My Brother's Wife

My Brother's Wife

By:  I_am_ifeee  Completed
Language: English
8 ratings
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Auntey Mo
A very nice story indeed... Thoroughly enjoyed reading it
2023-02-14 20:31:27
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Why are there so many duplicate chapters!!!
2021-12-31 10:27:01
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Andrew Ehikhamen
Well I really like the part where Loren came to her senses after having sex with Ace and also Loren should really stop fantasizing about fucking Ace.
2021-12-30 17:43:24
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Jenn Suess
im notocing that there are duplicate chapters
2021-11-24 06:25:36
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Yaya veperez
Really good story, sad and really brought mental health awareness in this story. only bad thing alot of repeat chapters.
2021-10-23 09:31:34
default avatar
Mental health is not a joke . I honestly felt bad for javi . He so deserved love . I know someone in our life is going thru that and it felt unreal reading this book at the same time. Great job writer ! Is a crazy relationship but glad they find each other at the end
2021-07-19 08:03:27
user avatar
Catherine van Zyl
The spelling and grammar needs a lot of work it a great plot, story line and an great ending Really enjoyed reading this. it was riveting and exciting
2021-11-22 03:27:37
default avatar
Yildiz Ismailovski
Not bad I really like that Loren and Ace are together ...
2021-11-02 03:40:30
56 Chapters
 "No Gemma, I have to stay sane for surgery tomorrow." I slipped my pumps off my feet making a mental note to get new ones, a breath of relief passed through my nostrils as my feet were released from the tight cage as we all call "shoes" to the cold floor of my apartment. "Come on now, it's your wedding week, you should have taken a break from work." She whined, I looked up wondering why she's my best friend. "Healing shouldn't stop because I'm getting married." I packed my hair into a bun, looking at my image on the mirror that's skillfully placed on the wall close to my study table. "The world would be fine." She groaned I rolled my eyes walking over to get some wipes to clean off my makeup. "Breast Augmentation Surgery takes a lot of focus, I'd be needing my rest." Placing the cold wipes on my face, turning to a pouting Gemma. "But the girls are already at the clu
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~~~~"You look amazing." Gem's image appeared on the mirror, I shifted aside to have a better view of Gem's dress, she looks gorgeous, the silk material brings out her dark skin. I made a mental note to inform the designer to remove the slit from all bridesmaid's gowns. I tilted my head admiring the dress before focusing on my wedding gown.I nodded in response to Gem's earlier statement, staring at the mirror, studying every detail of the gown. I know I'm supposed to be happy but I'm not maybe it's guilt. Friday's incident won't leave my mind."What's with the face?" I sighed walking towards the dressing room knowing full well that Gemma would come along. I sat on a bench waiting for her in the dimly lit room with mirrors all over. I removed the veil as soon as I spotted Gem from the side mirror."What's wrong Loren?" She sits with me.
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 ~~ "Are you alright?" I nervously nodded, moving aside so did Javi giving room for the person cleaning the spilt wine and picking up the broken glass.Javi held my waist with his firm hand making me look up to give the best smile I could conjure at that moment, I looked around purposely avoiding to looking at Ace, I caught some people still staring, I gave an assuring smile to some familiar faces, before facing my current problem.Ace."Pardon me, it must be the striking resemblance that shocked me" I lied, silently hoping that the Ace guy won't say a thing about our encounter.Soon I realized my lie doesn't make sense, resemblance? They lo
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~~~~   "You haven't touched your food." Javi's voice brought me back to my miserable reality."Oh, not hungry." I pushed the deliciously looking food aside as I picked up my glass of wine."Too bad, Leonardo went all off on this dish." He muttered putting a piece of the skilfully diced chicken in his mouth, slowly munching on it.I put the glass of wine down as it's taste die on my tongue."So your brother." I trailed off almost regretting my words.Why am I even asking?"What about him?" He looked up at me."You never talk about him" I smiled at a family friend as she passed by. Javi pushed his food aside as well, signaling to the waiter."There's pretty much nothing to say," I muttered a thank you to the waiter before he leaves with our leftovers."Why? You guys don't get along?" Urging him to say more.What can I say? I'm curious."That's an understatement, Ace is a 26
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I lazily opened my eyes on hearing a faint knock on the door, I groaned as it was heard again louder this time, My eyes snapped open as soon as reality dawned, I rose up in panic dragging the blanket over my naked chest. Holy shit, I had sex with Javi's brother.I turned around to a sinful view of a sleepy Ace, probably waking up due to the constant knock on the door.Fuck! Someone's at the door.I'm screwed, I sat up ignoring the soreness in between my thighs and the bright light penetrating the curtains."What's going on?" It's frustrating that I find his voice sexy even in this situation I'm in."Someone's
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~~~~"I'm not going to pretend that I'm cool with that bitch going against my orders on my wedding day, I was very clear when I said no slits." I pushed my gown along, finally stopping at the balcony. Feeling the cold air hit my face, I breathed out in relief. My room is packed with people, most I don't know from Adam and it's really uncomfortable."Calm down, it's not that big of a deal." I put my arm on the railing admiring the view that my hotel room provided. I know it's no big deal but I just can't stand the Stacy girl or maybe I'm just frustrated, my wedding gown is tighter than normal, my makeup is crappy.At least that's what I think. "I hate that you are always kissing her butt." Ever since Sta
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~~~~~~I lazily walked downstairs knowing fully well I won't be able to sleep, you won't either if your husband's brother whom you have slept with is two rooms away from yours.I'm going crazy as my mind conjured different questions, why is he here? There's no way in hell I'm believing I have no place to stay shit. What if he's here to threaten me? I should have kept my legs closed. What if Javier finds out? I'm screwed. I closed my eyes in a stupid attempt to let my thoughts go, I finally made it into the kitchen.I switched the lights on, bending my head down because of the brightness of the light, once I got used to it I walked over to the fridge to get something to drink.I held the handle, opening it as the cold air that accompanied the fridge hit my face hard as I stared at the stocked fridge in adoration.I can defiantly get used to this.
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ACE'S POINT OF VIEWIt took everything in me to prevent myself from acting like an animal and fuck Loren senseless. Gosh she looked so good in that black sleek blouse tucked into the white bodycon skirt, it's such a shame she hides those curves inside that huge white lab cloth.I thought with one fuck I'd get her out of my system but I want her more than ever. I know it's wrong, she's my brother's wife but she makes my betrayal worth it.So fucking worth it.Just thinking of her got me hard as fuck, I pushed the newspaper aside, after all, I'm paying no attention to it. "Your coffee, sir." I looked up to the flirty waitress, well I'm more focused on boobs that are literarily on my face."Well, thank you," I smirked as she smiled seductively, pushing her boobs closer.Well, I don't mind."Do you need a
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~~~ "Hey." I snaked my arms around Javier's waist raising my head up to have a look at my image on the mirror in front of us."Hey." He turns around and places a kiss on my lips, a smile crept up my lips."How was work?" I looked up at him, this is what wives do right?."Boring as always, by the way, I for you something." He smiles pushing his hands into his pocket, I bit my lips waiting."Hope you don't want to ask me to marry you again?" I joked as I saw him pull out a box."I don't mind getting married to you again." He opened the box, revealing the most beautiful necklace I've ever set my eyes on."O my.." I took the box out of his hands having a closer look."Let me help." He takes it out of the box, I turned around taking a deep breath as I felt the cold necklace fall on my chest. 
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I stared at the mirror studying every detail of my purple lace dress, I twirled a little bit bringing my right leg forward admiring the slit.I placed my hands on my waist slowly moving down my hip, absolutely in love with the way the lace hugged my skin, now the only problem I have now is the cleavage.It's too revealing.  "Gem, I think I'm going to change." I tiled a little bit still looking at myself in the mirror."I'll murder you if you do, you look amazing." I turned to my sweet mouthed best friend still in a battle with the fake eyelashes.I was going to reply but my annoying ringtone cut me off, I walked towards the sound, stopping in front of my study table.It's Javi."Hey," I muttered after I swiped the red button on my phone."Hey, love." Javier's voice came up, I put the phone on loudspeaker before dropp
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