Chapter 7

I woke up to a firm grip on my waist, his warm breath tickled my ear causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach. Damn it why's he doing this to me, slowly jiggling around I got out of his grip and ran to the bathroom. I gotta pee so bad I swear if he didn't let me go I would've peed right there. 

 I need a damn shower, who else wakes up in the morning sweating buckets, it's not just me. Dropping my clothes I took a 5 minute shower. Emily usually wakes up around this time. 

I don't know how to feel anymore. How am I supposed to feel about getting so close to James and the guys within literal days, I could be putting Emily in danger, what if they were sent by him. 

It hurts because I like their company, I don't feel so alone when I'm with them and it's fucking amazing. I feel normal. 

Imagine feeling normal for the first time in your life, it's a mad feeling cause it continuously makes me smile. Before I was just getting on and suffering through but now I'm feeling good. 

I need to figure out what I'm going to do with these guys. 

  Wiping my few stray tears I jumped out of the shower and began drying my body. I wrapped the towel around myself ready to grab the door handle but the realisation hit me like a truck, JAMES is in there. I can't fucking walk in half naked, dammit. 

All my clothes are on the chair in the closet, which is 5 steps from the bathroom. 

I clutched my towel to my body before inhaling a deep breath, it's time to run. Turning the knob I  quickly ran towards  the closet, my heart started to speed up as I reached but it literally froze when I heard a groan. My eyes went straight to him on the bed. Oh God.

James junior is sticking out.

"what the hell James" I yelled as I felt myself turn crimson, he looked at me in shock before answering.

" Ava look what you've done to me!!" he whisper yelled pointing at junior James, without looking I grabbed my clothes and ran back to the bathroom. Oh god. Why did this happen to me.

After I changed into my some shorts and a white shirt, I let my soft waves cascade down my back and slipped on my trainers.

I'm so embarrassed to face James after the problem but I have to, I hope his problem isn't there anymore. Lord help him. Inhaling a breath I grabbed the brass handle and walked out.

 My eyes went to him in hope of it being empty but instead he's still here with junior STILL sticking out. He really couldn't have gotten turned on by just seeing me could he, most of my body was covered. Is he an Amish. I feel the vibe. 

"Ava sort this out" he yelled whilst pointing to his manhood, with a  smirk I threw my book at him. Definitely not Amish. 

" go take a cold shower" I said, he stood up from the bed slowly letting the blanket drop and reveal his tanned legs. With a smirk James confidently strode towards me. I wanted to back up but I also didn't want to lose so I stood still. 

" tease" he whispered huskily into my ear, a shiver racked through my body making him smile at my reaction. He started to walk away again letting me finally breathe properly, as I was about to walk away I felt a very hard stinging sensation on my ass. He JuSt SlApPeD mY aSs. 

"JAMES!" I screamed, he didn't wait for me to react, before I could turn around and slap him a few times he was already locked in the bathroom, his cackle still being heard. 

If he dies today it's really not my fault.

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