Chapter Three

Vanessa was glad the hallway on the second floor was free. Anyone who saw her running would have thought she was crazy. She made a stop at the bathroom on the second floor, locked herself in and rested against the counter to calm her heart rate. She did a couple of breathing exercises until her heart stopped beating very hard against her chest.

Vee looked into the mirror and saw that her face was flushed. She didn't mean to react to Brian's nakedness. She had only seen a few men naked, two men to be exact, her exes. But they weren't as hot as the greek god she just saw. She had no idea he had arrived or would even be naked in his room.

"What have you done Vanessa?!" She groaned, running a hand over her hair that was in a high ponytail. She sighed at the thought of not being able to get the memory of his nakedness away from her head. That was actually the least of her worry. She was more worried about losing her job. She had never seen anyone as angry as the way she saw Brian. She had no idea how she was going to face him again.

Vee facepalmed when she remembered the vase she broke and the mess she made. She would probably tell Maddie to come to her aid.

Vanessa splashed some water on her face, wiped her face with a towel, then exited the bathroom. Heaven knew she was nervous as hell; nervous as to what Brian Matthews was going to do to her. She was ready for whatever punishments but she prayed really hard in her heart not to get fired.

Before going to the kitchen to join Eve Matthews and Matilda, the chef, Vee went in search of Maddie. She finally saw her arranging some new items in the storeroom.

"Maddie, I need your help."

"Sure, with what?"

"When did the Boss get back?" She asked.

"Who?" Maddie asked since they referred to all members of the Matthews family as their Boss. 


"Oh, Sir Brian. He arrived not long after you went to drop Sophie."

Vee Sighed.

"Did you get into trouble with him?" Maddie couldn't help but ask.

"Yeah and I think I'm getting fired. I went to replace the vase Sophie broke. I didn't know he was in the room, I failed to knock, then I saw him, the vase fell from me and I ran out of the room." Vanessa said, leaving out the part where she saw him without clothes. 

"Sorry about that. Sir Brian can be very scary and intimidating. The most I think he can do is to scold you. I don't think you will be fired. Mrs Eve didn't give him the power to fire any domestic staff. If he had the power to, myself and other staff would have left long ago because we never seem to satisfy him. He always has reasons to complain about us."

Vanessa was still worried because her offence was huge. She saw him naked and he could use it against her. She was always present whenever the family were having dinner so she knew she couldn't escape seeing him tonight.

"Mr Logan and most importantly Mrs Eve had taken a liking to you so there's no way they are going to dismiss you," Maddie assured.

Vee nodded reluctantly. "Can you help me clean the mess I made and replace the vase?"

"Sure, I'll go do that right away."

"Thank you." Vanessa Whispered.


Brian Matthews couldn't believe the nerve of the lady that just ran off. He had no fucking idea who she was but he was sure as hell that She was going to face the consequences of her actions. Still in shock and still very angry, Brian ran his fingers through his hair. He couldn't believe a low life maid saw him naked. A glorious body that the whole world would die for, to see.

What freaked Brain out the more was the twitch he felt in his manhood upon her stare. He felt disgusted to be reacting that way, knowing she was nothing more than a worker in the mansion. He was even more pained that she saw him. She saw how his cock reacted upon her horrible presence. She wasn't even dressed to impress. She had no makeup whatsoever, and she was putting on a pencil skirt, random matching top and flat shoe. He was so disappointed that his dick got excited at the sight of her.

"Waste of erection!" He muttered in anger before going ahead to shut his door.

It wasn't every day that Brain walked around naked in his room. Hell, it was his bedroom, his personal space, he could choose to be naked all day. The lady had no right to barge in on him like that. He was about to take a shower when he heard his phone ring. He knew it was the important call he had been expecting so he dashed out of the bathroom without his towel to answer it. Soon as he ended the call and put his phone back on the nightstand, the stranger barged in.

Brian proceeded to the bathroom to do his business. He came back a couple of minutes later all dressed up in his sweatpants and matching tee. He was about settling on the sofa to do some work when he heard a soft knock on his door.

"GET LOST!!" He yelled.

"But Sir, I'm here to clean up the broken vase." The person on the other side of the door said. He recognized the voice to be Maddie's.

Honestly, Brian wasn't in the mood to see anyone but he knew someone had to clean up the mess in his room.

"Come in.!" He said reluctantly, going ahead to help himself with a glass of water on his nightstand.

Maddie came in with her cleaning equipment. "Good evening Sir." She greeted but received no response from Brian. She wasn't surprised because she was used to it. Brian hardly responded to people's greetings. Maddie got to work immediately. She placed the vase she brought from the storeroom on the centre table, then got to work with the broken glasses.

"Who the hell was that THING that showed up in my room?" He asked Maddie as soon as she was done cleaning. He carefully chose his words, referring to her as a 'thing' rather than a person.

Maddie swallowed painfully before she answered. "Hum...Sir, that must be Miss Vanessa. She's the new household manager."

Brian did not say anything further. He reached for his laptop and got settled on the sofa.

"Mrs Eve said I should call you down for dinner," Maddie said. She was about leaving his room.

"I have work to do." He replied, not tearing his eyes away from his laptop.

Maddie knew better so she didn't push any further. She quietly helped herself out of his room.


Vanessa was almost done setting up the table when Eve appeared from the kitchen and bumped into Maddie.

Even though there was a chef and other maids to take care of the food, Eve loved being involved in the making of the family's meal, especially on special occasions. She and Matilda had made a special dinner tonight to welcome her son, Brian.

"Will they be down soon?" Eve asked Maddie.

"Sir Matthews and Henry will be down soon but Sir Brian said he has work to do."

"That boy!" Eve exclaimed, then left Maddie's sight for Brian's room.

"How angry is he?" Vanessa asked, scared that Brian was going to open up to his mom and she was going to lose her job tonight.

"He is always angry, Miss Vanessa. There's no need to be bothered."

Vanessa sighed. "How many times have I told you to quit the formality and call me Vanessa."

"You are my Boss so it only makes sense that I put some respect on your name." Maddie smiled.

"Did he ask about me?" She asked. Maddie nodded. "He asked me who you were and I told him you're the new household manager. He didn't say anything further."

Vanessa huffed. "I guess I should prepare my mind for the worse."

"You're getting all stressed up for nothing ma'am. It's true you just started working here weeks ago but you're one of this household's favourite staff so you aren't going anywhere anytime soon. As far as Sir Brian is concerned, just avoid him as much as you can. He's got a really bad temper and he's extremely hard to please."

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