understand I'd be back after school to be with her. 

With a smile I knocked on Dixies door. 

Dixie is 39 years old. She's  the sweetest woman you will ever meet. That is why she helps us, Dixie knows our situation, she helps out by watching over Em whilst I'm at school. There's a tiny percentage of people who are this kind on this evil ass planet. 

Mumbling a hi and bye to Dixie and Emily I started my long journey to hell...... Sorry I meant school. Easy mistake. 

AN: heyyyyy, thank you for checking out my story. This is one of the first stories I had ever written which means ots cliche as hell ūüėā and fast. Surprisingly this is also my most viewed and favoured story. 

ALSO, the book cover was made but the amazing Anuta Ruban, her Instagram is @annrubann

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A Bid Mughal
hi aslamoalikum
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A Bid Mughal
hi hallo your fain
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Melissa Jones Carigo
I can tell this is your 1st. Off to a good start... except it needs heavy editing. Punctuation is needed. Correct punctuation is needed. "Mumbling a hi and bye to Dixie and Emily, I started my long journey to hell.... Sorry, I mean school."

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