Mr. Regnante

Mr. Regnante

By:  Serena Light  Completed
Language: English
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When you're the most respected Italian Mafia Boss, you cannot afford to have personal ties. A lesson this man learned the hard way. Now, refusing to allow anyone close to him. His plan of solitude being rattled when a negotiation went wrong ends with him holding a student hostage in self-preservation. Their story wasn't meant to begin as it did.They weren't meant to meet this way. After all, she was only a university student and he was a ghost.When the most unforeseen circumstances cause their paths to cross multiple times, they have no choice but to acknowledge the dangers looming overhead.A final encounter between them forcing him to vow for her safety because he owes her his life. *Completed*

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Another fantastic story on this app! Flowed really well! Absolutely recommend reading! Will there be a sequel about any of the 3 kids by chance? Good job either way author! 😊
2021-06-01 02:01:54
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Nana Eson Buckman
Looks like this is the beginning of the book Unknown Territory
2021-03-15 06:05:08
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April Ape Benson
aww I was hoping for more kids
2021-01-22 08:17:03
user avatar
2020-12-08 22:19:15
39 Chapters
Chapter I: "Drive!"
The Tuscany sunlight streamed down on the pedestrians as they all went about their day. Some of them seated outside at the cafes, some of them chatting alongside one another, but all of them enjoying the weather.
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Chapter II: The Diner
The sound of birds chirping and the wind whistling through the trees infiltrated the glass surface of the windows. Carried across the curtain's fabric; the music echoing through the room along with the rhythmic breathing of the sole inhabitant.
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Chapter III: Mafia Errands
"What do you mean it's not done?" Arcangelo chuckled darkly as he took a drag from his cigarette. "I was told I could count on your timely delivery. But apparently, that doesn't seem to be that case, now does it?"
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Chapter IV: Marked
The students clambered about as they all gathered their belongings, getting ready to leave and head off to their respective classes. Rosalie placed her notebook and pouch into her bag before someone nudged her shoulder from behind. Stumbling, she lightly bumped into the desk before looking back at her best friend, Maria.
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Chapter V: Scars
The first thing Rosalie registered the moment she regained consciousness was the feeling of flying. She felt numb and light and she had no idea how to get back to the ground.
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Chapter VI: Johnnie Walker
The cloudy night brought a twilight feel long before the sun was ready to set. The colors of the forest become less bright as if one is viewing them through dark glasses. The breeze has dampness to it that wasn't there a short while ago; it's cooler and fresher too. Arcangelo didn't have to be somewhere yet, giving him plenty of time to daydream and admire the heavens above, brilliant shafts of light bolting through the ever-changing cloud layer.
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Chapter VII: Explorers
After almost three weeks of isolation, Rosalie was almost as good as new. All the bruises were gone, most of her injuries were healed, and it was just her rib cage that was still bound since it needed more time to heal, but other than that, she was back in top shape.
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Chapter VIII: Breakfast
It was rather early in the morning with Rosalie sound asleep, a book placed beside her pillow. She had been so engrossed in the novel--a book she had borrowed from one of the numerous bookshelves in the house--and fell asleep while reading.
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Chapter IX: Office Meeting
It all started off as a very general day for Arcangelo, with his general routine, followed by some time with the kids before he finally entered his office for the day--automatically becoming unavailable to everyone and everything unnecessary.
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Chapter X: Drunken Nights
Salvatore Romano was a man of many talents and even more expertise. Efficient, punctual, quick-witted, loyal, and trustworthy. His father worked for Arcangelo's father, but never obtained the position which Salvatore did. And now, Salvatore worked for Arcangelo. He joined the Mafia when he was 23, and now being 35, he had been a part of the Regnante household for 12 years.
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