Chapter Two

The ride to Sophie's home was filled with chatter and laughter between Sophie and Henry. Vanessa only spoke when specific questions were directed at her. She sat in the back seat beside Sophie while Henry drove.

Henry decided to spend some time with Sophie's family before he and Vanessa headed back to the mansion. He wanted to play with Jayden for a while and make conversations with Anita, his cousin, who was also Jayden and Sophie's mom. 

"Okay, I know something is going on. Spill!" Anita said to Henry, collecting an almost-two-year-old Jayden from him. They were seated side by side on the couch in the living room while Vanessa was keeping Sophie company at the far end of the room.

"What do you mean?" Henry asked his cousin who was just a few years older than him. Well, Henry was 31.

"You've been staring at her since you arrived. Is there anything I should know?"

"Anitaaaa!" Henry groaned.

"You like her, don't you?" Anita smirked.

Henry shrugged. "She's amazing, she's quiet, smart and polite. I've tried many times for her to notice me but she doesn't seem to have my time. She was meant to come drop Sophie with the driver but I jumped at the offer. I'm anticipating our alone time as I drive back home."

"Sophie loves Vanessa too. But you can't blame her. She's here to work so I guess carrying out her duties well is the only thing on her mind. Wait, I thought you and that sassy model were still together?" Anita said.

"Are you trying to make fun of me?" Henry voiced out.

"What do you mean?" Anita asked, confused.

"We broke up long ago. Turned out she was just using me to get to Brian."

"Please don't tell me she's now with Brian?" Anita said.

"You know Brian doesn't do relationships. Just flings and one night stands. Yeah, I think she was his fling at a point. Don't know if she still is."

"I'm so sorry," Anita whispered.

"It's fine. I'm over it, I'm over her."

"Are you and Brian cool?" She couldn't help but ask.

"I'm an easygoing person and cool with everyone. Though I can't say the same for Brian. He's in his world, doing his own thing."

"We should get going. Vanessa might be needed at home." Henry said.

"Thanks for keeping us company and best of luck on your alone time with her." Anita smiled.

Vee and Henry said their goodbyes and took their leave. It was just a little over 6 pm.

"I hope you know you're indirectly being rude," Henry said to Vanessa just when she was about to open the door to the back passenger seat.

Vanessa looked at him confused, wondering how she was being rude to him. Henry had always been nice to her so being rude to him was the last thing she wanted.

"For you to sit at the back and leave only me in front. It's actually rude, you know." He said with a small smile. He thought she was going to sit in front with him when they were bringing Sophie but she didn't, instead, she stayed with Sophie in the back seat.

"Oh, sorry. I mean, I didn't know you were okay with me sitting in front." She replied.

"Don't mention," Henry said. He opened the door to the front passenger seat for her. She thanked him and settled in.

"So how has working for us so far been for you?" Henry finally struck a conversation after five minutes of driving in silence.

"Good." She replied.

"You should learn to be free around me, Vanessa. Or is it about before? Me telling you that you were being rude. I was only pulling your legs because I wanted you to sit with me in front."

"No sir, it's not that." She replied immediately.

"Henry is fine. Please quit the formality."

Vanessa swallowed painfully. "Are you sure?"

He took a glance at her. "Yes." Then he turned his attention back to the road. He didn't see the need for her addressing him with formality when he was sure she was just a few years younger than him.

"Noted. You've always been kind to me and I appreciate that. I'm just being myself. I'm very gentle and quiet except I'm between or among the people I'm very familiar with."

Henry nodded in understanding.

"Working for your household has been quite an experience since it's my first time in the profession. It was never part of my dream jobs but I'm grateful I got it." Vanessa said sincerely. She had no choice but to resign from her former job. Her ex-boss made her life a living hell just because She wouldn't open her legs for him. Due to his influence, he made it hard for her to get a new job. She spent weeks being jobless, she couldn't even secure the waitress job she thought she would get. Thanks to her neighbour who came to her rescue.

Vanessa's neighbour, Mrs Jones, helped pull some strings to get her her current job. Mrs Jones' friend used to be the household manager of the Matthews. She was about resigning and was looking for someone to replace her. Mrs Jones' friend taught Vanessa all that she needed to know about managing the household of one of the richest families in the country.

Vee never wanted the job at first but she knew she had no choice. The pay alone made her change her decision, it was four times more than what she earned in her previous work. The money had been helpful to her family.

"May I ask what your dream job is?" Henry asked, intentionally not driving fast so he could spend more time with her.

"Well, I mean I just never saw myself being responsible for the day to day activities of a mighty mansion. I always knew I wanted a better life. You know, to have enough money, go on vacations, buy anything I want and also provide for my family. That alone motivated me to have good grades in college. I studied Business Administration intending to be successful in the business world but life as usual throws surprises at us."

"When did you finish College? Did you get the opportunity to work in a company or do anything related to your course?" He asked.

"I finished college about four years ago and I got a job almost immediately in an insurance company. I resigned because my Boss was making life uncomfortable for me."

"I'm so sorry about that," Henry said, taking a glance at her. She nodded.

"So do you have any interest in anything outside your degree? Something you would love to explore one day?" Henry asked.

"Not really."

"Are you sure? It doesn't seem like you're telling the truth."

Vee sighed. "Maybe Fashion but I knew there would be no opportunity for me so I chose business Administration instead."

"You would love to be a designer?"

She chuckled, "In my dreams."

"You shouldn't underestimate yourself, you know." Henry encouraged.

"I'm not underestimating myself. There's just way too much competition in the fashion world and I don't think my designs could meet up with present-day fashion trends."

"I would love to see your sketches," Henry said.

"That's not a problem but don't say I didn't warn you."

For some reasons, Henry refused to believe her designs were lame. He didn't mind helping her if she had the talent. He was a professional photographer and had worked with a lot of fashion brands. He knew many people in the fashion world. He honestly didn't mind pulling a few strings for her if she wanted him to.

Henry and Vanessa made more random conversations until they got home.


Henry went to his suite while Vanessa returned to her chores. Before deciding to go join Eve Matthews and the Chef in the kitchen, She remembered she hadn't replaced the vase that Sophie broke so she dashed to the store and took out the exact vase, then She made her way to Brain's room.

Vanessa thought there was no need to knock since the owner of the room hadn't arrived so she badged into the suite as if it were hers and gently shut the door behind her. She came face to face with a very shocking view which made the vase she was holding drop to the floor and shatter into pieces.

On the other side of the room was a naked man on his feet. Not just any naked man, a sexy greek god. He was muscular, had a well-sculpted body with perfect abs that makes you desperately want to run your fingers through them. 

Vanessa's eyes almost popped out of its socket when she unconsciously saw his lower body. His Dick was HUGE and was slowly becoming erect upon her stare.

Vee didn't mean to look but she couldn't help it because she was in shock. Her legs were refusing to move an inch from where she stood. Absentmindedly noticing similar features with Logan Matthews and Henry Matthews, She concluded that this was HIM. Brian fucking Matthews, the CEO of Matthews Creations, the owner of the most expensive night club in the city. She remembered a fellow staff saying that he was into real estate too. Here he was, standing before her in all his glory.

'You're so getting fired!' Vanessa's subconscious whispered to her.

"WHAT THE FUCK??!!!" She heard a very loud voice say which made her jump in fear, forcing her to come out of her shock state. The voice was filled with anger and hate. If looks could kill, Vanessa Maddox knew she would be dead by now. Upon seeing the anger in Brian's facial expression, Vanessa ran out of his room. She didn't bother to shut the door behind her or remember to take care of the mess she made. (The broken vase).

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