Miss. Bold in disguise

Miss. Bold in disguise

By:  Peace  Ongoing
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I always found myself stuck in a cold room, I don't remember if I was dragged here or I came here myself. Still, I try my best not to give up and walk out of the room and my fault is I always left that door of the room open. "What do you want wealth? Fame? Beauty?" "Just a happy family" ".." "Can you give me that? a happy family in which I can have a father who can spoil me and a mother who can praise me and dress me like a princess" ...... "You should have taken the easy path" "Don't talk like you left me something to choose" "Then you should have tried for a comfortable life" "That's not in my story" ... Seraphina William, I am the daughter of Emily William, and I.. will chase my destiny. *NO-RAPE-ABUSIVE-RELATIONSHIP* Book cover doesn't belong to me credit goes to the creator. Daily update^^ Contact me on Discord- StrangePeace#2394Seraphina William, I am the daughter of Emily William, and I.. will chase my destiny.*NO-RAPE-ABUSIVE-RELATIONSHIP*The book cover doesn't belong to me credit goes to the creator.Daily update^^Contact me on Discord- StrangePeace#2394

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Laurea Pelobello
waiting for the update. thanks
2022-05-29 13:19:26
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Interesting the ruler is a girl .
2020-10-03 05:36:57
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Gen D-Cruz
2020-09-27 12:03:28
44 Chapters
Country X. It was still summer, she took out her bags from the taxi. Her stepfather told her that he had already made some arrangements for her, but still, she doesn't want to leech off on his money, so just after completing her high school she quickly looks out for a place for herself on rent at a cheap price. Rather than applying for college, she found a part-time job to earn some money for herself and to do what she truly come here for.Somewhere in country X,"Sir!""You guys love to barge in my room? What now? What is it? Are my grandsons here? If not then get out from my room before I fire you"That man gulped and took a step back and bowed "Sir, Mrs.William's daughter is in the country X""What?" He was shocked "Yes, Sir. We were trying to track Young master but we coincidentally found her. What should we do next?"That man drummed his fingers on the desk before smiling and said "Just keep an eye on her and report me her every movement"After a few months,"I just have only 30
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Lost Path
Sera just sat down, she was feeling a bit nervous."Let me look at you... Oh gosh, you are really beautiful" Grandpa said as he stared at her face which he was longing to see.Sera just nod."Come on, Let's eat first," he said with that same happy smile.But seeing Sera just sitting like a statue he asked "What happened, dear?"Sera looked at him as she asked "Sir,-"But he cut her off, "Didn't I told you to call me Grandpa""Oh, God you are stubborn just like your mother" He sighedSeeing her like this all reserved and somehow make his heartache "You have never met your grandpa?"Tears started surfacing in her eyes, it was her first time saying Grandpa to someone. Her Paternal Grandparents, don't even know that she exists and her maternal grandparents were not even there for her mother, her mother lived her life like an orphan just with her grandparents.Her mother and Sera's Grandma died when her mother was just
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A beast
"Sera?"Sera turned her head towards her Grandpa, later they talked for a while but then he soon told her to go and sleep but no matter how much she tries she couldn't bring herself to sleep. So she came down for some water."Were you having a problem sleeping?"Sera just slightly nod.He sighed as he said "Sleeping is hard when you can't stop thinking"He looked at Sera and told her "You can take your time, but always remember that I am here for you now"Sera smiled slightly, she doesn't want to break into tears again...The next day, Early in the morning.Sera came down after a shower,Grandpa smiled seeing her, "You woke up, already?"Sera just nod, she doesn't sleep much.He smiled and asked, "Wanna go for a walk with your grandpa?" She just smiled back happily.They both walked for a while in the huge garden,  Grandpa tried to break the ice every now and then. But then
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Alley or Enemy
"Tomorrow"Suddenly the door got opened with a thud, Sera was fuming in anger that she kicked the door with a little extra force."Hey, you punk! How dare you leave me there?" Sera yelled, she was wearing a tracksuit with her hairs all messy and dirt all over her face as if she fell in the mud.Grandpa smiled seeing Sera finally acting a bit more not that her usual all reserved and scared self.While Edon shivered in fear the moment he heard her voice.Sera marched towards him and she slammed her helmet on the table just in front of him and glared "Do you have a death wish?"He intentionally left her behind because he doesn't want his boss to see this sight of him, shivering under this monsters' gaze."Okay, Boss I'll take my leave" Without waiting for any reply, he just stormed outside the room in a blink."That-"Grandpa cut her off as he smiled and asked her "Did you enjoyed it?""Yes" She smiled back, her personality got changed the moment she looked at her Grandpa.Grandpa Albert
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Adler family grandson's
That slideshow started while showing off a big picture of a really handsome guy of around her age, he had light brown hairs with dark blue eyes and a really good handsome face with an unusual aura that Sera can't point out.Sera looked at Grandpa but before she could say anything Grandpa said with a deep sigh and annoyed look "He is my elder grandson"Sera looked at the photo again, she never saw Grandpa talking about his family. So she was quite curious."He is Ian Adler, eldest son of Adler family." After that Kevin gulped and again forced to say "The worst pathetic son and grandson in the world who is currently on a run, all he actually does is clubbing and playboy shit. So in last, he is a useless brat."After then next pic showed up this time it was a small cute boy with big blue ocean-like eyes and a cute face. Sera then looked at Kevin,"He is the youngest member of the Adler family, Noah Adler. Another grandson of the Adler family. He's on
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Fan of her mother
Sera took a quick shower and came back to the living room, "Now tell me, how can I get Ayro or Kyro, whatever his name was on my side?"Kevin looked at her and his eyes got fixed on her for a moment making his throat dry. She was still wearing joggers and a baggy t-shirt but still, her clean glowing face was enough for many people to turn their head and look at her.Kevin gulped as he comes back to his senses and shook his head helplessly. Even the last time he saw Sera, she was all covered in mud and dirty but still he could tell that she was beautiful at least her eyes were captivating."It wouldn't be gonna be easy," Kevin said as he tries to clear his throat,Sera looked at him and frowned "Why?""As you know Kyro is an entertainment king, and to get his attention isn't easy. He is always surrounded by dozen of beauties from the day he was born. So you need to catch his attention anyhow and if you finally catch his attention. Then the rest will
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What he wants, he gets
"Mr.Kyro Anderson..here!" A woman called him waving her hand.Kyro turned around when he heard someone's voice and immediately an annoyed look get over all his face.He excused himself from his guests and walked towards the person calling him."Oh My, You have really grown-up well," That lady said with a huge grin on her face,Kyro just nod, he was avoiding her for a really long time but these people just never leave him alone."Oh, Mei!.... Come here"A beautiful girl walked towards them she was wearing a tight white short dress showing off her curves, she smiled looking at him."She is my daughter, Mei"Kyro just casually nods again without even looking at her, he just wanted to leave as soon as possible. If it wasn't because of that damn auction, he wouldn't even care to come here.That girl flustered the moment she looked at him, he was like those handsome CEOs from novels who every girl wants to be with. She was fee
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Special Client
"200 Million"Kyro frowned as he slightly tilted his head towards the source of the voice, the moment his eyes fell on that girl.He frowned deeper looking at her.Mei smirked as she walked towards Kyro, she wanted to make him feel that she is nothing like other girls. She can fight him and stand face to face with him.Kyro felt even more annoyed now seeing her expressions. Out of all people, she thinks she can compete with him. How cute!Mei wanted to look like those strong female leads of some stories, so she stood in front of him proudly with all her confidence that she muddled up. She wanted to get his attention but she didn't know how her foolish act has lightened up his insider devil."1 Billion" The moment Kyro set that unbelievable amount, Mei got slapped back to reality. She can't spend this much amount on a freaking dress. Even though she was from well off family but she can't risk it, when she's the only one unemployed in her fami
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Obsession for an angel
"Sera? Where are you?" Kevin yelled on the phone. He clearly told her to go to the party and attend the auction but when he received a call from the chauffeur, he told him that she had left with someone else.Sera smiled as she looked at Michael who was just smiling looking at her."Sera, tell me where are you? Grandpa will kill me if something happened to you. Kyro isn't someone you can deal just like this"And just then, a maid come inside "Master Mr. Anderson is here"Sera smirked cunningly, "I no longer need to get that person's attention""He will come for me automatically" she added as she heard some footsteps,Micheal's lips twitched when he saw Kyro.While Kyro didn't even look at him and just starred at the back of the woman who was sitting in front of Micheal.Kyro walked towards her, waiting for her to turn around so he could see who she is. But when she didn't turn around he spoke up "Are you Uncle Micheal's special
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"Where the hell were you?" Kevin asked the moment he saw Sera coming back, he felt a little relieved. Meanwhile, Sera just totally ignored him and sat down lazily closing her eyes shut. Uncle Micheal was so happy to see her that it was tiring to handle his happiness."I am asking y-" Kevin stopped in middle and sneered."Wait! Did you intentionally back off? Well if that's the case then it's okay, I didn't have much expectation from yo-"But then suddenly her phone started ringing, snapping him off. She just picks her phone."Hello?""Hello, Am I speaking to Miss. William?""Yes""Ma'am, I am Mr.Anderson's secretary. He wants me to arrange a meeting with you. Can you please tell me if you are free tomorrow or not?"A smirk plastered on her face as she stood up and she walked towards Kevin. Kevin frowned for some reason he wasn't liking that smirk."Tell him, if he really wants to meet me then he should ask me directly" J
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