Meant to be

Meant to be

By:  Eve Peters  Completed
Language: English
84 ratings
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When three years ago, Maggie's wallet was stolen, she thought that it was just a simple robbery, one amongst many others happening every day. But when one day a guy shows up at her door claiming to be her husband, her whole life turns upside down. Jackson Peters, a well-known businessman from Chicago, finds himself in the middle of a scandal when his just wedded bride is found dead in a hotel room in Las Vegas. Influence and strings he had helped him to keep his name out of the press, but when he found that she was not who she said she was, Jack sets off on a journey that will take him right into the arms of destiny.Maggie agreed to help him avoid the scandal by pretending to be the girl that he married, and in return, Jack will pay her mother's hospital bill she's been struggling with.But what will happen when life throws more surprises their way? Will they bring them closer together or drive them even further apart?

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default avatar
K a
A good read…Nice and sweet.
2023-07-30 23:53:49
default avatar
Noemi Dionisio
Very good story and no long cut direct to the scenario/story no rubbish scene just to extend the story
2023-06-28 10:52:07
user avatar
Magic writer
Nice read. Highly recommended
2023-06-24 18:21:27
user avatar
Nara Na Chan
its a cool story to read and never bored
2023-06-22 19:24:35
user avatar
Joy Lova
Loving it! I really recommend this story y'all...
2023-06-22 17:01:32
user avatar
Derena Marie
It's a cute, fluffy story. I really enjoyed the characters and plots.. It's definitely a happy ending book
2023-04-09 08:05:52
default avatar
i think 300 characters arent enough but id say, this merits all me gems. it may not be much but its worth it. good amount of intimate content, consistent character progression, and not oredictable on some scenarios. thank you author.
2023-03-12 03:55:00
user avatar
Anita Eelco de Jon
wow I love reading your books. thank you i hope there will be a 4th book
2022-05-14 22:41:14
default avatar
This was such a great love story. Interesting storyline and written well. Awesome read and I will be looking for more complete books from this author. Keep up the good work author!
2022-03-19 08:17:30
user avatar
Cassandra van Loon
love all you're books. So pls keep on writing ...
2021-11-28 04:31:30
user avatar
nice story , different & kept me interested until the end ;I've read all your stories & enjoy all of them and will definitely be waiting for something new from you
2021-11-17 02:59:27
default avatar
Sweet story! Loved it...️
2021-09-16 06:43:56
user avatar
Benita Giacherio
Strange concept..... but I ended up crying towards the end.
2021-08-13 03:02:48
user avatar
Kristīne Kaļiņina
Really good story! Liked it very much!
2021-08-09 12:11:18
user avatar
Annie Reynolds-Pipenger
Great job! I loved it
2021-07-05 15:35:10
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54 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Hey, Meggs, are you coming tonight?" Sidney asked her. "Nah, I have a shift at the club tonight," answered Maggie apologetically. It was always like this in the past two years since her mother got sick. At first, when they found out about the cancer that her mother had, Maggie quit her school to find a job. Soon, one job wasn't enough, so she found another one. Now, two years later, she had three jobs, with more than a hundred working hours a week, two mortgages on their house, and a mother that just started to recover. "Ok, well, maybe next time..." Sidney shrugged her shoulders in response, but they both knew that it was a slim chance of her joining them for the night out. When Maggie dropped her classes in college, she had support from her friends. At first. But after a couple of months, when time after time, she couldn't squeeze in her friends in her tight schedule between jobs, they started to call her less frequently until their calls stopped altogether. Now, she would get a
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Chapter 2
It was noon when Maggie finally woke up, not feeling refreshed and energized enough after a ten hours long sleep. Her chronic tiredness was taking its toll, and she was praying for the day when her mother is released from the hospital, and all the bills are settled to come as soon as possible.After the fastest shower ever, she took the two dresses and fixed everything that needed fixing. She was satisfied with her work on them. One was in vibrant blue color, knee-length with a halter neckline, and the other was floor-length, a baby pink dress made of tulle. Maybe she should offer to do the makeup and hair for the girls too... she thought. It's not like she had no experience at it since it was something she used to do with her friends when, once upon a time, they were getting ready for their own proms and parties.Not long after, she heard a car horn, so she grabbed her bag and keys and hurried outside. Her neighbor, Mrs. Johnson was visiting her husband at the hospita
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Chapter 3
"Can I come in?" Jackson asked Maggie, who was still standing at the door motionless.This question seemed to snap her out of her state of shock, she pulled the door closer to her body."No, you can't, crazy people are not allowed in," she said, ready to go inside to call the police just in case he doesn't leave, but his bored expression and the taut voice stopped her in her track."Margaret. Take a look at this folder." he offered it again "I'll be back in an hour." he said, turned around and left. Maggie noticed the same car from earlier parked in front of her house. This guy, this Jack person, got into his car, started the engine, and took off, so she closed the door and went back inside.She placed the folder on the table and sat on the chair before she opened it to find a marriage certificate inside with what looked like her signature on it. 'What the hell?' she took the piece of paper and brought it closer to her face thinking that some miracle with
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Chapter 4
After a couple of minutes of complete silence, when all that could be heard in the house was the sound of their breathing, Maggie realized that Jackson was serious, and cold sweat beads formed on her forehead."You are serious…" she muttered, stood up, and started to walk in circles around the living room. "Do you even know how it came to this? How this happened?" she just realized she forgot to ask the most important question."Yes, I do. My lawyer and I did some research, and the data that my PI provided made all pieces fall into place." Jackson made a quick pause, it looked like he was contemplating with himself whether he should tell her the truth or not, and after a sigh, the first sign that showed he wasn't as calm and collected as he appeared to be, he asked "Do you know who Julia Hendricks was?""Was?" Maggie was confused "There was a girl in my high school with that name but I haven't seen her in years, she moved away before the graduation." she
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Chapter 5
A week ago "Jack, have you seen it?" Jack raised his head and glanced towards his best friend, Robert Evans, that just entered his office."I am looking at it." words had a hard time coming off his mouth."Dude, it's her. That Maggie, your wife! What the hell?""I know!" Jack growled at Robert. "Apparently, her name is not Margaret Colt, and she's a murder victim in a casino in Las Vegas." Jack leaned back in his chair, took a deep breath, and sighed. "What the hell is happening here?" he was asking, but the question was more meant for himself rather than his friend."We have to contain this as much as possible. I'll call a PI that I trust, I've worked with him before. Maybe he'll find something that will clear this mess up." Robert offered. "Good thing that nobody actually saw you with her in public in the past month... ha. So listen, if the police come, call me? Don't do anything stupid."Jack didn't answer. He was looking at
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Chapter 6
Jack spent that day and evening in his son's nursery, vowing to be everything he will ever need in life, a father, a friend, the biggest support, and even a mother. He will be everything that he could, and even everything that he couldn't... he will find a way to become what was necessary.When that night Marry came into the nursery, she found Jack standing beside Eric's crib just watching him. She came closer quietly, took Jack by a hand, and led him out. She didn't stop dragging him behind her until they reached the kitchen, where there was food served on the table."You have to eat something. It won't do you any good if you starve yourself. It will be less good for the little one up there." she made him sit. Jack knew Marry was right, and he was thankful for her mere presence here, taking care of him and his son. Marry was his nanny when he was little, she took care of him better than both of his overachieving parents ever did, and there was no time in his life when
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Chapter 7
In the next three days, Jack was working from his home office and taking care of his son. Marry was of great help, she was teaching him everything that she knew about babies. Marry had experience and was in his earliest childhood memories. She also cooked his favorite meals even though he objected, he didn't want her to exhaust herself.Robert came by again, bringing him everything that his PI managed to find. Hiram used to be an FBI agent, but he kept in touch with his old colleagues since he started his private practice hence had no trouble finding everything that concerned Margaret Colt and Jennifer Lewis. It turned out that was the real name of the girl he married. Jennifer had a few aliases, and Margaret's name was one of many that she used in her not that long life.Jack gave his instructions to Robert about everything that he needed him to prepare for tomorrow morning and after Robert left, Jack took the file his friend brought with him and went into his office
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Chapter 8
Jack walked around the town for a while, allowing a moment to himself to just not think about anything or anyone, to be alone. He couldn't even remember the last time when he could afford such a luxury. After more than an hour of aimless strolling around, he ended up on the city beach. By then, the sun was at its zenith, but the breeze coming from the sea made the hot day bearable. He took off his jacket and rolled the sleeves up to the elbows before he took a seat on one of the benches placed along the shore.Jack gave himself a few more moments of peace before he pulled his phone from the pocket and dialed the landline number in his home that he knew Marry is going to pick up. She refused to have anything to do with the cellphones for years now, and no one could make her use one.On the third ring, Marry picked up and informed him of every single detail about his son, from how much he ate to how long his nap lasted. After bidding goodbyes to her, he contacted his PA for
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Chapter 9
Maggie didn't know what to tell her mother about everything that happened yesterday. She couldn't tell her the truth because she knew Rebecca will be worried, and she couldn't lie to her either.Earlier that morning, Maggie gave her resignation to the restaurant manager and said goodbye to her colleagues, and did the same with the club. On her way to the hospital she was trying to think of what to say to her mother, and not make her worry too much.Maybe she should give a call to Jackson and ask him? But she didn't even have his number. He left last night after she agreed to his plan, saying just that he will send someone to pick her up from the airport. She was supposed to fly to Chicago tomorrow, and she had just enough time to pack a few things, quit her jobs, and talk to her mother.Rebecca was surprised to see Maggie again today. She didn't expect a visit before the next week."Mom, I need to tell you something..." Maggie said slowly, avoiding her mother's e
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Chapter 10
"You did what?" Robert was shocked, "Have you gone crazy?"It was Tuesday afternoon, and Jack had just arrived at his office when Robert came by. His friend was expecting him to bring signed divorce papers and the forms for full custody of Eric, but Jack had none of those.When Jack landed in Chicago, it was after midnight, so he went straight home. This morning he didn't rush to come to the office, he spent a morning with his son, and now when he had a load of paperwork to go through, his best friend was bugging him about something that even he did not understand."You do realize that you just made things a lot more complicated than they were?" Robert pressed further."I know." Jack sighed. "I know…""Then why did you do it?" Robert shook his head in disbelieve."I can't explain it because I don't even understand it myself. I just followed my instincts…""Your instincts?" Robert interrupted him, "What instincts? You don't even have them! You are the most ration
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