Chapter 6

James drove us to school today, I didn't feel like walking at alllll.

 We reached school slightly early, the car ride was filled with James chatting about the weirdest things in the world and me playing along. It's been quite a while that I've been able to relax. 

It's worse than yesterday, everyone is gob smacked at the fact that we got out of the same car. I mean for the boys who apparently don't speak much it's nice to know I'm special enough to earn their speech. 

James turned to me with an arched brow, a small smile plastered on his face. 

" we turn heads" he mumbled.

" I turn heads, your just arm candy" I smirked, ego crusher has arrived. 

" sexy arm candy" he tried to reason, scrunching my lips together I sighed in fake annoyance. 

" whatever you say sir" 

The day went by really slowly. In maths I was dying, in English I was dying and in science I was dead. I kinda regret coming back to these so called schools. 

The only part of the day I slightly enjoyed was lunch, James Aiden and Connor sat with me again at lunch. I liked it, I rarely like human connections but here I am having 3 of them.

Also I think Barbie has planned my death. Throughout the whole day she glared at me any time she could. Closing my locker, she glared. Walking, she glared. Even when I answered a question she GLARED. The women really does hate me. 

Enemy no. 3 

Golden Barbie 

When the day finally ended I grabbed my shit and literally jogged home. I'm still not used to leaving Emily alone, the jitters randomly attack me throughout the day making me feel like somethings wrong. 

I think Dixie has gotten sick of me texting every hour I thought with a smile, she's a queen. 

Dixie was outside with Emily standing by her side, autumn leaves hanging of parts of her long blonde hair. 

" we just got back from the museum " Dixie smiled as soon as she saw me by the building. 

" how was it, was Emily bad" I said sternly, the humour taking over as she clapped her hands. 

" she was perfect as always" Dixie cooed grabbing her cheeks and squeezing, princess wins every bodies hearts. 

" Avy leaves and chicken and a big big dinashourr" she exaggerated. 

" next time I'll take you to see the flying monsters, now say bye to aunt Dixie" Emily hugged onto her leg before screaming a bye. I did the same without screaming and took Emily's tiny hand in mine. 

Emily changed as I  started to make lasagne, her favourite meal. A few minutes of starting the preperations a knock sounded through the apartment. 

Glancing at the sofa I sighed to see Emily already changed into her nighty very much engrossed in the pigs that ran around on the tv. 

Wiping my hand on a towel I ran to the door hurriedly opening it, don't want to delay dinner I'm starving. Literally as soon as I pulled open the old wooden door  James Aiden and Connor came flying passed me like I wasn't even there.

I was shocked for a good minute.

" guys what the hell" I yelled slamming the door shut, they all looked at me with the same expression, amusement and I couldn't help but  smile a little.

"Oh hey Ava we didn't see you there" Connor  said happily, slapping their heads I shook mine in annoyance.

" what are you guys doing here" I asked as I jumped onto the sofa beside Connor, he put his arm around me and smiled. 

"well Avyy we came to say hi" Aiden chuckled and switched the channel, standing still I waited for Em to scream for them to put peppa pig back on but weirdly she was too attached to James' chest. 

"I'm hungwy" Emily squealed as James started to tickle her stomach, looks like I should get back to dinner for 5 now.

" might as-well stay, dinners getting ready now idiots"

After dinner I cleaned up as the boys sat and watched frozen with Emily, yes she managed to puppy dog her way to watching it. Funnily enough the boys seemed a lot more interested in it than her. 

As the clock hit nine I stood up 

"James give Emily she needs to sleep" I yawned as I reached down to pick her up, he yawned too and  then walked towards my room; is he deaf!!

Ignoring the deaf man in the back I glanced at Jake and Aiden on my old dirty sofa, they're still staring at the tv distracted by Elsa making magical ice. Babies. 

" boys up and out" I screamed at them, they jumped in shock before glaring at me. Love annoying people me. 

"really Ava couldn't you just ask us to leave nicely" Connor questioned as he started to put his coat on, I smiled at them nodding my head no vigorously. 

" bye see you idiots tomorrow" I waved and locked the door behind them.

Before I could even sigh in peace my mind went back to the other idiot. Jogging to my room ready to drag him by his ears out of my apartment my eyes caught sight

James sprawled on my covers. 

Sluggishly I walked to  my bed and  nudged the sleeping beauty.

" Jamesssss" I whispered, he mumbled incoherent words into the pillow yanking on my arm at the same time. A squeal left my parted lips. I hate being surprised. 

" sleep Avyy" he whispered, this time I wasn't going to, pulling his arm of me I tried to nudge him again. 

" James get up now" I whisper yelled afraid to wake Emily. There was no reaction, for a good minute I thought he was dead. Like DEAD DEAD but then his light snores echoed through the room.  

Oh ffs. With a scowl plastered on my face I pushed his arm away and got under the covers. 

A few minutes later I felt his arm pull me closer, he nuzzled his face into my neck, I could feel him smiling at the action. I bet the idiot could feel my heartbeat skyrocketing. I think I might just have a heart attack at this point. 

God take me please.

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