Ms. Clumsy

Ms. Clumsy

By:  Zoha Zahara  Completed
Language: English
4 ratings
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Summer Haynes, a.k.a 'Ms. Clumsy'. A lazy Tomboy trying to get her crush's attention with the help from her former ex bully. This is not the best idea to start with...

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Jackie Kowena
rated this book
2021-05-13 07:54:50
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Cute story!
2021-05-09 12:56:03
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Very interesting!
2020-12-19 13:15:46
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Cute story. Grammer's a little rough but not to the point it's unreadable.
2022-01-24 10:30:37
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Character Description
Okay so in the story I haven’t mentioned how the main characters look. So here are their physical descriptions just to give you a heads up. :)Summer: 17 years old. Dark brown short hair, She wears glasses (not always, only when she plays video games or uses the computer) Pale skin. Average height. Brown eyes. She isn’t overweight nor shes t
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“Ginger, wait up!” I exclaim, trying to get her attention. Her tiny red haired braid could easily be seen amongst the crowd.Ginger is the only one I’m really close to. We got really close with each other just by playing video games. She had invited me to her place and she showed me the games she played and from then on we have been best friends ever since.We’ve been known as
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“I can’t believe you touched that.. that gross little piece of shit..” Ginger said while washing her hands.She was saying a whole bunch of profanities but I was not paying much attention, I just rolled my eyes and washed my hands. I admit it was disgusting, but I had to pick it up. What if someone else steps on it and gets an injury worse than mine. Maybe I’m exaggerating about a piece of gum, but who knows, anything could happen.
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I can’t believe I called my one and only crush a wall! You piece of poop. Summer you should go and see the doctor. Oh.. I know, you should go home and eat your moms cake and play call of duty.. Yeah, that will help me for sure. Gahh!! if only I kept my freaking mouth shut, none of this would have happened but no.. Ms. clumsy here is one stupid person who can’t control her stupid mouth of hers.“Summer hey! Summer!! Talk to me woman!” I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at a very annoyed looking Ginger. “Why weren’t you answering me!? What are you thinking about??” her eyebrows raise up, but then realization floods all over he
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I was sitting on the steps that led to the front door.I was playing candy crush on my phone as I waited for my parents to arrive.“Sweetie?” A female voice says out of nowhere. I jump slightly, almost dropping my phone in the process.
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Ever had those times when you just stay in bed staring at the ceiling like some lunatic daydreaming about the sheep flying over their head, counting them one by one. Well there’s me. I can’t sleep, yay me. ‘Come on Summer you need to sleep you have school tomorrow’ told myself. I snort at the thought, as if I ever liked school in the first place.God! why does Dalon have to come right now. I was so happy when he left. I took deep breaths. ’Its okay, think about buying the game ‘the last of us or think about Mr. perfect. Yeah, think about him.’ I closed my
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Ginger and I sat at the back of our class as all of the seats in front were taken.Once we sat down I took my books out.Ginger, on the other hand, started rambling about how that douche a.k.a Dalon has become.
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I walked to the cafeteria and sat next to a table. I was too tired for not sleeping last night, so I put my head down and closed my eyes.I felt someone shaking my shoulder. But I wasn’t bothered to see who it was. I already knew it was Ginger.“Hmmphh” swatting that her hand and returning to my sleep.
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I was sitting in my chemistry class when James came and sat next to me. Oh my god hes sitting next to me! Act cool. The lecture began.I felt his gaze on me. I turned my head to see James staring at me with his mesmerizing eyes.Suddenly i could not hear what the teacher was saying. I was lost staring at his beautiful eyes and he was on mine. This is so cheesy but I’m loving it. James opened his
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Once I got up, I quickly took a shower and changed into my regular clothes. I went downstairs and hugged my dad and mum and said “Good morning..”. Both of them gave me a warm smile.“Good morning hun.” said my dad, giving me a kiss on my head. “How was you’re sleep?” it was weird, considering how Dalon just came into my room last night and wasted an hour or so writing a list about the James bus- dammit i gotta stop that. My parents must not know anything about this, heck if they knew that a guy just came in my room without them knowing, they would go haywi
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