All Chapters of Mine Forever : Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
52 Chapters
Chapter One
Vanessa Maddox was zipping up Sophie's backpack when a familiar voice came through. "I'm done cleaning the room you requested. You can go check it now. And if anything isn't properly done, just let me know so I'll fix it." Vee picked up the backpack and turned to the direction of the voice. "Thank you, Maddie. I'll inspect the room once I'm done with Mrs Matthews." The
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Chapter Two
The ride to Sophie's home was filled with chatter and laughter between Sophie and Henry. Vanessa only spoke when specific questions were directed at her. She sat in the back seat beside Sophie while Henry drove. Henry decided to spend some time with Sophie's family before he and Vanessa headed back to the mansion. He wanted to play with Jayden for a while and make conversations with Anita, his cousin, who was also Jayden and Sophie's mom.  
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Chapter Three
Vanessa was glad the hallway on the second floor was free. Anyone who saw her running would have thought she was crazy. She made a stop at the bathroom on the second floor, locked herself in and rested against the counter to calm her heart rate. She did a couple of breathing exercises until her heart stopped beating very hard against her chest. Vee looked into the mirro
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Chapter Four
"I'm busy!" Brian replied to the knock on his door, not taking his eyes away from his laptop. The next thing he heard was someone opening his door and helping him or herself in. "Today's encounter will teach you how to start locking your room" Brian whispered to himself, knowing the only person that could defy his orders were his parents or siblings. 
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Chapter Five
After crying her eyes out for what seemed like forever, Vanessa decided to go take a shower. She dried her body and hair and changed into a pyjamas dress. She reached for her phone and decided to call her mom. Hearing her family's voice would give her some sort of comfort. Diane, Vanessa's mother picked up after a couple of rings. "Hi, Mom." She said to the other side,
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Chapter Six
The next day. Vanessa hardly got any sleep until the early hours of the morning so she woke up a little tired. After Henry left her room last night, She ate the food he brought her, then returned the plate to the kitchen. She came back to her room, decided to watch TV for a while and then called it a night. But she ended up tossing around the bed. She couldn't get the n
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Chapter Seven
"What the fuck?!" Vanessa muttered after a while, finding it hard to believe everything that just happened. It was true that She didn't mean to walk in on Brian, it was also true that She couldn't get rid of his naked body from her memory but that was because the incident was fresh right? She would eventually forget how his body was as time went by. The thought of Brian seeing her naked brought a feeling of discomfort in her. A side of her thought his motive was to ridicule her. He had the body of a greek god while she, on the other hand, was a regular girl with a regular body. A body that couldn't be compared to that of the women he must have been with.
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Chapter Eight
Vanessa returned to her room at 9:30 pm, She went for a shower and changed into clean pyjamas shorts and matching top. She applied some skincare products on her face then decided to watch TV until she fell asleep. As she was about putting on the TV, her phone beeped on her nightstand, indicating she had a text message. Vee reached for the android device; She came face to face with a text message from an unknown number. 
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Chapter Nine
A few days later! "This is more than I ever imagined. Everything looks so perfect. Thank you so much for your help, Vanessa. I honestly don't regret employing you." Eve said as they exited the now beautifully decorated backyard. Eve had always been one for indoor parties but she wanted to change the theme this time around so Vee suggested that they made use of the backy
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Chapter Ten
After searching for him everywhere, Kayla finally found her boo. He was seated downstairs, in the smallest and cosy living area of the mansion. They hardly used that living room and only came there for some alone time. The living room had a glass window which enabled one to see the beautiful view of the backyard. Whoever was in the room could see the backyard but people in the backyard couldn't see the inside. Brian had been in there for a while and he had seen everything going on in the event. 
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